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Colin Farrell in 'Horrible Bosses': Which stars do you still find attractive when they go 'ugly'?

Yesterday, the trailer for the upcoming comedy Horrible Bosses hit the Web, and while most people were buzzing about Jennifer Aniston’s very against-type role as a sexually harassing dentist (okay, people were probably talking about that scene in which she strips down, too), it was Colin Farrell (pictured left with Jason Sudeikis) who caught my eye. Not only because it’s so unfortunately rare to see him in comedies, but because they made him look so awful. It’s no easy feat: Look at the guy normally! Granted, he’s playing a sleazy dude you wouldn’t want to touch with a ten-foot pole, but will it deter any of Farrell’s fans? Part of me doubts it: There have got to be some folks who, upon seeing that Horrible Bosses preview, thought to themselves, “Yep, still hot!”

I, for one, am guilty of still being attracted to stars when they go “ugly.” Exhibit A: Ryan Gosling during the present-day sequences in Blue Valentine. READ FULL STORY

'The Batman Complex': Not as crazy as Christopher Nolan's other work?

It was Christian Bale’s Bruce Wayne himself who said in 2005’s Batman Begins, “Well, a guy who dresses up like a bat clearly has issues.” Christopher Nolan’s two superhero films seem satisfied with a superficial glimpse of the mental stability of its hero, but a clever new faux trailer for The Batman Complex ventures deep into the brain of the man who thinks he’s the Caped Crusader, with the help of Nolan’s other blockbuster, Inception, Bale’s previous work on films like The Machinist, and several other mind-altering movies.

Is it wrong to think that this pretend plot is less confusing than the actual one in Inception? This time around, when Leonardo DiCaprio’s dream-thief says, “I’ve done it before,” he’s referring to the seed he planted in Michael Keaton’s brain back in 1989. And when he warns, “His subconscious is militarized,” he’s dealing with extremely deadly characters: Joker, Two-Face, and an oil-spewing Batman. Take a look below at the first (fake) collaboration between Christian and Leo. READ FULL STORY

This week's trailers: 'Transformers 3,' 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows -- Part 2,' 'X-Men: First Class,' and more

Let’s cut to the chase: There’s a new trailer for the final Harry Potter movie, Deathly Hallows — Part 2, this week. Which means pretty much all of you are going to skip down to watch it and re-watch it over and over again until you’re dry-eyed and out of breath and pass out at your desk. In which case… nobody is actually reading this now. So I can use this space to write about pretty much anything I want. Like how I secretly really want to see African Cats this weekend. Or how I wish I were at home right now with a bottle of wine and an Extreme Couponing marathon. Doesn’t matter, right? But if you do make it past Potter, there are a lot of other great clips this week, too, like new looks at Transformers: Dark of the Moon, X-Men: First Class, and Bridesmaids, plus our first peek at the new Anna Faris comedy What’s Your Number? — and a whole lot more. So, to those of you still reading: Thanks. Also, what’s wrong with you? It’s THE LAST HARRY POTTER! READ FULL STORY

'Harry Potter' trailers: Looking back, which is your favorite of the franchise?

We’re all hoping Warner Bros. has saved the best Harry Potter film for last. Time will tell. But after watching the latest trailer for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows — Part 2, we’re prepared to say that it’s the best preview ever cut for the franchise. But what’s the second best? Below, watch trailers for the first seven films. Then, go to our Facebook page and vote for your favorite.  READ FULL STORY

This week's trailers: 'The Help,' '30 Minutes or Less,' 'The Change-Up' and more!

Looking for a little Help to Change-Up your Life in a Day, but only have 30 Minutes or Less to spare? Search no further than this week’s trailers! First off, rising star Emma Stone takes the lead in the big-screen adaptation of book-club staple The Help. Next Jesse Eisenberg, Aziz Ansari, and Danny McBride get caught up comic misdeeds in 30 Minutes or Less. Then Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman swap identities (Who gets the better end of that deal? Discuss.) in the new bodyswitcher comedy The Change-Up. And if you’re tired of watching movie stars have all the fun, take a look at the Ridley Scott-produced Life in a Day, a doc made entirely of footage of regular folks just like you and me. (Well, not exactly like me since there’s nobody in the trailer binge-eating Cadbury eggs while blogging about movie trailers, but you get the idea.) Check them all out after the jump!


This week's trailers: 'Cowboys & Aliens,' Taylor Lautner in 'Abduction,' Daniel Radcliffe in 'The Woman in Black,' and more!

