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'We Are Men' premiere: We are watching a supercut of every rom-com ever

While watching the pilot of CBS’ new bro-vehicle We Are Men (which premieres Sept. 30, but is now online), I was struck with a sneaking sense of sitcom déjà vu. That’s because I’ve definitely seen this episode before — in the cumulative form of every romantic comedy ever.

We Are Men stars Christopher Nicholas Smith as Carter, a sweet and genuine twentysomething who gets jilted at the altar by his college love Sara (Fiona Gubelmann). His life now in shambles, he moves into a swanky temporary living apartment complex adjacent to Hollywood. There he meets three older dudes who are also now-single (Tony Shalhoub, Jerry O’Connell, and Kal Penn) and enjoying the complex’s amenities and plethora of women. (Where have I seen this before? Oh right, college.) Anyhoo, the crew convinces Carter that losing the love of his life is actually a good thing, with creepy Frank (played by an ill-fitting Shalhoub) saying: “You are a free man now. You can finally live. We are taking you under our wing.” Thus the fierce foursome go out for fast food, play doubles tennis, kvetch about their exes in the hot tub, lay out, and go out for cocktails to meet cute boys girls.

'The Big Brain Theory' host Kal Penn takes the EW Pop Culture Personality Test -- VIDEO


“I think there are explosions in almost every episode. Some of the explosions mean that the contestants won, and some of them mean that they failed miserably,” says Kal Penn, host of Discovery’s competitive reality show for engineers, The Big Brain Theory: Pure Genius (Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET). He admits he cowers on-camera for every blast. “And the reason being that I’m the only person on that set who is an actor — so this face,” he says, laughing. “I was always like, ‘Man, even if I get a little scar, that could really make a difference in whether somebody lets me audition for something.’ Meanwhile, these engineers are like, ‘I’ve got all these scars.’ They get burned, they get hurt. At least two of them had to hospitalized. This one guy, I think he had to be hospitalized because of the flu. He was instructing his team by hiding underneath a table. He was so sick that he couldn’t stand up, but he didn’t want to give up. When do you ever see somebody with that kind of commitment?”

Penn is a smart guy, but he’s learned from the show, which also features guest judges for challenges, including NASCAR driver Carl Edwards in the June 12 episode and Buzz Aldrin in the June 19 season finale. “Two things,” he says. “How much teamwork is required to get stuff done in the lives of engineers, and since the whole point was finding America’s next great innovator, how much the arts and creative thinking actually go into something like innovation. You can be an amazing engineer and really good at math, but you’re not gonna be an innovator unless you possess certain art skills or have a music background or something that makes your brain operate in that other kind of way. The contestants who did the best were the ones who were the most well-rounded.”

We gave Penn a simple challenge: The EW Pop Culture Personality Test. READ FULL STORY

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