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Sarah Hyland rips into Lea Michele for red-carpet stylings

Glee and Modern Family are pitted against each in several major Emmy Award categories tomorrow night, including Best Comedy Series, but their rivalry has bloomed into a feud thanks to some comments from Modern Family‘s Sarah Hyland. As a guest on E!’s Fashion Police on Friday night, the actress who plays the oldest daughter of Ty Burrell and Julie Bowen mocked the red-carpet stylings of Glee‘s star, Lea Michele. “It’s like a slow-motion picture kind of thing. It’s just like, she puts her hands on her hips like this and like sticks out her collarbones — I don’t know if you can see — she sticks out her collarbones to make her look skinnier and she goes sticks out her lips,” she said, while simultaneously performing an impression. Watch the clip below. READ FULL STORY

This Week's Cover: We pick the five best new shows in our Fall TV Preview

Need a good excuse to spend your September cooped up indoors, remote control in hand? We’re happy to help with our annual Fall TV Preview issue, which features TV critic Ken Tucker’s picks for the five best new shows. Spoiler alert! One has a sexy homeless guy in it. One features two smart-mouthed New Yorkers. One stars an actress from a beloved teen drama… that was not about vampires. One is on NBC. And one will scare the sweet bejesus out of you. (Click here to buy the issue.)

Plus, we’ve got all the scoop on 127 new and returning shows, including:  READ FULL STORY

Joel McHale to demonstrate the word 'prickly' on 'Sesame Street.' How perfect is that?

It’s season 42 of Sesame Street come Sept. 26 (check your local listings), and the guest list could not be hotter. Among those on tap: Oscar winners Nicole Kidman and Robin Williams; up-and-coming actresses Emma Stone, Mila Kunis, and Amy Adams; Modern Family‘s Sofia Vergara, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and Rico Rodriguez; Community’s Joel McHale and Ken Jeong; The Office’s John Krasinski; late night hosts Craig Ferguson, Jimmy Kimmel, and Conan O’Brien; musicians Elvis Costello and Bruno Mars; The Daily Show’s Samantha Bee and Jason Jones; The Big Bang Theory’s Johnny Galecki; funny guys Seth Rogen and Andy Samberg; Tony winner Sutton Foster; New Orleans Saints Quarterback Drew Brees; the New York Knicks’ Amar’e Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony; and Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor. How’s that for variety?

Which guest appearance are you most psyched for? McHale, according to the caption on this photo, at some point, “demonstrates the word ‘prickly’ with the help of his cactus, pineapple and porcupine pals.” Yes, they look very friendly in this picture. I cannot wait. Sadly, we have no idea what Ferguson is demonstrating in the shot below of him with three chickens, but we love it. We’ve also got a surprisingly dignified portrait of Jeong with Elmo for you as well.  READ FULL STORY

Sofia Vergara's next role: Politician's wife?

Forget Jackie O. Move over, Michelle Obama. If Sofia Vergara’s boyfriend has his way, the Modern Family actress will be the newest style-setter inside the Beltway by 2013, reports the Palm Beach Post. Banking heir and environmental consultant Nick Loeb, Vergara’s boyfriend of a year, is considering running for a U.S. Senate seat from Florida next year. Said Loeb of his potential campaign, “The Emmys are Sept. 18 and I’ll probably make a decision after that.” Glad he’s got his priorities straight! READ FULL STORY

'So You Think You Can Dance': Discuss the Top 12 performances!

Okay, these celebrity guest judges on So You Think You Can Dance are getting faintly ridiculous. Megan Mullally had formal dance and Broadway experience — okay. Debbie Reynolds tap-danced with Gene Kelly in Singin’ in the Rain — love it. And Kristin Chenoweth has won a Tony Award — not for dancing, but that’s fine. But last week’s celebrity judge was Carmen Electra, whose main contribution to last week’s judging panel was her ability to not always use the same generic adjective of bland praise and her ability to not show up for the results show night.

This week’s celebrity judge? Modern Family‘s Jesse Tyler Ferguson. READ FULL STORY

'Modern Family' season 2 wraps up tonight: We look back at this year's best one-liners

The idea of the next few months being Modern Family-less is more frustrating than receiving a box of Baby Jesuses instead of baby cheeses. While the second season of the Emmy-winning comedy had some misfires (episodes like “Dance Dance Revelation” and “Our Children, Ourselves” likely won’t wind up in the pantheon of all-time greats), it was still an overwhelmingly hilarious and touching year with the Pritchett, Delgado and Dunphy clans. Moreover, this season provided so many stand-out lines that made us thankful we have DVR so we could go back to re-watch all the gems we laughed right over.

