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'Howard Stern': Nick Cannon talks health, 'America's Got Talent,' plus Mariah, Kim, and Lindsay

Nick Cannon called in to The Howard Stern Show this morning as he simulcasted his own radio show. The two entertainers, who are teaming up on the next season of America’s Got Talent, talked about everything from Cannon’s recent health scare to the upcoming season of AGT. Cannon had some harsh words for former Talent judge Piers Morgan, whom Stern is replacing, and some TMI about his sexual experience with wife Mariah Carey, Lindsay Lohan, and Kim Kardashian. READ FULL STORY

All I want for Christmas is more videos like these two. Internet, will you accept that challenge?

I already know this is going to be a very, very good Christmas. How can I be so certain? Because any holiday season that includes a viral video in which dancers Alex Karigan and Zac Hammer expertly shimmy and prance to Mariah Carey’s best-Christmas-pop-song-ever “All I Want For Christmas” — all off it shot Bob Fosse style in one continuous take — is already a thoroughly happy holiday season indeed. From their Santa red unitards to their knee-high Christmas stockings, this is just absolutely perfect. Watch, and enjoy:  READ FULL STORY

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon let Barbara Walters ogle their babies on '20/20'

Though they’ve been married for over three years now, it’s still a little bit difficult to believe that Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are an actual couple. Perhaps it was the lack of public courtship or the sudden nature of their wedding, but there’s still a moment of, “Oh right, they’re married” every time they’re brought up.

On top of that, they’ve procreated! In fact, twins Morocco and Monroe (who are nicknamed, no joke, “Rock” and “Roe”) made their television debut last night on ABC’s 20/20. Barbara Walters sat the couple down and tilted her head just so for a gauzy chat that touched on Carey’s extremely difficult pregnancy (a high-risk one that featured a number of false labors and the development of gestational diabetes), what the babies heard while they were in utero (Carey described a special device that she wrapped around her abdomen so her twin fetuses could hear Stevie Wonder songs and “Hero”). READ FULL STORY

Tony Bennett still has it. Who else?

The casual music fan who watched this season’s American Idol finale and saw Tony Bennett, who turns 85 next month, dueting with Haley Reinhart knows Bennett is still going strong, but you can’t really appreciate how amazing he sounds until you see him live. I caught a show recently, and he’s the first singer to ever make me tear up twice in the same song (“Maybe This Time”). After 60 years in the business, his voice is still powerful and he’s made holding a mic into an art form — he knows precisely how the distance from his mouth will affect not only the volume but the mood. I love it when he drops the mic by his side and the sound is faint, intimate, and pure.  READ FULL STORY

Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez, or Kara DioGuardi: Who should win 'American Idol' musical chairs?

mariah-jennifer-karaImage Credit: Todd Williamson/FilmMagic, George Napolitano/FilmMagic, Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty ImagesAnother week, another round of American Idol judges’ table rumors. People.com reported yesterday that (le gasp!) Jennifer Lopez’s much-buzzed-about deal with the show might’ve fallen through. Kara DioGuardi’s dad told Capitol Tonight (file this news using the oh-no-they-did-NOT tab!) that his daughter heard her neck was on the chopping block via media reports only. And Nick Cannon got a little loose-lipped with the Hollywood Reporter and declared that his wife Mariah Carey “would love to” be the next Simon Cowell. (Reps for Fox and FremantleMedia declined to comment on these stories; reps for Lopez, DioGuardi, and Carey did not respond to EW’s interview requests.) But an Idol insider tells me the only thing certain is that Fox is loving the 24/7 cycle of media speculation about a show that’ll enter its tenth season in January 2011. “It’s the perfect position to be in,” says my source, who wouldn’t be surprised if Fox waits till the end of the month to make an announcement about which celebs will play the roles of Randy-Paula-Simon for a new generation of Idoloonies. READ FULL STORY

20 Years Ago: Mariah Carey releases her first album

Mariah-CareyImage Credit: Deborah Feingold/CorbisBy the time Mariah Carey put out her debut album, she already had a reputation among music-biz insiders as a megastar in the making. “They were saying, ‘This girl has really got it. She’s the next Aretha Franklin,’” recalls producer Rhett Lawrence (Kelly Clarkson, Black Eyed Peas). When Lawrence eventually heard Carey’s demo, he jumped at the chance to work on her first album. “Man, I was knocked out,” he says. “She was even better than the hype.”

Sony Music’s then CEO Tommy Mottola had personally signed the 20-year-old Long Island native (they would later wed and divorce), and it’s easy to see why he was so excited. Carey’s debut introduced the world to a new kind of pop diva. A gifted vocalist, she decorated slow jams like “Vision of Love” (co-produced by Lawrence) with dizzying high notes and operatic trills. Even so, her novel mix of styles didn’t immediately connect. “She went against the norm,” says producer Walter Afanasieff, who would go on to work closely with Carey throughout the ’90s. “That’s not what was on the radio in 1990.” The album debuted at a lowly No. 80.

