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TV Recap: 'Survivor,' 'Modern Family,' and 'American Horror Story: Coven' -- VIDEO

Did you miss Wednesday night’s episodes of Survivor, Modern Family, or American Horror Story: Coven? Catch up with our TV Recap video below!

'Modern Family' meets 'Breaking Bad': Jesse Tyler Ferguson takes a Heisenberg tour of New Mexico -- PHOTOS

When Jesse Tyler Ferguson grew up in New Mexico, Heisenberg was just a German physicist, not a porkpie-hat-wearing teacher-turned-meth kingpin.

But the Modern Family star clearly supports the White family’s Albuquerque takeover: When he visited his home state over the weekend, Ferguson and husband Justin Mikita took a tour of all the locations made famous by Breaking Bad and posted pics online.

First stop: Walt’s house, though that doesn’t look like a green Aztek in the driveway …

'Modern Family' react: The kids are alright

The always enjoyable (and constantly Emmy-winning) comedy is back for season 5, and it’s off to a strong start.

The first half-hour, “Suddenly, Last Summer,” tugged at heartstrings with Mitch and Cam’s storyline, as they find out they can finally marry (insert baby Fulgencio vomiting here). Sure, it pulled the usual antics with competing proposals, and Gloria and Claire as Cam and Mitch’s wingwomen, respectively (Claire, in particular, seemed overjoyed to rattle off manipulative proposal ideas to a horrified Mitch). But the payoff, with Mitch and Cam saying “Yes” in unison, forgave the bumps along the way. I don’t know about you, but the moment nearly made me “sob like a Tony winner,” to quote Mitch. READ FULL STORY

Analysis: 'Breaking Bad' won social media on Emmys night

And the winner is Breaking Bad… again.

According to our analysis, Breaking Bad didn’t just snag the Emmy Awards’ highest honor Sunday night — the show was also the most popular Emmy-related topic across social media, even after discounting chatter about that night’s brand-new episode (which ran concurrently with 75 minutes of the Emmys). The race wasn’t even close: BB had three times as many mentions as the list’s second-place finisher, Outstanding Comedy winner Modern Family.


EW.com's 4th Annual Season Finale Awards: Vote now!


Yes, there are a few season finales to go, but with the rush of surprise twists, cliffhangers, and exits behind us, it’s now time for EW.com’s fourth annual reader-voted Season Finale Awards. After taking your suggestions under advisement — and extending the cutoff date to March 31, because so many of you wanted to (dis)honor the passing of The Walking Dead‘s Andrea — here are this year’s nominees. UPDATE: Polls are now closed. Winners will be announced Friday. READ FULL STORY

EW's Morning Bite: And the best sound bite from last night is...

Submitted by TCY11235:

“Turns out she sent more men off to war than Lyndon Johnson.”

–Jay (Ed O’Neill) talking about his “first,” who also had a lot of other military lovers, on the season finale of Modern Family

Come back tonight to share your pick for best bite!

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'Modern Family' finale react: Moseying along


Swapping the sunshine of California for the humidity of Florida, the Dunphy-Pritchett clan gathered down South for Phil’s mother’s funeral. What ensued was a lot of exaggerated stereotypes, even more sweating, and a few tender moments. READ FULL STORY

PopWatch Planner: 'Fast & Furious 6,' 'The Hangover Part III,' 'Modern Family' season finale, and more

This week you’re probably re-watching all the seasons of Arrested Development to get excited for Sunday, obsessively checking the weather to make sure you can BBQ this weekend, or trying on those white jeans again and feeling over the moon ecstatic that you get to wear them again. Here are your pop culture musts to get you through the week before your long Memorial Day weekend. READ FULL STORY

EW's Morning Bite: And the best sound bite from last night is...

Submitted by Radzinsky:

Haley: ”Zack Barbie, born 1986, went to college at a place called mit.”

Alex: ”M.I.T.”

Haley: ”I know how to spell it.”

–Haley  (Sarah Hyland) and Alex (Ariel Winter) on Modern Family

Come back tonight to share your pick for best sound bite!

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Love is on the air: Who is the greatest TV couple of all time? Round 2, part 3


Ross and Rachel. Clair and Cliff. Ricky and Lucy. These are just a few of the iconic pairings competing for the chance to be EW’s “Greatest TV Couple of All Time.” Check out our full bracket here and vote in the polls below to determine who will move on to the next round. Now, the 8 couples who won their first match-ups in our “He’s Her Lobster” conference.

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