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Robert Pattinson on nudity, his future career, and not knowing what day the 'Twilight' DVD was released (?!)

Robertpattinson_lNow when I read interviews with Robert Pattinson, it’s like a game. He gets points and he loses points depending on what he says. (It’s a credit to him, really, because it means that I’m still trying to figure him out.) Let’s take a look at Part 2 of his chat with Moviefone’s Inside Movies Blog.

• "I had a penis implant!": Apparently, the first joke that came to his mind when asked how he prepared to film the explicit scenes in his new movie Little Ashes… +1.

• "…like when I saw my father getting changed for swimming I got, like, traumatized by it": Hmmm. Honesty when talking about English people’s hangup with nudity…+1. Making me think back to the similarly traumatizing moment in my own life… -1.

• "And then when you realize you’re walking right and stuff, and people — Spanish people! — know who you’re playing, without the moustache, they know immediately just by looking in your eyes, it’s very satisfying.": No idea if he actually pulls off Salvador Dali in Little Ashes, but pretty endearing statement… +1

• "I’d quite like to be a political strategist and like a spin doctor. [Laughs] I’d really, really like to do that. I think I will end up doing that at one point.": Actors who think they might like to do something other than pretend they’re someone else… +1

• Describing sudden fame he says, "In my eyes, everything just seems ridiculous, like every single day it’s like you’re walking on the street, and then suddenly you step on something and it just starts moving really, really fast, and you’re not entirely sure what direction it’s going in, but you can feel the force of it.": He’s always at his most articulate on this topic. I appreciate the imagery when so many people would have just stopped at "ridiculous"… +1

• A clip from his movie How to Be, also shot before Twilight: Oof. I didn’t realize he and Kristen Stewart went to the same school of hair acting… – 1   

• "I was in a Blockbuster the other day, and I hadn’t realized it was the day the [‘Twilight’] DVD was coming out…": Not buying it, Rob… -1 (liked the story about seeing two eight-year-old girls shaking and crying just picking up their pre-ordered DVDs though)

• On whether he’d do full-frontal nudity like Daniel Radcliffe: "I think it would depend on what it is. Yeah, it really does depend on what it is. And I don’t think a lot of people would really want to see that. I think it would ruin the illusion. [Laughs]": Self-deprecating humor… always +1.

He ends up with a score of 3 for me. Eh. How’d he do for you this round?


Robert Pattinson naked! Well, half. Sorta. In a 'New Moon' poster. That's fake.

Twilightfanart_lSo, you guys, these two new teaser posters for the new Twilight Saga movie New Moon (pictured) are totally moody and sexy and aMAZing! I totally don’t care if they aren’t the real teaser posters and were made instead by some Twilighters with too much time on their hands and some wicked good Photoshopping skills, since they’re so much better than these super fugly fan posters and the suuuuper boring teaser poster that debuted at ShoWest this week. Although I’m pretty sure that’s not Robbie Pattinson’s bare chest, and I’m definitely sure I’ve never actually seen or read any of the Twilight books and totally have no clue at all what New Moon is even about! Based on these two posters, though, I’m gonna guess that New Moon has something to do with castles, fog, sadness, and men’s parfum. Tell me, P-Dubs, how close did I get? And do you likey some ab-solutely shirtless Pattinson (even if it may not really be Rob)?

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'Twilight': If Dakota Fanning is Jane, who should be Alec?

Dakotafanningnewmoon_lWith news that Dakota Fanning will meet with New Moon director Chris Weitz next week to formally discuss her being offered the role of vampire Jane in the Twilight sequel, it’s time for us to help Weitz find his Alec, Jane’s bloodsucker brother. According to the books, Alec is a pale boy (surprise) who could be Jane’s twin. "His hair was darker, and his lips were not as full, but he was just as lovely," Stephenie Meyer writes in New Moon. Elijah Wood is a popular suggestion, since Jane and Alec are small in stature, but I doubt that the man who starred in the Lord of the Rings trilogy would want to be backburner in a Twilight sequel. Then again, if Weitz (or the director of any future Twilight sequels) wanted to go off-book and flesh out the fascinating Volturi and their guard with Meyer’s approval, I don’t think anyone would mind. (Right?) Also, what is Elijah Wood doing these days?

Assuming Wood is out, I submit High School Musical‘s Lucas Grabeel (pictured) for consideration. He might be a bit too tall to pair with Fanning, but they could always have him stand/walk in a shallow hole/trench. (Really, he’s not going to be onscreen that long for it to become a huge inconvenience.) To me, Grabeel’s face is angelic, but also blank — perfect for a character who is able to cut off all your senses and make you feel absolutely nothing. Together, he and Fanning (character gift: to bring the pain) would be appropriately off-putting. Plus, they’d look so cute together.

Who’s your pick for Alec? And are you hoping Fanning’s meeting with Weitz goes well?

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addCredit(“Dakota Fanning: Jason Merritt/FilmMagic; Lucas Grabeel: Steve Granitz/WireImage.com”)

Vanessa Hudgens as 'New Moon' werewolf Leah: What do you think?

Vanessahudgenstwilight_lTalk about every 13-year-old girl’s fantasy film team: High School Musical could be joining forces with Twilight. Sorta. As we reported earlier, rumors are swirling that Disney tween dream Vanessa Hudgens has auditioned for the role of disgruntled werewolf Leah Clearwater in the upcoming Twilight sequel New Moon. And as much as I want to hate the idea, I don’t. Sure, she’s much cuter than I ever imagined Leah to be, but her mix of Filipino, Spanish, Chinese, Irish, and Native American ethnicities, make her a physically good match for the Quileute shapeshifter.  Plus, she’s already got big hair.

That being said, the 20-year-old has to show us something she hasn’t before: angst. Known for perky parts, most notably High School brainiac Gabriella, Hudgens will have to bring it as a girl dumped by her love who becomes the only female werewolf of her tribe. If she can embody this mix of contempt and snark with a dash of vulnerability thrown in, I think she could not only nail the role but make a nice foil to Taylor Lautner’s Jacob.

What do you think, PopWatchers? Should Hudgens join the pack for New Moon or stick to crooning show tunes? Also, what role can we give Zac Efron? (Don’t pretend you don’t want to see him and Rob Pattinson in an epic battle of Tiger Beat proportions.)

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