But the world soon caught on: Mariah Carey eventually hit No. 1 and stayed there for 11 weeks. It has since been certified nine times platinum. The album also netted Carey two Grammys, including Best New Artist. And while the singer, now 41, has seen her ups and downs, her debut remains a high point. “I will always thank Mariah for my experience on that album,” says Afanasieff. “It was like a school that we all graduated from, and everybody went on to achieve massive success — Mariah especially.”

Dick Tracy
Director-star Warren Beatty explained the creative process behind his comic-strip movie in our cover story: “I thought if I could make Dick Tracy the centerpiece of a swirl of color and plot, then maybe I could keep him from being terminally dull.”

TV’S 10 best series
Twin Peaks, thirtysomething, Murphy Brown, In Living Color, The Simpsons, Cheers, and Designing Women were among our picks for the 1989-90 season’s finest.

Bon Jovi
We wondered in News & Notes if the band was on the verge of a split. (It wasn’t.)

Read more: EW Turns 20! What do you miss (or regret) most about 1990?

EW Turns 20! What do you miss (or regret) most about 1990?

To help celebrate EW’s 20th birthday, I threw a party in my office. But nobody came; Ausiello was having a special sale on decorative stickers next door. (Ugh, if you’re bored enough, go vote for that freak to become PETA’s Sexiest Vegetarian of 2010.) So instead I sat at my desk in a New Kids on the Block knotted tee and Kelly Kapowski-esque print leggings and wrote this crazy photo gallery about the year 1990. Electric Slide your way down the rabbit hole and click through it Step By Step. Then page your friends to talk about it! Of course, there’s a bunch of nostalgia we missed (like Mariah Carey’s debut), so tell us what lingers with you the most. What was your VISION OF LOVE from 1990?

In conclusion, the following serves as my answer to the headline and an inside tip for anyone with “a case of identity”: You can still buy Caboodles.

EW Turns 20! hub: Looking back at two decades of covering the best (and worst) in pop culture

EW Exclusive: Nick Cannon on his busy career, his goals for the future, and his life with wife Mariah Carey

Nick Cannon firmly believes in the power of positive thinking. Ask the 29-year-old how his various achievements came about—successful stand-up comic at 15 years old, staff writer for Nickelodeon’s All That and Kenan & Kel at 17, CEO of his own production company Ncredible, chairman of the TeenNick cable network, host of NBC’s hit America’s Got Talent and a daily radio show, and loving husband to Mariah Carey—and he’ll tell you that he willed them to happen by telling the universe what he wanted. “I truly believe in speaking things into existence,” says Cannon. “Not to get all Tony Robbins, but you speak it, and it can definitely happen to you.” Cannon sat down with EW for an exclusive interview on his growing career and his high-profile marriage to superstar Mariah Carey.

On his film career: “They started throwing every movie [at me] and I chose bad. I didn’t understand that you had to be strategic. I was like, ‘A couple million dollars?! I get to shoot a gun?! Let’s go!’”

On his marriage to Mariah: “There were people who were for it and there were more people who were against. You have to ask the question: Is your heart more important than your career? Absolutely. I was like, If I don’t do anything else ever again in the entertainment industry, I’m in love with this woman.” READ FULL STORY

Mariah Carey feeling celebratory in this precious video

Mariah Carey won an award last night at the Palm Springs Film Festival for best breakthrough performance. Her acceptance speech is, indeed, precious. Easy on the…whatever you’re celebrating with there, friend.

Nothing can top her episode of Cribs, but this is certainly my favorite Mariah Carey video ever.

'Vh1 Divas' adds Paula. Now where are Madonna, Mariah, and Whitney?

Paula-Abdul_lA nation can let out its collective breath: After weeks of hand-wringing, pearl-clutching, and taking out our frustration on loved ones by asking them, “Am. I. A. Page. In. Your. Hiss. Tor. Ee. Book?we now know for certain when and in which capacity Paula Abdul will once again appear on TV. She’ll be hosting the ‘Vh1 2009 Divas’ concert, featuring Adele, Kelly Clarkson, Miley Cyrus, Leona Lewis, and Jordin Sparks, plus “additional performers” to be announced by Vh1 in the near future. You’ve already voiced your displeasure with the 2009 lineup (AHEM Miley) when PopWatch asked who’d be better to headline Vh1′s much-touted franchise revival. So does the addition of Paula to the scene help make Divas Live a can’t-miss event? Sure, Paula’s more of a Diva than any of the guests, but it still seems that even more than American Idol‘s former “nice judge,”  Vh1′s showcase event could use some A-list vocal firepower, no? Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, and Madonna all have albums dropping this fall and could add some heft to the performances. This was supposed to be a big deal, right? Where are all the divas?

Photo Credit: Black/startraksphoto.com

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