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Lunchtime Poll: I wanna know what scandalous is

most-offensiveImage Credit: Cyrus: Central Image Agency/FilmMagic.com

The above poster for this fall’s CW series Nikita is apparently too hot to handle for L.A. shopping center The Grove and other important meccas of U.S. commerce. According to Variety, certain outlets upset with seeing so much leg agreed to a replacement ad featuring star Maggie Q lounging near a machine gun in a long red dress. Whew! As long as a gun is still involved!

I’m tired of being sensitive to people who are frightened of high-cut leotards and great big chairs. What is that called — flashdanciophobia? Get over it and put on some legwarmers. If Maggie was wearing pants, how would we see her tattoo of a phoenix? If 2008′s Gossip Girl poster didn’t say “OMFG,” how would we know that Nate and Serena were f***ing? If I can’t analyze the contours of a 17-year-old’s inner thigh, how will I know I’m at a Miley Cyrus concert? The devil’s in the details. I want you to show me….

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Jerry O'Connell teases full frontal nudity in 'Piranha 3D'

As if we needed another reason to see Piranha 3D, Jerry O’Connell dropped by Jimmy Kimmel Live last night to tease his full-frontal scene. “There may be some issues with the piranha and my member, maybe,” he said, before asking us to remember that the scene was filmed on a river in Arizona in which the icy cold Colorado River rushes. O’Connell stars as a soft-core pornography mogul who videotapes girls on Spring Break. (Brilliant, assuming it doesn’t get him sued by Girls Gone Wild creator Joe Francis.) Piranha 3D co-writer Pete Goldfinger went further explaining the scene to EW’s Clark Collis: “There’s a bit where Jerry O’Connell’s penis, after it is bitten off, is slowly moving towards you. I just wanted to tell you that when you see the movie, that WILL be in 3D. If you thought that a little bit of Jerry O’Connnell’s penis is a good thing, but a lot is a bad thing, you might not like it.” Watch that Kimmel clip below along with the first part of O’Connell’s interview, during which he made me wish I could watch an hour-long special on his parenting skills. He acted out the way his nearly two-year-old twin girls with wife Rebecca Romijn stage sit-ins at crosswalks, openly admitted “my children are rather slow, actually” (they eat pebbles), and explained that as a joke, he picked up one of his screaming children at 4 a.m. like, “You have to stop this,” and sat her outside the front door and closed it. (His wife and mother-in-law were not amused, but we were). READ FULL STORY

Christina Hendricks' uberhottness shrouded by low-key ringer tee when she got 'Undressed' in 1999

The silly stylists had no idea with whom they were dealing. Watching Christina Hendricks star in an entire episode of MTV’s Undressed from 1999 turned out to be less a reminder of how awesome Christina Hendricks is than a rude re-awakening of just how bad MTV’s Undressed was. So bad! I knew it at the time and still marathoned that s*** anyway. There was something compelling about its OTT awfulness. The actors with perfectly symmetrical faces were always different but the laundry room never changed and there was comfort in that. Who knew that the cute redhead who nearly giggled her way out of a ringer tee in the late ’90s would turn out to masterfully lead a Christmas conga line in the mid ’60s? Television is so weird with time, man. Anyway, Part 1 is embedded below. I like to think that the girl who’s really disappointed to see SPOILER ALERT Christina Hendricks making out with some dude is also realizing, dejectedly, “Oh no, I’m wearing a tie-dyed dress.” [Gawker TV]

'True Blood' star Sam Trammell talks nudity on Leno (and Betty White likes it)

True Blood‘s Sam Trammell was the second guest on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno Tuesday, following Betty White. After Leno showed a clip of Trammell’s shapeshifter Sam transforming from a dog into his naked human form, White cracked, “Oh, I wish I had a dog that could do that.” Trammell apologized to White that she had to see that. “Oh, I loved it,” she said.

Trammell then went on to describe the experience of having body makeup applied for those nude scenes. The makeup artist comes to his trailer for privacy, and he focuses on the surf videos he has playing to avoid thinking about the fact that a beautiful woman is rubbing his body. I’m calling it now: True Blood makeup artist — best job in Hollywood. Watch Trammell’s two-part interview (which also includes him recounting the comedy of having to kiss a good male friend in a play — well done, Tonight Show pre-interviewer) below. We’ve also embedded White’s two-part conversation. Things we learn about Betty: She was asked to be the first female host of Today (but she turned down the job and it went to Barbara Walters). She gets at least part of her wit from mother (Leno showed a clip of Dinah Shore asking her what Betty was like as a child: “Well, she’s the same little beast that she is today,” she said). And it might be possible to shock her. Leno noted that she was doing Craig Ferguson’s show Thursday, and Betty said she wasn’t cheating on him. “As long as it’s above the waist, that’s all I ask,” Jay quipped. Cue Betty’s look. READ FULL STORY

