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The 13 things you need to know about 'No Man's Sky,' the most ambitious (and crazy?) game at E3 2014


Every year, the major videogame companies convene in Los Angeles for E3. They show off big games with familiar names, games that represent untold thousands of man-hours and untold petabytes of graphical power. And every year, there is one videogame that represents the complete opposite of that: A game made by a small team, with a distinctive vision, that isn’t a sequel or a spinoff or a spinoff-sequel to a reboot-prequel.

This year’s High Nerd fixation is No Man’s Sky, a space adventure game produced by English studio Hello Games that will debut on the Playstation 4. But unlike past breakouts like Braid or Limbo or Journey, No Man’s Sky isn’t really something you could easily describe as “retro,” and it certainly isn’t “smaller” than the AAA titles. Far from it: Through a process of procedural generation, the developers of No Man’s Sky promise a basically infinite universe of exploration. READ FULL STORY

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