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'New Moon' midnight viewers: What'd you think?

Midnight screening, anyone? Our own Lisa Schwarzbaum says “this sequel to 2008’s Twilight is a durable, recognizably faithful movie adaptation of New Moon.” Agree? Disagree? What’s your take on the latest installment? Leave it in the comments below or keep the conversation going on Twitter by tagging your 140-character review with #EWNM.

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Robert Pattinson morning TV roundup: Educating Regis, addressing rumors and regret on 'Today'

As we saw yesterday when Kristen Stewart stopped by Live with Regis and Kelly, nothing is more entertaining than watching an unapologetically clueless Regis Philbin discuss The Twilight Saga: New Moon. Reege did not disappoint when Robert Pattinson visited this morning. Some highlights:

• After Pattinson, who admitted he was running on fumes and screams of fans, said he’d been all over the world in the last two weeks (“Tokyo, Munich, Frankfurt…”), Philbin asked, “And do the young people there know you?” As the audience giggled at their crazy grandpa, Kelly stepped in to tell Regis, “It’s huge. You don’t understand.” “I just read about it today,” Philbin cracked. (Had he said yesterday, we might’ve believed him.) READ FULL STORY

Kristen Stewart on Fallon: 'Jimmy! Move out of the way so we can see Kristen!'

Is Jimmy Fallon a Twi-hard? I think he must be. On Late Night tonight, he got all wide-eyed and fluttery over a still-ailing Kristen Stewart, who was making the last stop on her New Moon publicity tour. (Fallon joked early that there were hundreds of people outside before the show screaming his name—so he would get the hell out of the way because Bella was on the premises.) Jimmy had just seen the movie and was ready to gush about Stewart’s performance, the casting, the effects, the graphics, the music, and Taylor Lautner’s abs. Like Mandi, I find Stewart’s awkwardness endearing (if painful to watch sometimes), but she warmed up to Jimmy’s hyper patter, revealing that she recently met Martha Stewart who only wanted to talk about Robert Pattinson and the dream she’d had about him once. (Is Martha a Twi-hard? I think she must be.) Then Jimmy invited Stewart to throw giant footballs at plates as he held them aloft, to see how many she could break. And wouldn’t you know it: She did pretty darn well for someone in a tiny black dress. Did you watch (video embedded after the jump)? How relieved did she look that a vacation was only minutes away? READ FULL STORY

Robert Pattinson to need even more security following Letterman appearance

Robert Pattinson made his Late Show with David Letterman debut last night, and his choice of anecdotes will no doubt encourage Twihards to Twiharder. Though he couldn’t explain why he elicits such a strong response from fans wherever he goes  — “I don’t know, maybe it’s like a kind of scent or something” — he shared a story that shows devotion can have its rewards. Back in 2007, when he was in Spain filming his role as Salvador Dali in Little Ashes, there was a girl who waited outside his apartment every day for about three weeks. “I was so chronically bored that just one day….I said, ‘Hey, do you want to just go to dinner or something?  I mean, no one else wants to hang out with me.'” The girl’s parents had a restaurant, where she took him. “I kind of complained about everything in my life for about two hours, and then she gave me the bill at the end. I had to pay for it, and then [she] was never back outside my apartment ever again.”

Discussing how both daughters and their mothers are now Robsessed, Pattinson said it doesn’t stop there. He’s noticed that a few more guys are into the Twilight series now, including a 230 pound man who asked him to bite him at Monday night’s premiere of The Twilight Saga: New Moon. “So I did. And the surprising thing was, I kinda liked it afterwards,” he said, tongue firmly in cheek. “And then I’ve been out to dinner with him a couple of times since.” But seriously, how does he respond when someone asks him to bite her? “Well, it depends on your mood, really,” Pattinson said. “And it depends, you know, what you want to get out of it in the end. There’s variations of biting.” (Watch the clip after the jump.) READ FULL STORY

'New Moon' morning TV roundup: Kellan Lutz won't take his shirt off for $5,000

After watching a trio of New Moon talk show appearances this morning, we declare Kellan Lutz’s visit to Ellen the winner. He started off by confirming that he had a hard time getting into the after party following the film’s premiere Monday night. “I’m like, ‘I’m in the movie. I know my hair’s blond right now, but…'” Then, presumably to prove his celebrity status, he shared a story about a male fan chatting to him for 10 minutes while he was sitting naked in a spa. The squeals that scenario elicited were, surprisingly, surpassed twice: After Ellen showed Lutz’s cover of Doggie Aficionado can you believe he wasn’t recognized? he explained how he knew his rescue pup, Kola, was his new best friend the moment they met: “She came, and buried her head right between my legs. I was like, Ah, yes! Cut to Ellen’s face, waiting patiently for the audience’s laughter to die down so they could hear her crack, “I’ll take it!” Sharing Lutz’s love of animals, Ellen then pulled out a $5,000 check written to the Humane Society of America and said it was only good if he took off his shirt. He politely declined, and Ellen negotiated: he had to do push-ups. He did them long enough (40 seconds) to make me feel uncomfortable. Nice save, sir. READ FULL STORY

