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'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' season premiere: Paternity tests for everyone!


The seventh season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians kicked off with a raucous family gathering at the Jenner palace. Khloe was visiting from Texas. Kourtney was visiting from Mars. Kim was visiting from the land where people still care about her divorce from Basketball Frankenstein. When dinner was over, Kim hugged Khloe goodbye. Then Kris hugged them both. “I don’t want you to leave!” she said. Kris wouldn’t let go. She looked so happy, and her daughters looked so scared. If you could have seen thought bubbles coming out of Kris Jenner’s head at that moment, one bubble would have said “I’m a good mom, good mom, good mom!” and the other bubble would have said “Hug centipede, wheee!

Listen, I don’t like to judge anyone’s parenting methods. I don’t have children, and when I do, I plan to hire a penguin butler to take care of them until they get old enough to work the salt mines. But even if Kris Jenner is not the worst mother in the history of humanity, we can all agree that her puppet-master relationship with her children is becoming more Shakespearean every year. The main plot of the premiere focused on the popular tabloid rumor that Khloe Kardashian is the product of an affair. These rumors had been haunting Kris ever since she wrote a memoir that specifically stoked those rumors. READ FULL STORY

'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' trailer: Kanye Kardashian?

I’m excited that Kanye West is dating Kim Kardashian. I don’t have any clue what “dating” means when one person is a decadent self-loathing egotist and the other person is a beautiful big-butted mirror for our cultural desires. But I’m excited for Kanye to record his inevitable concept album about Kim-Kim, fusing europop and trip-hop and other genres you don’t care about, while tracking the tale of an attractive alien girl-robot who falls into an arranged marriage with a basketball player named Frankenstein. Eventually, the girl-robot leaves her husband for a dashing young shoemaker named Kanye. (Between tracks, Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj will sing key quotes from The Great Gatsby over a hot sample from Bernard Herrmann’s Vertigo soundtrack.) READ FULL STORY

Skechers Shape-ups won't make you look like Kim Kardashian after all


If you really want to keep up with Kim and co., wearing Skechers Shape-ups won’t give you an extra boost. The Los Angeles Times reports that Skechers has agreed to pay $50 million to settle a lawsuit brought against the company by the Federal Trade Commission and the attorneys general of 44 states. The plaintiffs’ complaint: Skechers’ Shape-ups don’t live up to the company’s hype. The shoe giant said their rocker-bottom sneakers deliver greater fitness benefits than other workout shoes. This suit follows a similar case brought against Reebok last year.

Both Kardashian and ex-quarterback Joe Montana appeared in ads for Skechers’ toning trainers. In his commercial, Montana claimed that Shape-ups improved his shape and posture; in hers, Kardashian flirtily cooed that they did more for her than her personal trainer. And this isn’t the first time the reality star has been connected to a shady product — in 2010, the State of Connecticut led an investigation of the Kardashian Kard, a debit system that apparently charged its users with numerous, excessive fees. Maybe this is why that guy on IMDB is so mad at her.


Kardashians on Leno: Kourtney blames her pregnancy weight on 'too much In-N-Out' (she means burgers!) -- VIDEO

This just in: Kourtney Kardashian only recently had her first In-N-Out experience. And she loved it! Or was it Five Guys? Man, what will these kids come up with next?

The reality TV sisters stopped by The Tonight Show last night, and Kourtney discussed pregnancy cravings and her impending labor and delivery. Apparently momager Kris Jenner is still negotiating the 3-D cinematic labor doc’s distribution rights because Kourtney wouldn’t reveal whether she’d share her second child’s birth on Keeping Up With the Kardashians like she did with baby Mason.

Youngest sister Khloe was on hand to provide a wry kommentary as usual, though she also talked about her move back from Dallas with her husband, exiled NBA player Lamar Odom. When Leno asked Kim about Kanye West’s “Too Cold,” well you’ll just have to watch to see her ditzy debate about whether the song is indeed written about her. (Hint to Kim: It is.) Watch the interview below. READ FULL STORY

Most popular baby names: 'Twilight' holds top spot for boys' names, is toppled in the girls category

The Social Security Administration has released its list of 2011’s most popular baby names, and Twilight reigns supreme in the boys’ category as Jacob stays in the top spot for the 13th straight year. Isabella, however, has been ousted in favor of Sophia. A surprise resurgence of nostalgia for The Golden Girls? Probably not. Sophia has been gaining popularity over the last decade as a strong, traditional, ends-in-A name with celebrity cachet (Sophia Loren, Sofia Coppola); as with other things, a little Sofia Vergara likely made all the difference.

