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Lady Gaga makes Bill Clinton blush: on the scene at the Clinton concert

While Lady Gaga didn’t quite go as far as taking the stage in a stained blue dress while smoking a cigar, she did let the sexual energy fly former President Bill Clinton’s way when she performed for him Sunday night at the star-studded “A Decade of Difference: A Concert Celebrating 10 Years of the William J. Clinton Foundation” at the Hollywood Bowl, making the former president blush while wife Hillary Clinton and daughter Chelsea laughed on.

“Bill, I’m having my first real Marilyn moment,” Gaga said to Clinton, referring to when Marilyn Monroe sang “Happy Birthday” to President John F. Kennedy. “I always wanted to have one and I was hoping that it didn’t involve an accident with some pills and a strand of pearls, but here we are.” A visibly embarrassed but obviously amused Clinton looked to his wife on his right then to his beaming daughter on his left (a big Gaga fan, we hear), who were both smiling and laughing as Clinton’s face turned red. “Tonight, I’m on the edge with you,” Gaga said to Clinton before launching into “The Edge of Glory.”

Gaga (whom Ellen Degeneres introduced by saying, “This next performer needs no introduction” and then literally walked off the stage with no further introduction) made the Clintons squirm further in their box seats down front when she turned her hit “Bad Romance” into “Bill Romance.” READ FULL STORY

Oprah Winfrey still top-earning woman in Hollywood, but look who's catching up

Lady Gaga may have passed Oprah Winfrey on Forbes‘ annual list of The 100 Most Powerful Women this year (Gaga fell from No. 7 to No. 11, while Winfrey slid from No. 3 to No. 14), but Winfrey still sits atop the magazine’s list of Hollywood’s Highest-Earning Women. Winfrey made an estimated $290 million between May 2010 and May 2011, which is $200 million more than Gaga banked in second place. As Forbes notes, however, with Winfrey’s show gone and her network yet to deliver on high expectations, that gap may close come next year’s rankings.

Coming in at No. 3 is Bethenny Frankel with $55 million, thanks to her Skinnygirl branding savvy. She beats out Gisele Bundchen, Ellen DeGeneres, Taylor Swift, and Judge Judy Sheindlin, who are in a four-way tie at fourth place with $45 million each. Process that. The rest of the Top 10: Katy Perry ($44 million), Beyoncé Knowles ($35 million), and Danielle Steel ($35 million).

Lady Gaga Lifetime movie: Please, God no!... (Okay, when will it air?)

Lady Gaga has a new album and a new duet partner — why not a new made-for-TV movie?

Sources tell EW that Lifetime plans to develop Fame Monster: The Lady Gaga Story, as originally reported by Deadline. Points for the title, Lifetime, but this unauthorized project sounds like a failure before takeoff. It’s based on the (unauthorized) book Poker Face: The Rise and Rise of Lady Gaga by New York Post scribe Maureen Callahan, and without Lady Gaga’s involvement, it’s likely the overcoming-obstacles montage is going to have nondescript pump-up music as opposed to, you know, one of her hits.

Now, Lifetime movies can go one of two ways: Either so bad it’s good (William and Kate) or so bad it’s horrific (pretty much everything else). Gaga clearly has an obsessively loyal fan base that’ll tune in out of curiosity, which I’m sure is what cable channel Lifetime is hoping. READ FULL STORY

U.S. Postal Service to make stamps with living celebrities on them: Who would you like to lick the most?

On Monday, the U.S. Postal Service announced that, for the first time ever, they will make commemorative stamps that feature living celebrities on them. Typically, the standard rule is that you have to be dead at least five years to get the prestigious honor of being licked and sent to exotic locations like… Milwaukee, but in an attempt to boost sales and interests (stamp collecting is cool, you guys), the U.S. Postal Service is now open to suggestions on Facebook and Twitter for which living stars should be put on a stamp. Their only stipulation? That the star has “made enduring contributions to the United States of America.” Ah, so close Kim Kardashian!

Since we love any opportunity to honor our favorite celebrities and decide which of them we’d like to lick without getting in serious trouble (we’ve been putting some thought into that for quite a long time), we came up with some of our own suggestions (Jon Hamm, Betty White, Robert Pattinson, Tina Fey, Bruce Springsteen, to name a few.) We also wanted to see who you think should be sitting pretty on the right hand corner of your envelopes. Check out our dream stamp gallery and vote in our poll below! READ FULL STORY

Sleepy, makeup-free wood nymph ballerina turns out to be Lady Gaga

Shhhh! Do not rustle this bizarre creature.