Before we count down to the season finale and spend our summers at Family Camp (we’d go with you, Phil!), we wanted to look back at our favorite zingers from each character. Trust us, it was no easy feat. Don’t forget (who am I kidding — you guys never do!) to tell us which lines we missed or let us know which ones that were your favorite in the comments section.  READ FULL STORY

TV's Most Dateable Characters: Choose your 'one' from readers' top picks (Poll!)

Dateable-charactersImage Credit: Greg Gayne/NBC; Justin Lubin/NBC; Brian Bowen Smith/Fox; Mitchell Haaseth/NBC; Bob D'Amico/ABC (2)Last week, PopWatch asked readers to name the TV character they’d date in real life. After tallying more than 2,000 nominations (yes, we read them all), we’re ready to take it to a vote. We’ve put your top picks — 25 men, and 29 women (there was a tie for that last spot) — in two polls below. Vote now through Tuesday at midnight ET. Come back Friday when we’ll reveal the results. Remember: You can’t change anything about the character you’re picking, other than that he or she will no longer have feelings for his or her show love interest. (Second rule: Do not feel guilty.) Note: The order the characters are listed in the polls below is how they ranked during the first round, when you could be indecisive. What will happen when you can only pick one?  READ FULL STORY

Which TV character would you date in real life?

TV-characters-to-dateImage Credit: Monty Brinton/CBS; Eric McCandless/ABC; Mitchell Haaseth/NBC; Justin Stephens/NBC; John P. Johnson/HBOSince Valentine’s Day is approaching, we’ve decided it’s time to crown TV’s Most Datable Characters. Here’s how this works: As we did in 2008, we are asking you to name the TV character you’d actually date in real life. The rules remain the same:

1. Hosts or reality TV contestants of any kind are disqualified. The relationship you’re creating is real; your better half must be fictional.
2. You can’t change anything about your partner — other than that he or she will no longer have feelings for the show love interest, obviously.

Here’s what’s different: This year, we’ll tally your nominations — male and female, from current shows only — and, assuming it’s not a landslide, create polls with your top picks and take this to an official vote. The Office‘s Jim Halpert won the men’s title in ’08. Can he repeat? Let’s find out.

To get you thinking, here are a few names being tossed around PopWatch HQ. Remember, if you want them to make the poll round, you have to nominate them as well…  READ FULL STORY

SAG Awards 2011: Who are you rooting for?

James-Franco-Ty-Burrell_320.jpg Image Credit: C Flanigan/FilmMagic.com; Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images The Screen Actors Guild Awards are tonight, PopWatchers. But even with a slate of ultra-talented nominees like the ones we have before us (see the full list here), everyone has their favorites. In the movies category, I’m pulling for James Franco. (Sorry, Colin Firth, still love you!) As adventure seeker Aron Ralston in 127 Hours, Franco found himself alone on screen for much of the movie, and yet, it was just as compelling as an ensemble of impressive actors (See: The Kids Are All Right). And I need not go into detail about the gritty arm amputation scene, which was as gripping as it was utterly disgusting, in the best possible way. READ FULL STORY

Jane Lynch, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Jon Hamm, and lots more celebs make EW's pre-SAG Awards party a starry night

EW-SAG-PARTYImage Credit: Stefanie Keenan/WireImage.comWhere might one have spied what’s happening in this photo here, which features a TV-lover’s fever dream of Glee‘s Jane Lynch rubbing elbows with Modern Family‘s Jesse Tyler Ferguson? At Entertainment Weekly‘s pre-Screen Actors Guild Awards party, of course! The event was held last night in the garden of West Hollywood’s famed Chateau Marmont and lured out scads of Hollywood’s finest talent—everyone from Mad Men‘s Jon Hamm and Dexter‘s Michael C. Hall to Black Swan director Darren Aronofsky and The Town‘s Jeremy Renner, all of who were looking to celebrate a little before today’s actor-focused awards which will be simulcast live on TBS and TNT at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT. The cast of The Good Wife? Yup, most of them were there, including Julianna Margulies, Josh Charles, Archie Panjabi, and Matt Czuchry. Looking for a little Temple Grandin? Awards-season queen Claire Danes was there in full effect, too, as was everyone from Parks and Recreation‘s Amy Poehler to Glee‘s Chris Colfer. The list goes on and on…

Check back here at EW.com later for a gallery of photos from last night’s star-studded event.

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