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Snooki, Michele Bachmann top 'Bad Science List'

The Sense About Science (SAS) campaign has named Jersey Shore doctor of grain liquor Snooki and Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann as two of 2011’s worst offenders of Bad Science. Bachmann went on TV to tell a story of a Tampa woman who claimed her daughter had become “mentally retarded” from an HPV vaccine, and Snooki — well, Snooki’s sort of a science experiment gone wrong in so many (and some delightful) ways that I’d like to give her scientific claim its own paragraph. Let it breathe a little, like seamen amidst a gust of sea air.

“I don’t really like the beach. I hate sharks, and the water’s all whale sperm. That’s why the ocean’s salty.”

The untethered inclusion of “I hate sharks” in there is almost poetic. Think about it for a few seconds. NO, I’m just kidding, don’t hurt yourselves. READ FULL STORY

'X Factor' finale: What tips can it take from 'Idol' and 'The Voice' to improve for season 2?

As the first season of The X Factor enters the homestretch, it’s time to take stock of the reality newbie. What did the show do right, and where could it improve next season? What lessons can it learn from returning titan American Idol — still strong after 10 seasons and countless judge switch-ups? And where does sophomore series The Voice (returning Feb. 5) figure into the equation? We offer a few thoughts and suggestions below. READ FULL STORY

Christopher Hitchens, in his own words -- VIDEO

Since it’s nearly impossible to find the right words in order to give the proper credit to the fascinating, daring life and legacy of Christopher Hitchens (yep, this just about expresses exactly what it feels like today) it’s best to let him do the talking. In the wake of the passing of Hitchens, who died at the age of 62 after a battle with esophageal cancer, fans are remembering the writer and polemicist through his literary works, as well as his many televised appearances and public talks. Below are clips of some of his most memorable moments. Watch and — as Hitchens would have wanted — learn: READ FULL STORY

Lindsay Lohan's 'Ellen' drop out: What does it mean in the bigger picture?

Yesterday was a great day for Paris Jackson, who dropped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show to discuss her late father, quirks and all. The interview provided insight into the life of a young girl who’s suffered great tragedy and somehow managed to maintain a sense of normalcy. Also scheduled for the program that day was Lindsay Lohan, who dropped out of the taping at the last minute. The missed interview was yet another down in a long string of ups and downs for Lohan, who found fame (in 1998’s The Parent Trap) around the same age Jackson is now. In that light, it’s a sad thing to consider what has become of the once promising actress in the last 13 years. How did she go from poised preteen to a Playboy bunny grasping for (and once again bobbling) her last chance at relevance? And what was the point of it all? READ FULL STORY

'American Horror Story' Murder House for sale: Would you pay to live here?

Considering it’s been an ongoing plotline on American Horror Story that the unhappy Harmon family couldn’t sell their home (a.k.a. “Murder House”) if their lives depended on it — and, yes, those are actually the stakes — will the real-life abode featured on Ryan Murphy’s latest show fare any better? The 15,000-square-foot house, located in L.A.’s Country Club Park, recently hit the market.

Some of the highlights: READ FULL STORY

Still pregnant Jessica Simpson signs deal with Weight Watchers: Too little, too soon?

What’s The Price of Beauty? About $3 million if you’re Jessica Simpson. That’s how much the expectant mother is reportedly earning to in a deal with Weight Watchers. It seems Simpson will head directly from the delivery room to the treadmill this spring. All credit to Simpson for taking back control of her body, but couldn’t she have at least let the afterbirth dry? What message does this sprint back to her pre-baby body send to other new moms? READ FULL STORY

Lindsay Lohan's 'Playboy' cover: Is this the beginning of a fruitful train-wreck career?

Back when I first heard that Lindsay Lohan would be posing nude for Playboy, I was sad. It seemed a desperate act for a once-promising young star, a final appeal for fame from someone with no other options. It seemed this could be Lohan’s last hurrah, the last time her name would grace a magazine cover (at least, until some sort of tragedy struck). But now, just one day after her Playboy cover leaked on the Web, rocketing Lohan to the top of Internet searches, I’m realizing this could hardly be the end for Lindsay Lohan. This, in fact, could launch the beginning of an entirely new career for the Mean Girls actress.

Get your mind out of the gutter. I’m not referring to that kind of career. No, instead, Lohan could use this opportunity to transform from good-girl-gone-bad to bad-girl-gone-entertaining. In this day and age — when audiences can’t get enough of booze-fueled disastrous antics of the Jersey Shore cast — it’s not unthinkable that Lohan could carve out a fruitful career for herself as a professional train wreck. READ FULL STORY

'Glee': Sam and Mercedes: Yes, please?

Fans’ mixed reaction to last night’s Glee is loud and clear. And I’m right there with you on much of it. Here’s a bit of what you had to say:

–“‘We Are Young’ reminded me of the ‘old’ Glee

– “The only problem I had with the show was how quickly and easily Glee wrapped up several story-lines in what I considered to be a totally unrealistic manner.”

– “Jenna Ushkowitz is such an unsung hero on this show.”

But one thing I think stirred little debate (at least from what I saw on Abby West’s recap) was how great it was seeing Sam pine after Mercedes — and her clearly enjoying it. READ FULL STORY

What 'What If?' TV episodes would you like to see?

As we await the February-sweeps Grey’s Anatomy “What If?” episode, in which we learn what would’ve happened if Derek had stayed with Addison and Meredith’s mother was alive and well, we can’t help but think of other “What If?” scenarios we’d love to see imagined on other shows — past and present (showrunners, take note!). Here are some of our picks, now tell us yours. Seconding is not only allowed, it’s encouraged. Bonus points if you give a line suggesting how it would play out. For spoiler-phobes, please put the name of the series first, so they can choose whether or not to risk reading further.  READ FULL STORY

Madonna Super Bowl playlist: What should she sing during the half-time show?

Get into the (football) groove: Madonna has officially been announced as the featured performer for the Super Bowl XLVI half-time show on Feb. 5 in Indianapolis. While it’s still a little too soon to place our bets on which teams will play in the big game (where’s Lisa Simpson when you need her?), that doesn’t mean we can’t start to guess, or at the very least make our wish list, for what the Material Girl will sing during the half-time show. (Early prediction: She probably won’t play “Material Girl.”)

While last year’s half-time act/pod people of the future the Black Eyed Peas, along with Usher and Slash, played eight tunes, the standard playlist by previous performers like Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, Paul McCartney, and U2 has featured three to five of their greatest hits. (Then again, Prince rocked no less than seven during his Super Bowl XLI appearance.)

So what’s the ideal Madonna playlist? READ FULL STORY

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