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Jennifer Lawrence, 'Hunger Games' cast on their favorite YA books of all time

EW readers are in the midst of a bitter battle to crown the greatest YA book of all time. So who better to influence your opinions than the cast of one of the most popular young adult series of the moment — The Hunger Games.

At the London premiere for the upcoming The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (in theaters Nov. 22), Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, and more opened up about their favorite YA series.

'This Is the End' was Blockbuster's last rental...ever

The Blockbuster era has officially come to an end, which is why it was incredibly fitting that the last rental ever made at one of the chain’s stores was Seth Rogen’s latest film, This Is the End.

The final rental was made in Hawaii at 11 p.m. on Nov. 9 . Blockbuster employees posed with the man behind the purchase for a photo op that the company then tweeted:

Lesbians react to 'Blue Is the Warmest Color' sex scene: 'That's a classic move' -- VIDEO


Blue Is the Warmest Color is more than a graphic 10-minute sex scene between its two heroines. The three-hour French coming-of-age drama and Palme d’Or winner explores the origins and eventual dissolution of a romantic and emotional relationship between the teenage Adèle (Adèle Exarchopoulos) and the 20-something Emma (Léa Seydoux).

Still, we can’t stop talking about that scene. After it premiered at the Cannes Film Festival earlier this year, praise and critiques poured in and continued when the film finally hit theaters this fall. EW’s film critic Owen Gleiberman discusses the varying responses at length here.

Posture magazine, a small arts publication for the LGBT crowd, decided to actually show the scene to a group of gay women and talk to them about it. The responses are varied, but none believe that the extended scene represents either an ideal or a reality. One of the recurring criticisms is how outmoded Léa Seydoux’s Emma looks with that blue hair. Also, according to one of the women in the video, something that they do “has never happened once in the course of human history.” Can you guess what that might be?

Don’t worry (or get excited, depending): The movie might be rated NC-17, but this video is safe for work. There’s just some heavy breathing and moaning and some fairly explicit discourse about lesbian sex, so you might want to put on some headphones.

Swedish cinemas give movies a 'Bechdel' rating: Good idea?


We all know the Bechdel Test by now, right? Well, if not, it’s cartoonist Alison Bechdel’s three-pronged test to judge female characters in movies. Do more than two female characters have a name? Do they speak to each other? And, if the two named female characters have a conversation, is it about something other than a man?

But the “test” has basically only existed as a discussion point that we blog about occasionally as we wax poetic on the state of substantive roles for women. A few Swedish art house theaters would like to change that.

Matthew McConaughey turns 44: Why he's better than ever

Matthew McConaughey could’ve been the shirtless Texan who came into Hollywood, made a handful of chick flicks, posed for some sexy magazine covers, and spent his days relaxing/working out on the beach. Instead, he’s the shirtless Texan who came to Hollywood, made a handful of chick flicks, posed for some sexy magazines covers, spent his days relaxing/working out on the beach, and kept working until he has now created a rather impressive résumé of work. So even though I will never let go of his long-haired days of making The Wedding Planner and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, I have to admit that Mr. McConaughey — a name I learned how to spell when I fell in love with him at the age of 15 — is better than ever at age 44.

In honor of McConaughey’s 44th birthday, we’re celebrating some of his greatest traits and achievements:

Should we care how much weight Matthew McConaughey lost for 'Dallas Buyers Club'?


What makes a great performance? Acting is such a subtle and mysterious art form that sometimes it’s hard to put your finger on all of the minute nuances that elevate a good portrayal to a great one. Maybe that’s why so many of us get so worked up into a tizzy when we see a movie star drop a ton of weight for a role. It’s something we can see, something we can explain in raw numbers.

Robert De Niro gained 60 pounds of Method flab to play the past-his-prime middleweight lug Jake LaMotta in Raging Bull. Michael Fassbender dropped 35 pounds to play imprisoned IRA hunger striker Bobby Sands in Hunger. Matt Damon shed 50 pounds to play a scarred war vet in Courage Under Fire. And Christian Bale, who seems to make a habit of this kind of thing, risked his life by shedding 60 pounds to turn himself into a walking ghoul for The Machinist — a movie you’d think more people would have seen considering what a big deal critics and media types made over Bale’s ghastly transformation.

