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'Lost' countdown: Preparing for tonight's episode... and prepping for 'The End'

what-they-died-forImage Credit: Mario Perez/ABCThe end of Lost is nigh, and with it will no doubt come… THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT. Will there be life after Lost comes to a close with “The End” in May 23? Will reality be able to soldier forth without Jack, Kate, Sawyer and friends flickering across our televisions? The answer — and this is a conservative estimation of the matter — is really, really uncertain. How are you spending the downtime until doomsday? If you’re looking for suggestions, I have a few.

First, visit the 815 Sentences About Lost project. Do this now, then come back. Best stuff you’ll read today about Lost. (A shout out to Todd VandDerWerff at The Los Angeles Times; I first read about the project in his column.) READ FULL STORY

Matthew Fox talks 'Lost' ending with David Letterman

On last night’s Late Show, Matthew Fox — shiny suit and boots! — swung by to talk about the fever pitch of anticipation around the show’s finale. As David Letterman insisted last week to Evangeline Lilly — “a lovely young woman,” the host said obliviously, “who’s always on the show all the time” — the only ending he’ll accept is a dream sequence. “The only way this show will make any sense is if someone goes ‘Wake up, wake up,'” he told Fox. “And you go ‘oh, oh, we’re landing in Cincinnati.’ I will accept nothing other than that.” Fox did give us one spoiler: Cincinnati will play no part in the series finale. Check out the video: READ FULL STORY

'Lost': What were the show's best and worst moments?

the-economistWith only two more Losts left, I’ll admit to feeling, well, a little lost — watching and dissecting the show have become staples over the last few years, and now that PWHQ is in full-throttle Island mode, it’s going to be tough to say goodbye.

Which is why, as a comfort to us all, it’s time to think about the show’s best and worst moments. READ FULL STORY

Weekend Doc Jensen: The Redemption Gospel According To Jacob

across-the-seaImage Credit: Mario Perez/ABC For an episode that many fans allegedly disliked, “Across The Sea” has inspired some of the most spirited and thought-provoking commentary I’ve ever seen from Lost fandom. I’m not the first to make this observation. Myles McNutt has posted a directory of “Across The Sea” blogging on his (highly recommended) Cultural Learnings website, and I encourage you to click over there and check it out after I’m done talking your ear off about all things Jacob. (To the mix of voices, I would also add our own Ken Tucker, who deemed “Across The Sea” a “stinker.”) One of the more contentious reviews I read came from Maureen Ryan of the Chicago Tribune. She was troubled by the depiction of Mother and how Lost in her view has become “the epic, heroic or anti-heroic journeys of a bunch of white men.” As a white, anti-heroic man myself, I can’t quite relate to her critique — which I confess might be something of a problem on my part. Regardless, Maureen is a smart critic and has been a fan of Lost and her review is a credible, challenging (in a good way) read.


'Lost': Dead characters speak from the grave!

Harold-Perrineau-lostDeath by shooting. Death by stabbing. Death by explosion. Death by chocolate. There are thousands of ways to die, and we’ve seen a bunch of them on Lost. (Except for the chocolate one. That’d be sweet.) With so many characters biting the big one over the years, we decided to gather our dearly departed for a cool photograph that would be featured in EW’s Lost special issue, which is currently on newsstands. Those able to resurrect themselves for the occasion were: Ian Somerhalder (Boone), Harold Perrineau (Michael), Elizabeth Mitchell (Juliet), Rebecca Mader (Charlotte), William Mathoper (Ethan), Cynthis Watros (Libby) Mira Furlan (Rousseau), Marsha Thomason (Naomi), and Daniel Roebuck (Arzt). In addition, John Young and I interviewed the actors about their demise. Highlights from those interviews appear in the magazine, as well as in the video after the jump. And check out this gallery of photo outtakes from the shoot. READ FULL STORY

'Lost' auction preview: What would you bid on?

