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'Modern Family' to add another dash of Pepper

Nathan-LaneImage Credit: Sylvain Gaboury/PR PhotosHe’s back! According to executive producer Steve Levitan, Nathan Lane will return to Modern Family this spring as the brunch-munching, ascot-donning power-gay Pepper Saltzman. Although he had precious few minutes of screen time in his first appearance earlier this season, Pepper really shook things up: Mitch and Cam trashed their own house and Cam declared his love for Pepper, all to get out of going to one of his ridiculous — but fabulous-sounding! — theme brunches. (“Oscar Wilde-N’-Crazy Brunch” — where’s our invite?)

Apparently, Mitch and Cam have a change of heart later in the season, and we get to see them attend one of these parties in action. Hopefully Pepper didn’t learn his lesson and will come up with a theme that inspires over-the-top, high-effort costumes. Who wouldn’t want to see Cam dressed as Mario Antoinette?

What should the theme of Pepper’s party be? Are you looking forward to Nathan Lane’s return? Do you think he’s rehashing Albert from The Birdcage? Sound off in the comments below!

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'3 Minute Talk Show' trailer: It's enough time for Jon Cryer to crack a Charlie Sheen joke -- EXCLUSIVE

On Jan. 26, LStudio.com, the site that launched Lisa Kudrow’s Web Therapy, debuts the weekly series The 3 Minute Talk Show with Barry Sobel. Watch the exclusive trailer premiere below. The title is pretty self-explanatory, but aside from the minimum time commitment, here are a few more reasons to watch: Fred Willard serves as Sobel’s cohost. Ben Lee fronts the band. The first two guests are Tom Hanks (his Playtone partnered with Lexus’ LStudio for the unscripted show) and Breaking Bad‘s Bryan Cranston, whose episodes go live this Wednesday. And, at some point, Jon Cryer, of TV’s top-rated comedy Two and a Half Men, makes an appearance and explains to Sobel the secret to being No. 1. “Do a show with Charlie Sheen, ’cause it’s always fun. You get to check TMZ to know whether you’ve got to go into work that day, which is great. You’re sitting at home [pretends to check TMZ on his phone] ‘Oh, Oh, kick back, everybody. Daddy’s got the day off.’”

Among the other guests teased in the trailer: True Blood‘s Stephen Moyer, Modern Family‘s Rico Rodriguez, Glee‘s Mike O’Malley (who says the worst part of shooting his heart attack was when the makeup artist told him he didn’t actually need makeup), Joe Jonas, Big Love‘s Ginnifer Goodwin, Johnny Knoxville, and Jimmy FallonREAD FULL STORY

Let's hear it for the sitcom middle daughters

middle-sisterImage Credit: Everett Collection; Fox; Bob D'Amico/ABCThis week’s Modern Family featured a subplot about middle-child Alex slavishly studying for a test. It’s not the first time we’ve seen Alex go into geek mode, but between her nerdery and this cast breakdown that made the rounds this week that compared Alex to the great Darlene Conner, one thing became clear: Alex is the new torch-bearer in the noble tradition of middle daughters on sitcoms. READ FULL STORY

Sofia Vergara guests in Heather Morris rap video, 'Nuthin' But a Glee thing'

Proving there’s no competition between the supporting actresses on Glee and Modern Family, Sofia Vergara appears in a new FunnyorDie video that finds her, Glee‘s Heather Morris, Morris’ roommate Ashley Lendzion, and actress Riki Lindhome as Gleeks. Before the video erupts into Morris, Lendzion, and Lindhome borrowing Dr. Dre’s beat for the remake “Nuthin’ But a Glee Thing,” which they wrote, Vergara joins the ladies — wearing a red Sue Sylvester tracksuit — to talk about their favorite cast members. “Comparing Jane to the rest of the cast is like comparing the Great Barrier Reef with a piece of dogshit,” she says. “No offense, Heather.” READ FULL STORY

Ed O'Neill calls Sue Sylvester 'one note,' says Sofia Vergara should have won the Emmy. Do you agree?

oneill-lynchImage Credit: Bob D'Amico/ABC; Miranda Penn Turin/FoxThe 2010 Emmys happened months ago, but Ed O’Neill apparently still has some strong feelings about one category. In an interview with TV Guide Canada, the Modern Family star opined that Jane Lynch didn’t deserve to win the Oustanding Supporting Actress Emmy for her portrayal of Glee’s militant cheerleader coach Sue Sylvester. “I love Jane, honestly I do,” he was quoted as saying. “I’m dying to star in one of Christopher Guest’s movies alongside her, but I don’t think she should have gotten the Emmy for that part. [Sue Sylvester] is just a one-note character.” According to the magazine, he went on to say that he believed his on-screen wife, Sofia Vergara (a.k.a. Gloria), should have taken home the statue.  “Sofia is just so, so funny,” O’Neill continued. “I don’t think people realize how hilarious she is. She’s so sharp with her wit, it’s amazing.”

It sounds like O’Neill was trying to give props to his co-star, but wound up veering off course with his “one-note character” line about Glee‘s famously brash cheerleading coach. Lynch declined to comment to EW about O’Neill’s remarks, and O’Neill couldn’t be reached for comment, leaving this matter in the hands of you, PopWatchers. What do you think? Did O’Neill step over the line? Or is he on to something here? Who do you think should have won?

