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'Modern Family' stars get stuck on an elevator

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This will probably turn out to be the best and worst press release ever for the Kansas City Sheraton. TV boyfriends Eric Stonestreet and Jesse Tyler Ferguson, along with Jesse’s TV sister, Julie Bowen, documented their 45-minute holdup in the hotel’s elevator. The Modern Family actors were on their way to headline a fundraiser for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Kansas City (Stonestreet’s hometown). READ FULL STORY

EW's Morning Bite: And the best sound bite from last night is...

Submitted by Tony:

Cam: “What did we learn from A League Of Their Own?”
Claire: “There’s no crying in baseball.”
Cam: “No, that Madonna is a bad actress and so are you.”

–Cam (Eric Stonestreet) and Claire (Julie Bowen) on Modern Family

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'Modern Family' react: Phil and Mitch flip out

Image Credit: Peter "Hopper" Stone/ABC

Image Credit: Peter “Hopper” Stone/ABC

Relationships were tested in tonight’s episode of Modern Family.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking, “What else is new?” But unlike previous spats triggered by miscommunication, Claire and Cam were upset with Phil and Mitch because they didn’t believe in them. The two men, who rarely see eye to eye, didn’t think their partners were capable of successfully flipping a house they had stumbled upon. They came to their senses once they saw the abandoned lot that Claire and Cam had transformed into a baseball field for Manny and Luke’s Little League playoffs and ultimately bought the house.

Here are tonight’s five best moments: READ FULL STORY

'Modern Family' react: Cam turns feline, Phil bites like a dog


After our favorite round-headed kid saved a sparse Christmas tree from the forest on A Charlie Brown Christmas, our favorite ball of fur, Cam, did a little tree hugging of his own later that night on this week’s Modern Family. READ FULL STORY

'Modern Family' react: Matthew Broderick and Phil share a boys' night

It’s safe to say that the theme of tonight’s episode of Modern Family was miscommunication. Phil threw a boys’ night that turned into a gay tryst with guest star Matthew Broderick, Claire lied to herself about the importance of Alex winning a scholastic bowl, Mitch overestimated the severity of Jay’s dilemma, Cam ignored his loved ones’ complaints that he’s too controlling, and Manny misread a gaze from a passing girl. READ FULL STORY

'Modern Family' react: Haley goes to jail, Luke goes to the hospital

Image Credit: Jordin Althaus/ABC

Last night’s episode of Modern Family reminded me why I originally fell in love with the series. The triumphant returns of Haley and DeeDee, as well as the mixed family dynamic were just what the doctor ordered. The night was filled both with tender moments and blink-and-you’ll-miss-it comedic gold, making the episode my favorite since the season premiere.

The episode opened with a high note — and loud ring — when Claire got the 3 a.m. phone call that every parent dreads. No one died, but Haley did get arrested. Let’s face it, (as Cam later confides to Lily) it was only a matter of time. This led to a string of calls to the Pritchett-Delgados and Pritchett-Tuckers, who all woke up abruptly and made a mad, frenzied dash to the phone, just like Claire and Phil did. Claire asked Mitch to accompany her and Phil to jail to lend his legal “expertise,” then called her dad to ask about his “judge friend.” The entire opener was amusing, but the scene when Jay got the call from Claire was especially hilarious. Jay told Claire that his “judge friend” died, causing an almost teary Gloria to sympathize with him. “He died five years ago,” he responded, further confusing her. Manny then walked in, already convinced that someone’s death led to the call, and Gloria informed him about Jay’s friend. He also apologized for Jay’s loss. Like mother, like son … READ FULL STORY

EW's Morning Bite: And the best sound bite from last night is...

Submitted by Skinnear:

“Oh my god, she married her puppet.”

–Claire (Julie Bowen), referring to the similarities between Jay (Ed O’Neill) and Gloria’s (Sofia Vergara) grumpy puppet on Modern Family

Check out the rest of your quote submissions from Wednesday, Oct. 31 and come back tonight to share your pick for best sound bite!

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‘Modern Family’ react: Halloween episode delivers laughs, but lacks season 2’s originality

'Modern Family' react: Cam wears the pants, Phil channels his inner Fonz at 'Yard Sale'

Image Credit: Peter “Hopper” Stone/ABC

Unlike most of the other Modern Family episodes this season, a single story arc connected all the characters tonight. The Dunphy-Pritchett-Delgado-Tucker clan gathered for a garage sale to help Manny and Luke raise funds for their school’s charity fundraiser (or help them win a pizza party, as Luke would have it). Haley made a brief appearance via video chat to talk her mom out of selling her belongings, including an autographed John Mayer poster that Phil signed, solidifying her void on the show. I’m eager to see her return home for the holidays and excited for the upcoming introduction of guest star Jason Mantzoukas as her new boyfriend. Her sarcasm is greatly missed.

Jay was also reluctant to give up his possessions, but more concerned with the fact that strangers would be invading his lawn (and his personal space) than the act of parting with personal objects. Cam, on the other hand, was happy to donate six pairs of now ill-fitting jeans for the yard sale. As we learned in last week’s episode, the emotional eater has lost over 30 pounds. He was unable to bask in his glory during the Halloween party and tried to do so today. Mitch — convinced that Cam was going to gain the wight back — pleaded with him to keep the jeans for a future art project (he’s evidently still afraid of hurting Cam’s feelings with the truth). When that didn’t work, he took them back to the car and finally hid them in a bush. Cam eventually confronted him and admitted that he didn’t want to keep the jeans because their presence served as a constant remind of his previous failed long-term weight loss attempts. READ FULL STORY

'Modern Family' react: Halloween episode delivers laughs, but lacks season 2's originality

Image Credit: Peter “Hopper” Stone/ABC

Tonight’s episode of Modern Family elicited a few laughs (as always, anytime Phil or Cam spoke), but was underwhelming compared to season 2’s Halloween special.

I would have preferred Claire’s memory of last year’s Halloween (when she gave a man a heart attack with her disturbing costume) to have been the premise for the entire episode. She’s no Little Bo Peep, but can certainly pass for a seemingly innocuous housewife harboring an alien squid fetus inside her body.

Here’s what happened on All Hallows Eve. READ FULL STORY

'Modern Family' react: The all-too-familiar plot disappoints

Tonight’s episode of Modern Family had a tough act to follow after last week’s back-to-back laugh fest. Unfortunately, it didn’t deliver.

The all-too-familiar plot — Jay keeps a secret from Gloria because he doesn’t want to hurt her feelings; Cam and Mitch try to prove to each other that they’re capable of taking on each other’s roles as homemaker and breadwinner, respectively; and Claire and Phil find themselves drifting apart from their children — and low-impact one-liners made for a relatively dull half hour.

Here’s what happened. READ FULL STORY

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