Behold! In what could be her boldest image shift to date (no, not really), Lady Gaga appears in Harper’s Bazaar with NO MAKEUP.


What is going on? Who is this person? Is she Swedish? Is she iamamiwhoami? Is this going to presage an acoustic album? Will all her outfits be fashioned out of natural fibers on manual looms?

Perhaps the answers lie below. READ FULL STORY

From covering Lady Gaga to pimping out dormice: Everything you need to know about on tour British comic Bill Bailey


Bill Bailey is one of the most popular comedians in the U.K. thanks to his appearances on shows such as Black Books, Spaced, and Never Mind the Buzzcocks and his surreal, hilarious, stand-up routines. This month, Bailey is visiting these shores with dates in New York, Chicago and Boston. “There’s something for all tastes,” he says of his current show, Dandelion Mind. “There’s intellectual comedy. There’s observational stuff. Music. Lots of visuals. It’s a multi-media romp!” The tour will also be opportunity for audience members to see why Bailey is routinely mistaken for Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich. “Oh yeah, that’s happened many times,” he admits with a chuckle. “You’re Lars!’ ‘No, I’m not.’ ‘Yes, you are!’ ‘No, I’m not.’ And then eventually you go, ‘Yeah, alright, f— it, I am. I’m Lars!’”

Here are five more things you need to know about Mr Bailey: READ FULL STORY

VMAs 2011: The Winners, the Losers, and Lady Gaga

This year’s Video Music Awards veered wildly between emotional highs (the Amy Winehouse tribute, Adele’s performance) to a wide variety of desperately awkward lows (The Fake Beastie Boys? Why?) In some ways, the show felt almost deliriously schizophrenic, an attempt to honor VMAs past — Hi, Dave Grohl! — while also attracting the eyeballs of a generation barely old enough to be called a generation. Still, a few people stuck out from the quagmire of this year’s Video Music Awards… and a few other people undeniably fell victim to the show. Here are five winners and five losers from Sunday’s show:

WINNER: Tyler, the Creator READ FULL STORY

Lada Gaga more powerful than Oprah Winfrey, says Forbes list

Forbes has released its annual list of The 100 Most Powerful Women, and while German Chancellor Angela Merkel tops it (Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is up three spots from last year to No. 2, while 2010’s No. 1, First Lady Michelle Obama, dropped to No. 8, and Congresswoman Michele Bachmann makes her debut at No. 22), the big news is that Lady Gaga, who fell from No. 7 to No. 11, now tops Oprah Winfrey, who slid from No. 3 to No. 14. The good news for Winfrey: She’s still above Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano (No. 15), Google SVP of Advertising Susan Wojcicki (No. 16), and Argentinian President Cristina Fernandez (No. 17).

A sample of others making the cut: READ FULL STORY

Barney's New York invites you to 'Gaga's Workshop' this Christmas

A family trip into the city during the holiday season isn’t complete without a stop to see the tree at Rockefeller Center, the Christmas spectacular at Radio City, and a face-to-face with the man himself at Macy’s. Now Barney’s New York is adding something special for your little monster, be he/she naughty or nice. Beginning in mid-November, the entire fifth floor of the flagship Barney’s New York on Madison Avenue, as well as its window displays, will be converted into Gaga’s Workshop, a special collaboration with the stylish performer. READ FULL STORY

'So You Think You Can Dance': Marko's performance made Lady Gaga cry. Did you weep?

TV makes me cry disproportionately more than real-life, so I was a little confused when the camera panned to tear-stained Lady Gaga after Marko’s performance last night, and I sat there with dry eyes. Don’t get me wrong. His performance was gorgeous and very touching, but tear-worthy? I’m not so sure.

I’m sure the song — Jeff Buckley’s “I Know It’s Over” — played a major part in the weeping effect the piece had on The Gaga. It’s a hauntingly lovely tune that was a perfect fit for the message of the dance. But is my heart going cold? Did the performance move you to tears, too? Or were last night’s tears something for the Overreaction Files? Also, do you think the fly on Lady Gaga’s hat was attracted to her because she perpetually smells like meat or did it just want a hug? Watch the clip. READ FULL STORY

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