Celebrity kids continue to have an impact on naming trends across the board as top spots went once again to Ava (daughter or Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe) and Jayden (a name favored by both Will Smith and Britney Spears). The biggest jump went to Mason, a name that wasn’t even on the leaderboard last year. It appears Kourtney Kardashian’s son has spawned a new generation of little guys since it came out of nowhere to take the number 2 spot. It’s a big win for the Kardashian kwest to konquer the world, though there’s still ground to gain as the more traditional spelling of Chloe once again edged out Khloé with a K. Better luck next year, kids!

Beyond those names, it’s the usual suspects. Aiden and Emma — once boosted by hot sitcoms Sex and the City and Friends — have become established faves. With long-time top-10 inhabitants Emily and Daniel suddenly gaining prominence on Revenge, might Sophia and Jacob have some competition for the 2012 titles? Only time — and the fall TV season — will tell. See the full lists below. READ FULL STORY

'GCB' gets reality knock-off, now let's turn the tables: Which reality show should go scripted?

Word came down the pipe today (via TMZ) that the producers behind the Gremlin-like Real Housewives franchise are seeking out good Christian… uh… ladies for a reality series based on ABC’s GCB. In the era of reality proliferation, it’s become a go-to to rip off the hard work of TV writers and reproduce their ideas cheaply by training the lens on a coterie of overindulged, under-restrained aspiring singers and actresses. Indeed, it’s exactly how Real Housewives was born: the small-screen version of Athena springing from the head of Zeus, only replace the goddess of wisdom with Vicki Gunvalson and Zeus with Teri Hatcher naked in a bush. But what about turning the tables? Wouldn’t it be exciting to see a reality show milked for all its dramatic potential in the scripted world? Below, I offer up a few suggestions, then you can chip in your own in the comments. READ FULL STORY

Kim Kardashian talks Kanye, Katniss, Kris, and Britney on 'Today' -- VIDEO

Kimye: It might be the most annoying A-list power couple moniker since Bennifer. Despite Kanye West’s over-the-counter ode to Kim Kardashian, the reality star kept mostly mum about her relationship with the bombastic rapper during a visit to the Today show this morning, save to say that they’re longtime friends and “You never know what the future holds or where my life will take me.”

Oh yeah, and The Hunger Games (the movie she saw on a reported date with West) was “really interesting.”

Kardashian also discussed her divorce, her newfound appreciation for Britney Spears, and, of course, that infamous flour bomb. See the full interview below. READ FULL STORY

Kardashian-Humphries autographed baseball now going for more than $1,000

Back in 2003, a Chicago sports bar purchased the infamous Bartman ball for $113,824 just so it could exorcise the Cubs demons by blowing it up. I hope that’s what the person who’s the current high-bidder to buy the “one-of-kind” baseball autographed by Kim Kardashian and her soon-to-be ex, Kris Humphries, has in mind. A bidder named Wahoopaz is apparently willing to part with $1,025 for the unusual ball, which was signed when the basketball star and Minnesota native threw out the first pitch before a Twins game last July. READ FULL STORY

Gets Better Every Time: The worst 'Top Model' photo ever

When I clapped eyes on the Kardashians’ topless blue jeans ad today, my mind immediately circled back around to an image that I’ve held near and dear to my heart for going on eight years. Behold, at right, the worst picture in America’s Next Top Model history. Suffice it to say, competition has been strong. This season alone, show creator/host Tyra Banks forced the girls to pose with relish-and-mustard-dripping Pink’s hot dogs and another in a giant bowl of Greek salad. And still, this picture is just horrrrrrrible. It is the posing equivalent of a 10-car pile-up. READ FULL STORY

The real reason basketball fans hate Kris Humphries

In an essay for this week’s Sports Illustrated, writer Jack McCallum discusses the outpouring of vitriol for Kris Humphries — who was recently named the NBA’s most disliked player — in the wake of his 72-day marriage to Kim Kardashian. McCallum asserts that fans, who’ve taken to heckling Humphries with cardboard cutouts of his ex during his games, are choosing Kardashian over the Nets forward and urges his readers, “to plant your flag on the correct side in this culture war, which is not the Kardashian side.” With all due respect to McCallum, I’m not so sure basketball fans are taking sides at all in this sideshow. READ FULL STORY

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