UPDATE: When contacted by E!. Lynch’s rep said, “[L]et it go, that’s what we’re doing.”

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Jon Hamm, Jane Lynch, and Rico Rodriguez: Our bonus Entertainers of the Year covers

1132-inset-covers-hammJon Hamm feigns disappointment, joking that 2010 was supposed to be The Year We Make Contact, but his 2010 may as well have been subtitled, The Year He Made Contact. To the 2.9 million viewers who tuned in each week for season 4 of Mad Men, Hamm peeled away even more layers from Don Draper, his crumbling ad exec who somehow managed to emerge from the depths of self-loathing sober, smiling — and engaged to be remarried. In his spare time, he gave his left arm — and right — to play Liz Lemon’s gorgeously dimwitted ex on 30 Rock, hosted Saturday Night Live (twice), and sang Springsteen at the Emmys. On the big screen, he played tough, as a steely fed tracking a gang of Boston bank robbers in the hit drama, The Town. “My eternal pessimist comes out whenever things get as good as they have been,” Hamm tells EW. “However,  I will say that 2010 was the best year I will ever have.” Hence the reason he’s one of our Entertainers of the Year.

Check out our other bonus magazine covers, featuring Glee star Jane Lynch and Modern Family‘s Rico Rodriguez after the jump:


'Dancing With the Stars': Could Bristol Palin actually win?!? TV Insiders look into disco-crystal ball on podcast

Image Credit: Bob D'Amico/ABC

Bristol Palin may look like she doesn’t even want to be there half the time, but apparently lots of other people must want her on Dancing With the Stars, because the “teen activist” keeps on surviving week after week when other, clearly better dancers are shows the door. Which leads to many questions: How is this happening? Are fans of her politician mother voting along party lines for daughter Palin in droves? And could Bristol actually … gulp … win? Annie Barrett and Michael Slezak join me on the always non-partisan TV Insiders podcast to break it all down while also examining the big verbal dust-up between sassy Maks and sometimes lucid Carrie Ann. Plus: Someone admits to actually liking Survivor: Nicaragua‘s NaOnka, we grade the first week of Conan O’Brien’s new TBS talk show, and give our picks for the funniest Modern Family cast member. You can download all the insanity straight to your mp3 player, or click on the video player below to enjoy all the podcast magic on your screen right here, right now. And if you have a question for the TV Insiders, you can tweet it to @EWDaltonRoss. So get your dancing shoes on, click on the video below, and we’re off! READ FULL STORY

Julie Bowen shows leg, and a shot of her twins 'Fatty' and 'Smarty,' on 'Conan'

Modern Family‘s Julie Bowen felt pressure to perform as one of Conan‘s first week guests, and we think it’s safe to say she produced. Watch their chat below. Conan starts by thanking her for not wearing pants. “It’s so great to be on television again,” he said. Then, Bowen insults fellow guest Michael Cera a couple times before admitting that she met him at an event when he was 14, walked up to him and said “I love you” in what she thought was a cool way, and he looked at her like she was old and decrepit. She saved the best story, about her twin 18-month-old boys, for last: She was doing laundry one day, turned her back, and, “The smart one had gotten the fat cute one in the dryer.” Naturally, Conan gives her grief for not having learned her children’s names and for her first instinct being to run to get her camera and take a photo. “You get fatty out!” Hilarious. This is how a talk show appearance is done.

P.S. The way she told that story, there is no one who could play Claire better than her. And it’s a shame Fatty (Gustav) and Smarty (John) aren’t a little older. They could’ve wreaked havoc as Lily’s preschool classmates. READ FULL STORY

TV Insiders podcast: EW experts weigh in on Conan's first week and pick the funniest person on 'Modern Family'

Image Credit: Meghan Sinclair/Team Coco; Mitch Haddad/ABC

New network, new start time, same old Conan. Or is it? The TV Insiders are here to break down the first week of Conan and tell you (and him) what is and isn’t working so far on O’Brien’s new TBS talk show. Michael Slezak and Annie Barrett join yours truly to hand out our grades for week number one. Listen on, and see if you agree. But that’s not all we’re debating this week: We also give our picks for the funniest Modern Family cast member. (How will Mike and Annie take it when they learn how clearly right I am and clearly wrong they are?) There are also plenty of reality shenanigans to be discussed and dissected. You will sit in stunned silence as someone on our panel admits to actually rooting for Survivor‘s most hateful contestant ever NaOnka. And we will sit in stunned silence as we try to figure out how Bristol Palin has made it all the way through to the Dancing With The Stars final four. Is she the worst final four contestant ever? We’ll let you know! You can download all the insanity straight to your mp3 player, or click on the video player below to enjoy all the podcast magic on your screen right here, right now. Plus, if you have a question for the TV Insiders, you can tweet it to @EWDaltonRoss. And now, herrrrrrrrrrrrrrre’s Conan!

Sofia Vergara plays goofy prank on 'Ellen'

Ellen DeGeneres played a ridiculously funny gag with the help of Sofia Vergara this week, having her pretty much act like a crazy person. Vergara gamely played along, crying, screaming, galloping around, and claiming she was shooting a movie called When Dogs Are Running, and Horses Are Silent. Heh. READ FULL STORY

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