'Mad Men' star Christina Hendricks steals man's ability to speak

Christina Hendricks can add “leaving men speechless” to her list of super powers. During the Mad Men star’s appearance on KTLA morning show yesterday, the mere reference to a bath (where should would presumably be…naked) turned poor Brian McFayden (yes, the former MTV VJ) into a blubbering, pre-pubescent mess: “You were drawing a bath…and making a bath for yourself, and I was just thinking…that’s awesome.” Watch the awkwardness unfold below: READ FULL STORY

'Reno 911' cast reunite to watch porn parody: What other TV shows could use a little sexing up?

reno-911Image Credit: Dan Longmire/Comedy CentralThe cast of the former Comedy Central series Reno 911! got together for a night of fond reminiscences and moderate pornography. Members of the Biggest Little City’s police squad, including Robert Ben Garant, Thomas Lennon, and Niecy Nash, gathered earlier this week watch a porn parody of their comedy show, a potentially dubious distinction that Lennon nonetheless dubbed “the highest honor.”

Clearly, the Reno crew, many of whom already knew each other from the great sketch comedy show The State, has a good sense of humor about stuff like this, but it got us thinking: What other shows’ reunions could best be precipitated by a porno parody? Below are some possibilities I thought of. And although it seems pretty clear, these are PG-13 NSFW, so if you’re easily offended, please move on.

Possible Porn Versions:

'Modern Family': Sofia Vergara will get naked for an Emmy

Sofia-VergaraMembers of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (a.k.a. the people who vote for the Emmy Awards) are likely taking things much more seriously today, after Modern Family made a promise many would love to see come true. Nominated for a total of 14 Emmy Awards, the ABC comedy ran a “for your consideration” ad in Variety, stating that if the show wins the Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series, actress Sofia Vergara (who plays spicy Colombian Gloria) will “run naked down Sunset Blvd.” Of course, there’s a catch (there always is!): “Cast member may change without notice.” So…does that mean Claire? Phil? Cameron? Hopefully not Jay (sorry Ed O’Neill). Best promotion ever? Would Modern Family get your vote? [Variety]

Jennifer Aniston topless again (to advertise her perfume)

jennifer-anistonIf there’s one thing that Jennifer Aniston has no doubt learned, it’s that topless shots get buzz. (Okay, that’s not exactly one of life’s great mysteries.) But there appears to be a legitimate reason why she’s half-nude in the gorgeous black-and-white promo shots advertising her new perfume, Lolavie, which will be sold exclusively at Harrods. “I am not a big perfume-y fragrance fan,” she told the Daily Mail. “I want people to go, ‘What is that?’ ‘You smell great!’ But most of all, I wanted it to smell natural.” Topless in one of her favorite holiday spots = natural.

I don’t think I could bring myself to buy a perfume bottle with Jennifer Aniston’s name on it, but it is the first celebrity scent I’ve had an urge to sniff in a while. If you’ve flipped through the March 2010 Architectural Digest cover story on her home, you know she takes her artistic collaborations seriously and is telling the truth when she says she was involved with the scent’s development every step of the way. I feel like she would create a scent that light enough to float to the ceiling of a room, whereas, say, Britney Spears, who’s announced her new scent, Radiance, would create one strong enough to mask an odor. Are you tempted to smell Aniston’s signature scent?

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'Showgirls': The trainwreck that keeps chugging along, 15 years later

If you’ve ever had food poisoning, you know that long after all of the vomiting is over and you’ve finally purged the enemy from your system, there’s a taste memory that sticks with you forever. It’s why I can’t eat green onions or cilantro 10 years after my night of hell at the hands of a bad burrito. Well, 1995′s Showgirls is the movie version of food poisoning.

When Paul Verhoeven’s stripper saga was released 15 years ago, critics mercilessly dogpiled on the film. And the moviegoing public didn’t care much either for Elizabeth Berkley’s Nomi Malone — the gritty, Vegas rumpshaker who’ll do whatever it takes to make it to the top, including losing her soul and, ewww, licking a stripper pole. Showgirls was one of those rare, ignominious, once or twice-a-decade turkeys that becomes an instant punchline. (This one falling on the turkey timeline somewhere between Ishtar and Cutthroat Island…only this one had bedazzled boobies!) READ FULL STORY

Perez Hilton responds to Miley Cyrus photo uproar: 'It's okay for [her] to be a little sexier. Because she's almost 18.'

Miley-CyrusImage Credit: Albert L. Ortega/PR PhotosPerez Hilton is under heavy fire for posting a photo of 17-year-old Miley Cyrus, apparently sans underwear, getting out of a car. He prefaced the link: “If you are easily offended, do NOT click here … Oh, Miley! Warning: truly not for the easily offended!” The post and reportedly explicit photo have since been removed.

Hilton posted a video reaction to the Internet’s uproar Monday night that was about as “apologetic” as child pornography is “legal.” In the video, Hilton explained, “I think now it’s okay for Miley to be a little sexier. Because she’s almost 18, you know, so it’s okay for Miley to show her boobs and expand, uh, her horizons.” Neither Hilton nor Cyrus has addressed the incident directly. (Cyrus’ rep has yet to respond to EW’s calls for comment.)

An attorney told Salon.com that Hilton could be facing serious legal trouble.

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