Now comes Matthew McConaughey, whose weight loss to play a man with AIDS in the very good new film Dallas Buyers Club, is merely the latest example of a big-time movie star crash-dieting for a role. I’m all for actors doing whatever it takes to summon something we haven’t seen before. But there’s something about all of these staggering weight loss feats that’s starting to feel a little familiar. Everywhere you look on the newsstand or Internet lately, you see stories about McConaughey’s drastic weight loss and how it’s a sign of his new seriousness as an actor. That he is killing off his old laid back, tawny-chested, rom-com stud persona to be taken seriously just by saying no to carbs and punching a new hole in his belt.


Throwback Thursday: What movie terrified you as a teen?


Everyone has that one scary movie that scarred them when they were young. Maybe it was something you watched when you shouldn’t have, or maybe it was your first Halloween at the theater. For me, it was at a 7th grade sleepover, when the birthday girl decided we should all watch The Ring. I had heard rumors that the film was horrifying, and I wasn’t one for horror movies anyway. After I watched When a Stranger Calls at too young an age, I tended to steer clear of anything that could keep me up at night. But it was the birthday’s girl wish, and at least I had eight friends who could hold me while I cried.

The movie started, and I immediately cuddled up with the girls next to me. I think I had a blanket pulled up to my eyes just about the entire movie, but just to clarify: I watched the whole thing. And to prove it, I can designate the moment that made me literally climb over the back of the couch and cry/scream. The Ring fans know it all too well … the moment when that freaky girl crawled out of the television. WHAT?! How was that even possible? It was the most terrifying thing I’d ever seen. Needless to say, I didn’t sleep that night. I’m just thankful that stupid movie didn’t ruin my relationship with TV. Can you imagine?!

Watch the clip and relive the horror below, but full disclosure: I did NOT re-watch this:

There Should Be a Sequel: 'Hocus Pocus'

For me, the beginning of fall kicks off a number of events, from apple picking and pumpkin carving to boot-wearing, and of course, ABC Family’s “13 Nights of Halloween.” However, there’s only ever one Halloween movie I have to watch every year: Hocus Pocus (with a possible serving of Halloweentown on the side). The story of the Sanderson sisters, complete with Sarah Jessica Parker’s singing and Bette Middler’s everything, is too much fun to pass up. So when I sat down to watch Hocus Pocus a few nights ago, I realized something. Why hasn’t there been a sequel?

For one, there aren’t enough fun Halloween movies, which might be one reason why the ABC Family marathon is only 13 nights as opposed to its “25 Days of Christmas.” And Hocus Pocus‘ ending is practically begging for a sequel. After the Sanderson sisters explode into the night and Thackery Binx returns to his human form and joins his sister in heaven, the camera cuts to the sisters’ book, a.k.a the living grimoire made out of human skin and featuring a human eye. Just before the credits roll, the grimoire opens it eye. So sure, the sisters might be gone, but their magic is still alive inside that creepy book!

'Thor' gets an Honest Trailer: Revisit 'the idiot demigod prince' -- VIDEO

As Thor: The Dark World draws near, it’s time to start preparing for everything the long-haired god of thunder has to offer. And thanks to Screen Junkies, we don’t have to rewatch the first film to refresh our memories. Instead, they’ve prepared an Honest Trailer all about the “film that only exists so non-nerds will recognize the blond guy in The Avengers.”

The trailer sums up the not-terrible-but-not-great film about a beautiful man who hails from a place “where everyone gets a pointy hat, the gods live inside a CGI pipe organ, and the only way in or out is through the Rainbow Road level from Mario Kart.” But the film isn’t just about the “least relatable Marvel hero since Dr. Strange.” It’s also about his brother, countless daddy issues, and a handful of “rejects from Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, and Xena: Warrior Princess.” And let’s not forget Jane, the “brilliant astrophysicist with supermodel good looks” who falls for Thor‘s abs.

Watch the hilarious Honest Trailer for Thor’s Obligatory Movie below:

'Kill Your Darlings' Daniel Radcliffe, Dane DeHaan, and Michael C. Hall take EW's Pop Culture Personality Test -- VIDEO


Daniel Radcliffe didn’t exactly have a normal childhood. While most 11-year-olds were having awkward first dances to embarrassing songs and developing their own pop-culture preferences, he was already starring in one of the most successful franchises of all time.

Most of EW’s Pop Culture Personality Test questions work so well because they force actors to recall a time before fame — when they might have actually written a fan letter to a celebrity idol. While that didn’t really exist in such a pure form for the now 24-year-old star of Kill Your Darlings (currently playing in limited release), the utterly charming Radcliffe did have a few pop-culture memories to share that are at turns relatable and completely foreign — unless any of you have loved The Simpsons and then been asked to guest star. Twice. And if you have, that’s awesome. Our apologies.


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