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'Sinister' red-band trailer: Horror impressionism?

If you’ve had the misfortune of watching the official Sinister trailer, then you already know too much. Not only does it bludgeon you with the whole plot, but it features two minutes of a bearded Vincent D’Onofrio reading what sounds like an encyclopedia entry, describing every detail of the movie’s antagonist. You leave the trailer knowing exactly what to expect. Where’s the mystery? The suspense?

Thankfully, the producers recognized their folly and cut a brand new red-band trailer. It’s everything the original isn’t: Oblique. Ominous. Shrouded in mystery. Think of it as horror impressionism — conceptual and atmospheric, not overtly informative. What they’ve given us is a brooding sequence of images that suggests rather than explains. And, my oh my, is it eerie. I’d buy my ticket based on the final shot alone. READ FULL STORY

When 'Toy Story' meets 'The Expendables 2' -- Video

You know what would have made The Expendables 2 better? More plastic! In the form of toys, that is. A video mashup of Toy Story and The Expendables 2 courtesy of the site IGN proves that classic action figures are just as badass as classic action heroes.

With Sylvester Stallone as (the voice of) Woody, Arnold Schwarzenegger as Buzz, Jason Statham as Hamm, and Bruce Willis as Mr. Potato Head, the The Expendables 2 trailer has been recast with Toy Story characters and scenes from the animated franchise. Let’s just say it’s beyond awesome.

Here’s the video:

Let our powers combine to make this fake 'Captain Planet' movie a reality

The earth’s temperature is rising. Our ice caps are melting. About a third of America’s honeybees has died every single winter since 2007. Entire flocks of birds are frickin’ falling from the sky, people. It’s clear that the planet is in trouble — and there’s only one blue-skinned dude who can save us from ourselves. That’s right: I’m talking about Papa Smurf Captain Planet, sky-colored protector of all things great, small, and made of dirt.

A trio of neo-Planeteers has produced a live-action trailer for a fake Captain Planet movie. Although it’s missing a very important monkey, everything else about the clip is spot-on — especially the villain’s devious dialogue (“When the world sees chaos, war despair — I see dollar signs”) and its impressive special effects. Check it out:


'Hunger Games' parody trailer: Gale is way hotter than Peeta -- WATCH

The team at ScreenJunkies ruthlessly takes The Hunger Games to task in an “honest” version of the film’s trailer.

Check out the video below, where nothing that reeks of the nonsensical is spared, be it the perhaps slightly exaggerated powers trees lend Katniss in her quest for survival or the state of a “future so advanced they can conjure fire and monster dogs, but not food for the poor.”


Schwarzenegger's 'The Last Stand' trailer: Arnold's comeback?

“Eet’s my day off,” says Arnold Schwarzenegger in the trailer for The Last Stand. “Shood be a quiet weekend.” Things get loud quickly. In his first post-gubernatorial lead role, Schwarzenegger plays a small-town sheriff fighting against a renegade drug lord. Johnny Knoxville plays his hilarious sidekick. Peter Stormare plays a bad guy. Forest Whitaker is there, too. It’s impossible to tell from this trailer if Schwarzenegger can still play a believable action man, but this sure doesn’t look boring. Watch the trailer: READ FULL STORY

'The Master' clip: Philip Seymour Hoffman and Joaquin Phoenix talk about love -- VIDEO

The peculiar promotional campaign for Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master took another freaky-cool step today with the release of yet another entrancingly weird clip from the film. Doubling as a promotion for a special charity screening of the film tonight at Chicago’s Music Box Theatre, the clip raises the curtain just a bit more on the methods of Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Lancaster Dodd. His faith-based group seizes the attention of Joaquin Phoenix’s Freddie Sutton, a WWII vet and lost soul who somehow seems both sweet and deeply creepy when talking with Dodd about the woman he’s most sweet on. Check it out below: READ FULL STORY

‘10 Years’ trailer: Channing Tatum has a goatee, and other concerns -- VIDEO

High school reunions are awkward.

You’ve got the former high school sweethearts, the guy who’s done a total 180, the guy who sadly hasn’t done a total 180, and, of course, the girl you’re still in love with. Throw it all into one night with forced small talk and cocktails? There’s going to be some drama.

Or at least, that’s the hope of 10 Years, which stars Justin Long, Rosario Dawson, Ron Livingston, Anthony Mackie, Aubrey Plaza, Chris Pratt, and, of course, man-of-the-moment Channing Tatum — complete with some new facial hair.

Can you imagine knowing you went to high school with Tatum? Now that’s a high school reunion I’d attend.

Check out the trailer below: READ FULL STORY

Fake Bieber biopic trailer: It's hard out here for a Canadian

Justin Bieber’s unlikely rise to superstardom is a story for the ages. As legend has it, a scrappy young Biebs endured nearly twelve whole years on this planet before achieving international notoriety, all the while facing snide put-downs from record executives (“Brushing your hair forward like that ain’t gonna help us sell any records. Foreheads are where it’s at, Bieber!”) and his long-suffering mother’s gentle but firm reality checks. (“Did you ever hear of a young, white, cute, Christian male making it in America?” Well, have you?)

At least, that’s the story told in 8 Kilometers: The Gritty Life Story of Justin Bieber, a new faux trailer from UCB Comedy. Though the video misses a golden opportunity to showcase Glee Project contestant Dani Shay‘s swoopy bangs, it’s a great parody of the trailer for Justin Bieber: Never Say Never  — and, specifically, the way it portrays its subject’s struggle as something uniquely difficult. He worked his entire 18-year-long life for this, you guys! Check out the clip for yourself below.


D'oh! of the Week: 'The Great Gatsby' trailer goof


Like his other films Moulin Rouge, Romeo + Juliet, and Strictly Ballroom, the trailer for Baz Lurhmann’s take on the classic novel The Great Gatsby is crammed with bunches of stuff, from sparkly confetti to fringe-y flapper dresses, extravagant pools to the bright lights of 1920s Times Square. So perhaps it shouldn’t be so shocking that one of those period details isn’t quite right.

Thanks to eagle-eyed Twitter follower @AmyOriss, I was alerted to the fact that the film misspells the famed Ziegfeld Follies:  READ FULL STORY

The 'Looper' trailer teaser got us thinking: Do teasers for trailers actually work?

The teaser for the movie trailer, or “trailer trailers” — this new species of Hollywood marketing — is suddenly everywhere, hyping the first looks at movies like Prometheus, John CarterThe Avengers, Total Recall, and now the Joseph Gordon-Levitt/Rian Johnson sci-fi thriller Looper (embedded below). As the Los Angeles Times noted today, movie trailer releases have become massive events in their own right, so studio marketing machines have seized upon the idea of giving them mini-ad campaigns to build up interest for them.

So is this new promotional tool a boon, activating a fan base’s excitement and making general audiences feel more connected to what’s playing at the multiplex? Or is it an invasive strain of artificial hype that threatens to wipe out all other forms of entertainment life until we are left with only a feedback loop of advertising for advertising of advertising featuring commemorative t-shirts that are also advertisements?

Or, to put it in bean-counter terms, are they getting more people to go see movies? READ FULL STORY

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