'New Moon' premiere: Camped-out fans share their 'Twilight' obsessions (and tattoos)

Thousands — yes, thousands — of screaming, sign-wielding, homemade-T-shirt-wearing fans turned out just to catch a glimpse of the Twilight Saga: New Moon stars at the film’s LA premiere last night. They even lined up starting last Thursday to get one of the 800 tickets available that would allow them to watch the red carpet arrivals, Oscar-style. It’s amazing how tales of fans’ inordinate devotion to all things Twilight never lose their shock factor, though the girls who drove from New Jersey wearing vampire teeth give even the Twi-Mom who wanted Taylor Lautner to sign her panties a run for her money. (She wins, though, on grounds near law-breaking.) EW’s Paige Parker was on-the-scene yesterday to grab some video of Twi-hards attempting to put into words why R-Pattz and Co. has them OMG’ing themselves into a blood-lusting frenzy.

[ewbrightcove “29888952001”, “50877867001”, “525”, “470”]

So, did any of you Twi-hards go to the premiere last night? What did you think? Anyone lucky enough to see the actual movie a few days early and care to share?

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Kristen Stewart's 'New Moon' red carpet style: A 'New' look?

We know Kristen Stewart has a penchant for short dresses and Converse on the red carpet, but for last night’s L.A. premiere of New Moon, the actress took a glamorous turn in a strapless white tulle gown by Oscar de la Renta.

Stewart still seemed to make it her own with the dark rag-tag hair and sultry eye makeup, but the fairy-tale look is a refreshing change of pace from her heavy rotation of sassy minis. Who knew she had a princess within her all along?

What do you guys think of her premiere look? Do you think Bella would approve?

Read more: On the scene at the New Moon premiere with Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and inappropriate fan signs

Photo: David Gabber/PR Photos

Kristen Stewart: 'I think it's weird that we have underwear with Taylor's face on it'

New Moon undergarments were a popular subject last night. Taylor Lautner told Jay Leno about the time that a fortysomething Twilight Mom asked him if she could take off the Team Taylor panties she was wearing for him to sign them, and Kristen Stewart answered the following when asked by Conan O’Brien to name a piece of Twilight merchandise that she finds strange: “I think it’s weird that we have underwear with Taylor’s face on it.” Not missing a beat, O’Brien replied, “There’s underwear with Taylor’s face on it? Where is this available?” READ FULL STORY

Taylor Lautner talks Team Taylor panties with Jay Leno

Taylor Lautner stopped by The Jay Leno Show Monday night and brought with him the best Twilight mom story you’ll ever hear and an exclusive (shirtless) clip from The Twilight Saga: New Moon.

Leno asked the 17-year-old actor for his most bizarre fan encounter, and though Lautner admitted it was hard to just choose one, he picked a winner: He recalled a fortysomething mother and her teenage daughter in line at a US autograph signing. The mother skipped up to him, grabbed his wrist and said, “‘Excuse me Taylor…. I’m wearing the Team Taylor panties right now. Is there any way I can take them off for you and just have you sign ‘em quick?’…. And the daughter goes, ‘Mom, come on!'” What happened next? The mother told her daughter, “‘Honey, don’t worry. This is what we do at these things,'” Lautner said. “And security stepped in and said, ‘No ma’am, this is not what we’ll be doing.'” READ FULL STORY

'New Moon': Which late night studio audience will behave the most inappropriately?

The audience of Jimmy Kimmel Live is off to a strong lead in the competition for Most Inappropriate Response to a Double Entendre Uttered by a New Moon Lead. Kimmel’s interview with Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart, and Robert Pattinson won’t air until Friday, the night the film opens, but Hulu has posted an excerpt. In it, Kimmel asks Lautner about his physical transformation. Did you hear he gained 30 lbs. for the film?! I’m tired of typing that, can’t imagine how Lautner feels having to repeat it. Perhaps that’s why he’s trying to vary his answers and producing quotes like this one…The hardest thing about bulking up wasn’t the workouts, but the eating, Lautner says. “Eating a lot, but also putting something in my mouth every two hours.” Cue squeals!

Reminder: Jay Leno’s crowd gets its chance to behave badly tonight when Lautner stops by, as does Conan O’Brien’s, who’ll be treated to Kristen Stewart. We’ll be blogging both appearances.

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