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Louis C.K. hosts 'Saturday Night Live' this weekend: Talk about it here!

Eighteen months (and two days) ago, FX aired the final episode of Louie‘s third season. In the long, long period since that day, comedy auteur Louis C.K. has kept himself fairly busy, what with all the touring and stand-up specials and late-night guest appearances and roles in critically acclaimed movies like Blue Jasmine and American Hustle — and, of course, filming/writing/directing/key gripping the fourth season of Louie, which will finally premiere on FX May 5. (And what a return it’ll be: FX will air two episodes weekly for seven weeks, meaning the majority of the season will have aired before the eligibility deadline for the 2014 Emmys.)

That said, it’s been a while since Louis has had a sustained comedy showcase on TV in general, much less a major network; his last turn as Saturday Night Live host came back in 2012 (and was nearly derailed by Hurricane Sandy). What can we expect from his glorious return this weekend?


Louis C.K's 'SNL' promos: What does the 'C.K.' stand for, anyway? -- VIDEO

In actuality, the grumpy genius’s stage name is a phonetic approximation of his given last name, Szekely. (The more you know!) In the world of these new Saturday Night Live promos, though, Kenan Thompson assumes that C and K stand for something incredibly gross — so gross, in fact, that we’re not actually privy to hearing his guess.

That’s kind of how the promos go: Kenan says something off-the-wall, Louis reacts with polished straight-man verve. The gags are loose and improvised, if not exactly laugh-out-loud funny — which bodes well for C.K.’s second time on the SNL stage. (Well, as long as he doesn’t waste too much of the week enjoying herbal refreshments with Kenan.)

Check out the clip for yourself below:


Bradley Cooper proves Louis C.K.'s 'Inside the Actors Studio' theory wrong -- VIDEO

Louis C.K.’s got some pretty strong feelings about Bravo’s Inside the Actors Studio and the probability of students who ask questions actually making it in the industry, as the comic actor made very clear in a 2009 radio interview.

Well, the joke’s on C.K. this time around. As it turns out, his fellow American Hustle star, Bradley Cooper, once appeared on Inside the Actors Studio as a second-year acting student — and asked a question of the very actor Louis C.K. brings up in the interview.

Watch the beautifully edited irony for yourself below: READ FULL STORY

Louis C.K.'s 'Tomorrow Night': What he said about it in 1997


When Louis C.K. announced that his first feature film, Tomorrow Night (from 1998), would be available from his website for $5, it didn’t take long for an email to land in my inbox: “this must be the film he was talking about on oddville!” Back in 1997, I was part of the group that produced a summer show on MTV that one night welcomed the comedian to talk about the movie he was then making, long before his FX fame — the same one fans finally get to see 15 1/2 years later. Here’s a time capsule glimpse of the then-rising comic talking about his labor of love (he arrives about a minute into the clip); a pretty effective pitch, no? Nice to think it finally can be put to good use. READ FULL STORY

Louis C.K. releases 1998 film 'Tomorrow Night' on website

Back in 1998, Louis C.K. wrote and directed his first feature-length film. He casually got together some friends like Steve Carell, Wanda Sykes, and Conan O’Brien to act in it and called it Tomorrow Night. Then he hid it from us (how rude) until… just now. As of today, you can buy the black-and-white comedy from his website for $5. READ FULL STORY

Jerry Seinfeld and Louis C.K. talk facial hair, weird dreams, and more while boating -- over coffee, of course


Jerry Seinfeld’s web series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee is pretty self explanatory. For the first two seasons, Seinfeld drove around and drank coffee with his comedian friends like Larry David and Chris Rock. Seinfeld changed things up a bit for the season 3 premiere, released Thursday, with Louis C.K. as they took a ride in C.K.’s yacht, promptly introducing us to a new show: Buffoons in Boats Brewing Beverages.

Ok – I made that last part up. But in the episode, Seinfeld and C.K. discuss the significance of facial hair in comedy, a fictional weird dreams hotline, and somehow, Seinfeld is able to compare C.K.’s stoned movie watching habits to suicide bombers. Louis also goes into detail about the time he got his boat stuck in the mud while out with his daughters — how they were rescued.

Check out 10 now-famous comedians in their early days of stand-up

Patton Oswalt posted a clip on Twitter of his first acting gig at the tender age of 19. The seasoned actor-comedian may not totally appreciate the look back at his performing roots — a faux stand-up routine that doubles as an educational video on college loans — but fans and viewers are sure to be amused by not just the look back at the then-baby-faced Oswalt but also the totally outrageous early 90s fashion. Every comedian started somewhere — often on a dark stage in awesomely dated clothes.

Watch his set below and check out the stand-up routines (and the fashions!) from some of your favorite comedians. (Some  videos may be NSFW due to explicit language.) READ FULL STORY

Louis C.K.'s best responses to Vanity Fair's 'Proust Questionnaire'

Image Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

What did Vanity Fair think was going to happen?

In its January issue, the magazine invited comedian Louis C.K. to fill out one of its regular “Proust Questionnaires,” a series of questions designed to elicit self-analysis. The questionnaire is a recurring piece in the publication, answered by celebrities and generating responses that run from poetically spare (Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Herman Wouk said the place that made him happiest was “Anywhere with her, while she lived.”) to comically honest (What would Dolly Parton change about herself? “I want really long legs.”). For the most part, the celebrities are pretty game and use it as an opportunity for both serious reflection and self-deprecating jabs. Louis C.K. took a slightly different approach. Click below for our favorites.


'Saturday Night Live' host poll: Ding-dong, Jamie Foxx is back -- VOTE

Jamie Foxx came out with both barrels blazing on this weekend’s Saturday Night Live. The Django Unchained star, who starred on In Living Color in the 1990s, was either a breath of fresh air or a throwback to an expired comic edginess, depending on your own sensibilities. His riff on Tyler Perry’s next Alex Cross installment was one of the most memorable sketches of the season, while his short-fused “Bitch, What’s the Answer?” gameshow host felt a little out of place so early in the show.

The online peanut gallery seemed polarized, which is normally the sign of a solid show. Jeremy Renner’s show three weeks ago was also heavily scrutinized, but he rocked our Saturday Night Live best-host poll, winning a solid 46 percent of the vote. Certainly, the most recent host always starts strong, so it will be interesting to see if Renner’s support holds up. READ FULL STORY

'Saturday Night Live' best host poll: Did Jeremy Renner hit the bull's eye?

“Just go have fun and be a jackass.” That’s what Jeremy Renner’s The Town co-star — and SNL all-star — Jon Hamm advised the Oscar-nominated actor about the opportunity to host for the first time. And even though Renner isn’t known for his comedy — “If I laugh in one of my movies,” he said during his opening monologue, “somebody dies” — he seemed willing to pile up a high body count. Perhaps that’s why I laughed hardest when he and Taran Killam filled Bobby Moynihan with lead during “The Stand Off” digital short.

But Renner has some imposing competition in our latest Saturday Night Live host poll. First off, there’s Anne Hathaway. If audience reaction seemed mixed after her show last week, there turned out to be an enormous enthusiasm gap between those who loved her and those who wrinkled their noses. She rocked 57 percent of the vote, topping Louis C.K.‘s performance and marking the best voting debut for a host since Jimmy Fallon last season. Seth MacFarlane continued to prove that his season premiere had lasting power, and Bruno Mars held on to eliminate Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Click below for last week’s official results, and then vote on whether Renner earned a spot in the final four. READ FULL STORY

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