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Katy Perry explains to Jay Leno why her divorce is a big 'Part of Me'

Though Katy Perry has previously discussed her divorce from comedian Russell Brand, the “Firework” singer explained to Jay Leno last night why she’s not shying away from it in her upcoming concert film, Katy Perry: Part of Me.

A purple-haired Perry told Leno that she wanted to give fans an honest look at life on the road in her movie — even if it meant documenting her personal turmoil. Brand announced he was filing for divorce from Perry, who was on a world tour for much of 2011, last December. “It wasn’t always exciting to watch those unflattering scenes where I’m crying and having an intense moment,” Perry said. “But I think that people will relate to the movie even more seeing me at my lowest point and now at my highest point.”

Watch a clip below.


Shirtless guys? Corgis? Watch new 'Call Me Maybe' videos! -- WATCH

“Call Me Maybe” is the gift that keeps on giving. As if it wasn’t enough that the unofficial music video featured Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, and Ashley Tisdale, there are versions from Katy Perry, Harvard’s baseball team, Donald Trump, and even the leader of the free world.

Today brings the total up two more. We have (shirtless!) Abercrombie & Fitch models dancing all over the world, and, well, a sign that the end of this trend is most definitely near: Corgis. Check out their versions — as well as a round-up of some more of our favorites — after the jump. READ FULL STORY

Russell Brand breaks silence; talks Katy Perry split on 'Ellen'

Russell Brand discusses the one that got away.

Since announcing they were divorcing in December, Russell Brand and Katy Perry have been mostly mum about their split. But with a new movie –Rock of Ages– to promote, Brand stopped by Ellen today to open up for the first time about the duo’s 14-month marriage.

It could have been a slightly awkward return engagement, as last time Brand appeared on Ellen, in early December, they were facing rumors that things had gone south and were divorcing. At the time, Brand insisted the rumors weren’t true. This time, obviously, things had changed.

Apparently they plan to have the most drama-free divorce in Hollywood, as Brand had only positive things to say about his time with Perry. “Sometimes when you’re in a relationship I suppose it doesn’t work out, does it? But that doesn’t mean I regret it or anything.” He called her a “beautiful human being” he only had “love and positivity” toward. Hats off to Brand for keeping the talk classy–at least until he pens Booky Wook 3.

Watch Brand discuss Perry, as well as get the comedian’s thoughts on that crazy Time magazine cover, below:


'Raising Hope': Wait, that mustachioed prison guard was Katy Perry?!?

Yep, that mustachioed prison guard on last night’s new episode of Fox’s underrated comedy Raising Hope — pictured in full glory here — was indeed princess of pop Katy Perry. And the horrifying character has a name: Rikki. Yikes!

The news about Perry’s guest-casting on the show has been out for a while — and there was even a photo that the singer sent out on Twitter at the time — but it was still rather startling to see an ugly prison guard pop up on the show and vaguely resemble the most prolific pop star out there right now. And maybe even more shocking that Perry would subject herself to such a horrible wig and the addition of lots and lots of nasty hair on her lip. “I hope I don’t get type-cast,” Perry said when she put the photo out there originally. Neither do we, honestly! The truth is, though: Perry was good in the role.


Grammys 2012: Who rocked the best pompadour?

If there was one red carpet trend to be found at last night’s fashionably chaotic Grammys, it was some attendees putting the actual pomp in pomp and circumstance. (If only two or three more people had brought Popes. Sorry, Nicki/Roman, but one Pope date does not a trend make.) No less than eight stars hairsprayed their best Conan O’Briens when they arrived at the Grammys rocking sky-high pompadours.

People's Choice Awards: Katy Perry's out, but will you be in?

Katy Perry tweeted yesterday that she won’t be attending tomorrow night’s People’s Choice Awards. Despite an ultra-successful 2011 that led to seven People’s Choice nominations, it’s been a rough couple weeks for Perry. She officially split from husband Russell Brand on Dec. 30, during a two-week time period when she was abandoned her Twitter feed completely. Personal dramas aside, Perry’s decision to skip this particular awards show brings to light greater implications about the People’s Choice Awards. See why Perry’s no-show matters and register your RSVP after the jump. READ FULL STORY

Best of 2011: The Year in Memes

After 2011, will the word “occupy” ever mean the same thing to you again? Can you ever deny the omnipotence of Ryan Gosling? (He’s a gentleman and a feminist scholar!) A Californian taxidermist and a Pop Tart-shaped cat with a catchy theme song suddenly had relevance, and everyday folks like you and me suddenly had a chance for a date with the likes of Justin Timberlake.

These are just a sampling of the most memorable memes to overtake the World Wide Web over the last 12 months. We’ve got one for every month. Check them out after the jump! READ FULL STORY

'Saturday Night Live' host poll: Does Jimmy Fallon shoot right to the top?

The Lord of Late Night: The Return of the King! That was the vibe from last night’s year-end Saturday Night Live, in which Jimmy Fallon fulfilled his destiny and hosted a cameo-filled spectacular. It’s already being hailed as an instant classic, from the moment he groped Amy Poehler’s boob to the seasonal ice-rink farewell. He sang, he danced, he didn’t dance; it was a delight. A Fallon episode might just have to become a new SNL Christmas tradition.

But was he wicked-cool enough to dislodge Melissa McCarthy from the top of our Saturday Night Liveliest Host contest. READ FULL STORY

Best of 2011: Viral video edition!

The first 10 years of the new millennium brought us Christian the LionAntoine Dodson, and some formerly floppy-haired Canadian kid you may have heard of named Justin Bieber, so how has the first year of this decade shaped up, virally speaking? Well, let’s see… hydrangeas were pronounced hateful (or, to be more accurate, loathsome), Beauty and the Beast got the West Hollywood treatment, a respected newsman collapsed into giggles over a Frenchman’s urine, a teen shot to stardom by serenading a day of the week, and… well, we could go on and on. Instead, we’ve posted all that’s fit to embed over the next several pages. Get ready to lay your emotions bare like the girl in this 2008 viral fave, then click through!


Best of 2011 (Behind the Scenes): Floria Sigismondi on working with Katy Perry on 'E.T.' and 'The One That Got Away'


As 2011 comes to a close, EW.com wanted to honor some of the hardworking names and faces from behind the scenes for their outstanding achievements. It was a massive year for Katy Perry, and Floria Sigismondi (who has directed iconic videos for Christina Aguilera and Marilyn Manson, as well as 2010’s The Runaways) was no small part of that success. Helming “E.T.” and “The One That Got Away,” two of Perry’s most evocative videos, Sigismondi discussed how she stepped away from Perry’s candy-coated style and see the finished product. For more behind the scenes access to the year’s best TV and movie scenes, click here for EW.com‘s Best of 2011: Behind the Scenes coverage.

As told by: Floria Sigismondi

Normally I get the songs and just live with them for three days to a week and kind of let the concept shape itself. I get inspired by the lyrics and can hopefully bring another layer to the story. I try not to be affected by [an artist's] previous work. I don’t study [other videos of theirs]. I always think that somebody’s coming to me because of something I bring to the table and because I can open up a different view of the artist. Once I have images that I’m ready to put on paper, that’s the biggest challenge as an artist — to get what’s in my mind out into reality. READ FULL STORY

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