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'Supernatural' recap: In focus

I’ll preface this recap by saying that season 3’s “Ghostfacers” was not one of my favorite episodes of Supernatural ever. (Supernatural episodes need the Winchesters and the more we can have of them, the better, I say.)

So going into this found-footage episode, which I knew would be told largely from the perspective of three college kids who were making a film, I was already anticipating (and not too happy with the idea of) minimal amounts Sam and Dean. I tried to keep an open mind about it, however, and I’m happy to report that the lack of Sam and Dean didn’t bother me as much as I thought it would. In fact, I enjoyed seeing some moments that we normally don’t.

For example, after one of the teens (a good-looking jock named Michael) was attacked by a mysterious creature, we got to see what happens afterward. Typically, we only get to see the beginning part of a victim’s attack, hear screams, fade to black, then see a body. In this case, we followed him home, where we saw him panicked, nervous, and writhing in pain from his bad injury, which turned out to be a werewolf bite. This was a neat departure. READ FULL STORY

'Supernatural' recap: Heart of the matter

It was back to business as usual for Sam in Dean in this week’s episode of Supernatural — a case, a kill — but the difference was that throughout the episode, Sam made it quite clear that he has very little interest in “the usual.” And, lately, some fans have been faulting him for that. “Why are they making him ‘selfish’?” “Why is Sam being ‘ruined’?” Etc. But this week’s episode took a stab at explaining Sam’s perspective a bit — and if you didn’t understand his way of thinking by the end of the episode, you probably never will.

But let me back up.

We knew Sam and Dean’s conflict over their hunting future would take center stage in this episode after it opened with the brothers arguing over organic produce at a Farmers’ Market. (Sam’s in favor; Dean doesn’t give a f—) At the heart of the matter, though, was the fact that Dean was angry about the fact that so many cases had fallen through the cracks while Sam was out of the game and busy enjoying “the good things” in life. (The bigger issue? Sam’s shockingly low standards for what is considered “the good things” in life. Fresh apples? Really? That’s cute.) READ FULL STORY

'How I Met Your Mother' recap: Family

I hate to say it, but I feel more and more like this season of How I Met Your Mother is going to be the last. Why? Because more and more I see the gang preparing for real life in some pretty profound ways. (Real life = when every day seems filled with eights and higher.)

Tonight’s “Who Wants to be a Godparent?” for example, dealt with death, specifically Lily and Marshall’s. They began to wonder what would happen to Marvin if they ever weren’t around to take care of him. Who would teach him life’s important lessons? (The birds and the bees, how to take responsibility, how to deal with heartache…) One thing they both agreed on? Their parents weren’t the right ones for the job.

But they had three solid candidates. So they did the sensible thing: THEY HELD A COMPETITION!

What followed felt like old, pre-Marvin times. Ted was the responsible-yet-square guardian, who taught using puppets. Robin was the tough love giver, who advocated sending Marvin to the British Columbia Military School for Boys, where she went to school. (Line of the night, by the way? Robin’s take on bow hunting: “At the British Columbia Military School for Boys we called it ‘making lunch.'”) And Barney was downright ridiculous in the way we totally expect him to be. (‘Fess up, boys: Who owns a reversible belt?)

Then, reality check. This wasn’t the old times. And everyone’s true feelings about their post-Marvin relationship came out. Robin, Barney and Ted were sad that they couldn’t talk to Marshall and Lily anymore like they used to. Marshall and Lily wanted their friends to understand that they had to put Marvin first. READ FULL STORY

'How I Met Your Mother' recap: Happy Bangtoberfest!

C’mon How I Met Your Mother. That’s not fair.

This is the second week in a row that an episode tricks me into thinking we’re in for a half hour of pure silliness, and I end up being run over by a truck of emotions in the final minutes. I HAVE TO PREPARE FOR THIS KIND OF THING! Wait. No, no. I blame myself. I should know this by now…

Just like last week, most of the episode was spent in a state of silly. Marshall and Lily launched a search for nannies but failed to find a reasonably priced Poppins. Ted and Robin competed over whose relationship was stronger, faster and more superhuman — maybe just the first two. And Barney was on a mission to bang. But there was, in the end, more to it. READ FULL STORY

'Gossip Girl' season 6 premiere recap: A fresh start

With age comes wisdom? Whoever said that should have passed the memo to the Gossip Girl gang, because after six seasons, they’re still as clueless as ever. Of course, with only ten episodes of joy this season, I would ask for nothing else. If this season began with anything other than their normal ridiculousness, I would have cried foul.

