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Kristin Bauer van Straten takes EW's Pop Culture Personality Test -- VIDEO


True Blood wraps up its 6 (million?)th season this Sunday and while there will no doubt be some bloodshed, we’re hoping our favorite quip-queen Pam remains among the (sorta) living. Why? Because any character whose portrayer admits to being a loyal quoter of About a Boy is a friend of ours.

That’s right, the latter is among the admissions Kristin Bauer van Straten made when she stopped by EW HQ to take our Pop Culture Personality Test. She did pretty well, if you ask us. Now, if only Pam was as good at keeping Eric by her side as Kristin is at taking random quizzes, all would be well in the world!

'True Blood': Pam's awesomely bad Wal-Mart sweatshirt is up for bids!

True Blood‘s Pam may have been rocking ‘80s duds at Fangtasia all season long, but her most memorable outfit was definitely that yellow Wal-Mart sweatsuit from the first episode — and now you can own (part of) it.

“Dress classy like Pam in her Walmart sweatsuit, now up for auction for #outforafrica, signed 4 u by Kristin Bauer,” the True Blood actress tweeted earlier today.

With eight days remaining, bidding on the eBay auction of Pam’s yellow sweatshirt is already up to $500. That might seem a steep price to pay for the most amazing Halloween costume ever, but at least the proceeds will go to a good cause — funding Bauer and husband Abri van Straten’s documentary project about elephant and rhino poaching in Kenya. “We’re going to Amboseli, and my husband’s family lived and grew up in Amboseli working on elephant conservation, so this is very important to me,” the actress previously told EW.

Besides, with the upcoming all-out supernatural war, you’ll have the perfect outfit when the time comes to lie in the dirt with a vampire.

(Reporting by Mandi Bierly)

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'True Blood's Kristin Bauer van Straten needs you to help save Africa's elephants and rhinos

Next month, Kristin Bauer van Straten, better known as True Blood‘s Pam, will leave for Kenya, where she’ll spend four weeks filming a documentary about the effort to stop elephant ivory and rhino horn poaching — a cause dear to her South African husband’s family. His grandfather was a professor of physiology who helped treat, relocate, and save wildlife. Just as the experts need help to keep elephants and rhinos from going extinct, Bauer van Straten needs help to fund her film project.

With 19 days left on her Kickstarter campaign, she’s reached roughly two-thirds of her $30,000 goal. She expects the documentary, Out for Africa, to cost triple that. As incentives for pledges, she’s recruited her True Blood castmates to sign items ranging from the common (magazine covers and comic books) to the rare (Joe Manganiello’s modesty sock, which secured a donation of at least $1,000, and Anna Paquin’s signed “super snatch patch,” which has yet to go up for grabs). Forthcoming items include a signed Sookie bra, an Authority necklace, and the Walmart sweatshirt Bauer van Straten wore to EW’s Women Who Kick Ass Comic-Con panel. Members of the cast and crew are also offering their time, whether it be a 30-minute phone call or a dinner. We caught up with Bauer van Straten last week. READ FULL STORY

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