Will Ferrell speaking Spanish? Daniel Radcliffe in a suit? Taylor Lautner not showing his abs? If this week’s trailers have a theme (and don’t they always?), then it’s all about stars breaking out of the box. We’ve got James Bond (a.k.a. Daniel Craig) in a cowboy hat in a new look at Cowboys & Aliens; Will Ferrell jamón-ing it up in the telenovela spoof Casa de mi Padre; Twilight star Taylor Lautner on the run in abduction; Harry Potter‘s own Daniel Radcliffe getting spooked in the horror pic The Woman in Black; and much, much, more. Check them all out after the jump! READ FULL STORY

This week's trailers: 'Crazy, Stupid, Love,' 'Hesher,' 'Melancholia,' and more!

This week’s trailers feature beautiful, half-naked men. Loads of them. Seriously, it’s like there was a fire alarm in the dressing rooms of the hot guy store and everyone had to ditch their clothes and seek shelter inside a movie trailer. First off, we’ve got a cut-from-marble Ryan Gosling baring (almost) all in our first look at the Steve Carell rom-com Crazy, Stupid, Love. After you’ve watched that one on frame-by-frame a few dozen times (I’m not saying I did), see Joseph Gordon-Levitt strut around in his undies in the Sundance dramedy Hesher, co-starring Natalie Portman, while Inception‘s Ed Hardy and Animal Kingdom‘s Joel Edgerton beat each other senseless (and shirtless) in the boxing pic Warrior. But if buck-nekked dudes isn’t your thing, we’ve still got plenty of options for you, including Anonymous, Roland Emmerich’s drama about the theory that Shakespeare got credit for another writer’s work, and Melancholia, Lars Von Trier’s unique take on an end-of-the-world pic, starring Kirsten Dunst and Kiefer Sutherland. Check them all out after the jump! READ FULL STORY

'The Hangover Part II' trailer pulled from theaters. Were you offended?


Looks like what happened in Bangkok stays out of the theaters: The Los Angeles Times reported earlier today that Warner Bros. had requested that its trailer for The Hangover Part II that premiered last week be pulled from all theaters. Now, Warner Bros. confirms the news to EW, releasing this statement:  “In our haste to meet the placement schedule for this trailer, we failed to properly vet the final version with the MPAA. We acted immediately to correct the mistake and removed the trailer from screens.”

Apparently, the trailer had been airing before screenings of the PG-13 Source Code, and though you’d be hard pressed to find any complaints about the Hangover trailer on the Web (or, heck, amongst your friends), its adult content — including a shot of a monkey mock-simulating a sexual act — was deemed too inappropriate for under-17 audiences. But because there was no outcry (a source tells EW that the studio had not received any complaints) we have to ask: Were you offended by The Hangover Part II trailer? READ FULL STORY

This week's trailers: Another 'Hangover,' Woody Allen's latest, and Will Ferrell's new comedy

Can’t afford that vacation this year? Don’t fret! You can still take a round-the-world trip with this week’s trailers. First stop: Bangkok — the only city that could make Vegas look like the Vatican — a perfect setting of the Wolf Pack’s new blackout-drunk escapades in The Hangover: Part II. Then it’s a quick flight (sorry, no peanuts) to Paris for Woody Allen’s latest semi-romantic comedramensembledy Midnight in Paris, starring Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams. Still not jet-lagged? Then hop a plane to exotic, faraway Arcadia, California, home of the legendary Los Angeles County Arboretum! Okay, maybe that one’s less of a thrill, but it’s where Will Ferrell decides to sell all his worldly goods in the indie comedy Everything Must Go. So pack some toothpaste, throw on some drawstring pants, and let’s get this trip started. And please don’t forget to sign our travelogue (i.e., the comments) below when you’re done. </metaphor> READ FULL STORY

This week's trailers: 'Mr. Popper's Penguins,' 'Captain America,' 'Your Highness,' and more!

What do penguins, superheroes, medieval knights and musketeers all have in common? Nothing. Seriously, they’re not even all mammals. But they’re all in this week’s trailers, which feature a clip from the new Jim Carrey comedy Mr. Popper’s Penguins, a new look at Chris Evans as a weakling-turned-hero in Captain America, and some randy hijinks with Natalie Portman, James Franco, and Danny McBride in Your Highness. Plus a whole lot more! Check out all the non sequitur-ial fun after the jump. READ FULL STORY

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