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Monopoly is adding your favorite house rules to a special edition of the game: Join the debate!


Are you one of those people who likes to make up their own rules to Monopoly? Maybe you start the game by giving each player $2,000 instead of the designated $1,500, or maybe you don’t allow players in jail to collect rent while they’re still behind bars? Or maybe you prefer to be a total rebel and not even read the game’s instructions. But no matter your degree of rebellion, if you’re a Monopoly fan who likes to make a few adjustments of your own, we have good news. Now is your chance to take your own personal house rules and turn them into official rules.

Starting Tuesday and continuing through April 3, fans of the game are invited to join the Great Monopoly House Rules debate on Monopoly’s Facebook page. After crowd-sourcing fans globally, 10 house rules were selected for fans to debate. Then, after the debate, Hasbro will weed out the top House Rules and add them to Monopoly: House Rules Edition, which will be available in stores this fall. The added rules will also be included in the 2015 classic Monopoly game guide.

Here are the 10 rules up for debate:


New Monopoly piece revealed: It's a sassy cat!


Today Hasbro proved what we have all known forever: people like cats and people like dogs. After a month of Facebook voting to see which piece would be added to Monopoly and which piece would be retired, the iron is out and the cat is in.

The cat token earned 31 percent of the fan vote, beating out a helicopter, a guitar, a diamond ring, and a toy robot. In the contest to see which piece would be retired, the iron got the fewest votes. We’re breaking down walls here, people! The Scottie dog, obviously, got the most votes and is safe forever.

Production on the new tokens begins immediately, so expect the cat token to be on shelves later this year.

Do you think the cat piece is purr-fect (for Meow-nopoly… okay, I’m done… oh man) or are you bummed you didn’t know about the vote so you could ┬álet your voice be heard in favor of the toy robot? READ FULL STORY

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