Profiles in History has already listed 100 items in its ‘Lost’ Auction Preview! (Bidding starts this summer.) If Dharma-branded snacks and Virgin Mary statues presumably not stuffed with real heroin aren’t your speed, perhaps you’d prefer the Swan/Pearl computer or film projector, Locke’s wheelchair, Kate’s little airplane, Faraday’s journal, Sawyer’s reading glasses, Sun’s Pearl Necklace #1, or Crate of Approximately Two Dozen Crystallized Dynamite Sticks from the Black Rock?

I’m a little sad that Charlotte’s Messenger Bag didn’t get the “hero” status applied to Desmond’s Hero Backpack and Hurley’s Hero Striped Canteen — it seems Charlotte was not a hero; nor was Hurley’s portable CD player. (Kidding; I know what “hero” means and that all portable CD players are heroes.) Meanwhile, I’m guessing they’ll have to pay someone to take Nikki and Paolo’s Matryoshka Dolls Used to Hold the Stolen Diamonds.

Things I’m surprised to not see on the list: Hurley-size chicken bucket, life-size donkey wheel, that amazing blue VW van, and the oatmeal and chocolate brown blankets used to wrap up the Jacob and Man in Black babies in last night’s episode. (Touched by an Allison Janney!) Which Lost props would you want in your home…or garage?

Annie on Twitter: @EWAnnieBarrett

'Lost' instant reaction: What did you think of 'Across The Sea'?

Lost-Across-SeaImage Credit: Mario Perez/ABCThey are not Cain and Abel. They are not Jacob and Esau. At least not the Jacob and Esau that we know from the Bible. They are not angels or demons, they are not gods or monsters, and they are certainly not incarnations of dead castaways like Juliet and Daniel Faraday. (Seriously! Whoever came up with that last idea was, like, totally stupid or totally high or totally nuts! Somebody shoot that guy before he hurts someone with nutty theories!) No, in the end, Jacob and the Man In Black turned out to have something in common with a lot of characters on Lost. [SPOILERS FOR “ACROSS THE SEA” FROM HERE ON OUT. REALLY.] READ FULL STORY

'Totally Lost': We pay our respects to the dead, offer teasers for tonight's episode

totall-lostImage Credit: ABC Sorry…. Is now a bad time? We didn’t mean to interrupt your sob session—we just wanted to let you know that we’re here for you (albeit late) in the wake of that deathbath last week on Lost. [IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN THE EPISODE YET, FOR THE LOVE OF A HIGHER POWER, STOP READING RIGHT NOW!] READ FULL STORY

'Lost': I am constant-ly impressed with this awesome t-shirt

nathan-pyleImage Credit: nathanwpyle@gmail.comI know all of us Lost fans are currently trying to figure out what we will wear to our respective series finale viewing parties on May 23. I’m still trying to find a T-shirt that reads, “Kate: Please stop following people into the jungle. Kthxbai,” but since my search is coming up empty, I think I’ll have to settle with this shirt by designer Nathan W. Pyle on Threadless. But I’m happy to settle, because it’s pretty freaking awesome.

If I were Doc Jensen, I would say it gave me a “Join or Die” political cartoon vibe. But I’m not, so I’m just going to enjoy it without thinking too hard. [Pop Candy]

'Lost' Countdown: Anticipating the revelations of 'Across The Sea.' Plus! Jin, Sun, and Sideways angst!

jacob-man-in-blackImage Credit: Mario Perez/ABCWhen I interviewed executive producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof for this week’s cover story about the end of Lost, they told me that the season was designed to have two episodes largely devoted to Island mythology. The first was “Ab Aeterno,” which told us how Richard Alpert came to the Island and how he became Jacob’s ageless servant. It also gave us a metaphorical understanding of the Island (think: a cork in a bottle preventing evil from spilling out) and offered a dramatic case study of the contentious feud between Jacob and the Man In Black. “Ab Aeterno” was absolutely awesome and currently stands tied with “Happily Ever After” as my favorite episode of season 6. READ FULL STORY

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