Instead, this final season of kicked off in fine form, with a hot Chuck and Blair hotel room romp, one very confusing pairing, Serena overdosing on a train (stay classy), and enough one-liners to fill every last crystal bowl in Lily’s Upper East Side mausoleum.

Most of the episode centered on the gang reconvening from their summer adventures to find their loose cannon friend Serena. Minus the cannon. Her mom came home from traveling with Bart only to realize that Serena had not been seen in months. (“How could I have thought it was okay to go all summer without actually talking to my own daughter?” Lily later asked. To which we say, because you’re a horrible mother.)

So of course the gang dropped what they were doing to look for the group flake. Nate had been very busy flirting with a fetus and a carrying around sheets of paper, Blair was flirting with Frenchmen who know her flight preferences, Dan was getting bossed around by a giant GeorGINA, and Chuck was channeling his daddy issues into business. READ FULL STORY

'Hart of Dixie' premiere: Did Zoe make the right choice? -- POLL

Hart of Dixie‘s sophomore season kicked off with Zoe Hart in a conundrum many girls would love to find themselves in — being pined after by two hot guys — but it was a conundrum nonetheless, and Zoe spent the entire episode fretting over whether to be with newly-single George Tucker or latest bedmate Wade Kinsella.


'How I Met Your Mother' react: It should be simple

After more than seven seasons, I’m surprised that How I Met Your Mother can still pull a fast one on me.

Tonight’s episode was packed with the general silliness that has become the show’s hallmark. Barney constructed the most ridiculous prenup known to man, there was talk of “honka-honka” (you don’t want to know), and there was a naked German.

Then, in the last two minutes of the episode, the silliness was put in perspective, a point was made, my heart strings were tugged, and the world seemed just a little sweeter.


'Castle' season premiere react: Are you glad fans got what they wanted?

There’s a lot of risk involved in giving fans exactly what they want, especially when you’re talking about a romantic relationship. When shows built up the tensions between two characters, We’ve seen these things play out in both good and very, very bad ways. (Hello, Moonlighting.)

After watching tonight’s season premiere of Castle — our very first taste at how the show will deal with finally getting Castle and Beckett together in a romantic relationship — I’m confident in saying that this, so far, is a very, very good thing. READ FULL STORY

'How I Met Your Mother' season premiere recap: It's [spoiler]!

With this season of How I Met Your Mother possibly acting as the show’s last, it’s clear the show has its sights set on the end. Because tonight we got closer to the mother than we ever have before…

[Spoilers ahead, HIMYM fans!] READ FULL STORY

'Doctor Who' react: Cubes and the power of three

As many of you have mentioned in the comments over the weeks, the impending departure of Amy and Rory has been made even more tragic by these last few excellent episodes of Doctor Who — because it’s never easy to say goodbye to something as special as what these three share on screen. In some ways, it almost feels like a mean tease, does it not? How great are they together?! Yes, they truly are. Oh, by the way, enjoy it while it lasts, suckers!

I’m sure that’s not how it was intended to be. But if we weren’t already aware of Rory and Amy’s exit after next week, this week’s episode would have completely thrown me off the scent, because they seem more dedicated than ever to their adventures with the Doctor. Of course, that’s not how it began.

In the beginning of the episode, Rory and Amy were questioning how much longer they could neglect “real life” in the name of time-travel adventure. For a moment, it seemed the arrival of some mysterious cubes would quickly throw them back into action, but there was nothing “quick” about these cubes. The period of time following their mysterious arrival one morning was referred to as “the year of the slow invasion” for a reason.

The Doctor and Co., of course, had no idea this was the case. But after four days of “eating endless cereal” and waiting for the cubes to do something interesting — or something at all — the Doctor was stir crazy. (“I hate patience. Patience is for wimps!” he said.) So he took off, leaving Amy, Rory and Rory’s dad, Brian, to watch the cubes. In the absence of the Doctor in their lives, Amy and Rory found they were rather fond of monotony. Rory accepted a full-time nursing position and Amy committed herself as a bridesmaid, two things they could never have done while in and out of life with the Doctor. Brian, meanwhile, kept a dedicated log of cube activity.

On a slightly related note: I adore Rory’s dad! The Doctor has really taken to him in such a way that’s been great to watch — like the great scene that transpired after Brian asked the Doctor what had become of some of his former companions. “Some left me, some got left behind…and some died,” the Doctor answered honestly. “But never them, Brian. Never them.” READ FULL STORY

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