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Kate Gosselin on 'Today' claims fans 'are devastated,' says Jon wants 'mediocre for his kids'

Oh, PopWatchers, aren’t you just going to miss the all-around warmth and charm of Kate Gosselin? Did you grow to love her kids more than your own? Have I already laid on the sarcasm too thick? If you answered ‘Yes, of course, you jerk!’ to any of these questions, then by all means, read on.

While visiting Today to promote the final episode of her once-massively popular reality series Kate Plus 8 (formerly Jon & Kate Plus 8), the TV mom spoke rather somberly with host Matt Lauer about what she called “the end of an era.”

Gosselin said she was not only sad for the Kate Plus 8 fans (“They’re devastated. They’re saying, you know, you’re the neighbor moving far away and we won’t see you again,” she said), but also her co-stars children: “I feel sad for my kids because of all of the opportunities that they’re now questioning.” READ FULL STORY

Jon Gosselin comes to grips with Reality, resembles rational human being

Jon Gosselin: Unlikely voice of reason?

It’s hard to believe the idea that Gosselin, the former reality-star-in-the-throes-of-a-midlife crisis and unofficial Ed Hardy spokesman, could be someone we’d actually have to listen to again, let alone agree with, but here we are, PopWatchers. Gosselin recently sat down (in what appears to be the waiting room of a dentist or dermatology office) with RumorFix.com to share his thoughts on his ex-wife’s determination to keep herself — and their kids — in the spotlight for financial reasons, as their recently-canceled show Kate Plus 8 draws to an end.

Now, brace yourselves, it all sounds entirely logical and seems kind of sincere. Michael Lohan, your former douchey protege hath betrayed you! Seriously this guy just said these things:

“Things will work out the way they should work out. Obviously there are families out there that have several kids. People work normal jobs. And things work out.”

“To rely on reality television… that’s a misnomer. Reality television is not a career. Get back to normal life, simple life, provide for your family.”

“I have my kids, I have my custody, I pay child support … I don’t have a farm on 24 acres… and the kids seem to have a good time at my house.” (Maybe he let them eat their pizza without guilt and berating? So there, Steve the Security Guard!) READ FULL STORY

Kate Gosselin lands on Anderson Cooper's RidicuList for her babysitter blowout, general awfulness

If this clip of Kate Gosselin garnered this kind of reaction from Anderson Cooper, one can only imagine/look forward to what Joel McHale will have to say about it. During last night’s Anderson Cooper 360, the silver fox wasn’t having it with dreadful reality TV mom Kate Gosselin and rightly placed her on his RidicuList. Only this time, no one was laughing. Not Gosselin, who was pissed off at her babysitter Ashley for… something; not Steve the Security Guard whose slice of “reserved pizza” (you can do that?!) was handed to him by the peasant hands of a lowly child; not babysitter Ashley who reached her breaking point with her harpy employer; and definitely not Cooper, who documented the Kate Plus 8 moment for his viewers with total contempt. His reaction at 2:39 really says it all, doesn’t it, PopWatchers? Watch the full clip below: READ FULL STORY

Kate Gosselin: 'I'm definitely ready to start dating.'

When future generations try to pinpoint the specific moment when the whole notion of “celebrity” entered an eerie post-modern period — a period in which people who were only famous for being famous managed to consistently become steadily more famous by consistently remaking themselves in their own famous image — they will probably look the summer of 2009, when Jon and Kate Gosselin suddenly transformed from a lovably harried pair of reality-show parents into a demonically everpresent pair of multimedia personalities, their messy divorce playing out in tabloids, on the internet, and on their own TV show. While Jon quickly opted to avoid the spotlight, a year of infamy followed for Kate, culminating in a performance of “Paparazzi” on Dancing With the Stars that would make Marshall McLuhan‘s head explode. But anyhow, the important thing is that, as Kate told Today this morning, she’s ready to start dating again, which is certainly good news for everyone, although representatives for the male race did not respond to EW’s calls for comment.

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Kim Kardashian rakes in the dough; tops list of reality-TV millionaires

kim-kardashianImage Credit: George Pimentel/Getty ImagesKim Kardashian earned an estimated $6 million this year, topping the list of high-earning reality stars compiled by The Daily Beast. Excuse me while I go die 1,000 deaths. She topped Lauren Conrad ($5 million), Bethenny Frankel ($4 million), Audrina Patridge ($3.5 million), Kate Gosselin ($3.5 million), The Situation ($3 million), Khloé Kardashian ($2.5 million) and Kourtney Kardashian ($2.5 million), Pauly D ($2 million), and Kendra Wilkinson ($2 million).

That’s four stars from E!, four from MTV, one from Bravo, and one from TLC — and I’m sort of surprised that of the top 10 reality earners, 8 are female. Perhaps male stars are less likely to have fragrances, clothing lines, spin-offs, and diet-product endorsement deals? All but two top-earners have books, too, so get thee to a literary (well, “literary”) agent, Pauly D and Audrina! The list only includes celebs whose shows aired in 2010, and whose rise to fame came from their reality roots — so it doesn’t include, say, Donald Trump, who presumably would trump even a Kardashian.

I’m surprised not to see the ubiquitous Snooki on this list. Who surprises you, PopWatchers? Did you expect the Duggars to be raking it in?

Kate Gosselin says kids not expelled, that she's in a 'weird' alternate world

Kate Gosselin says she feels like she’s in “a weird alter-reality world.” So do we, Kate, especially in this Entertainment Tonight clip where she explains that her kids are not expelled (as reported by some outlets), they’re just being tutored at home because they need breathing room — but that she’d never stop putting them on TV. Kindergarten! It’s so much tougher than a career. READ FULL STORY

Victor and Digna Carpio: The new Jon and Kate Gosselin? Let's hope not.

Tonight, TLC premieres its new show Sextuplets Take New York, an eight-part series that follows the lives of Victor and Digna Carpio, their 9-year-old son, and 22-month-old sextuplets (four boys and two girls). Sound vaguely familiar? The new show, of course, comes from the same network that brought us Jon & Kate Plus 8.

But how similar will the show actually be to the much-discussed, tabloid-attracting reality series that was Jon & Kate? I loved watching TLC’s not-so-dearly departed show, and DVR’d each episode to get my weekly dose of those adorable little Gosselin children. But eventually, Jon and Kate’s marriage problems took center stage, and I just couldn’t bear to watch what led to Gosselingate 2009. So, naturally, I worried that Sextuplets would follow in Jon & Kate‘s footsteps, since it seemed to already share many similarities with its TLC predecessor: sextuplets, lots of chaos, cameras, family outings, an older sibling, etc.

But according to some early reviews, I’m way off base. The New York Daily News called the Carpios the anti-Gosselins. And The Hollywood Reporter said those only interested in a lighthearted show should “look elsewhere.” Could it be this show’s focus will actually be on parenting? Take a look at this promo for tonight’s premiere after the jump. READ FULL STORY

'Kate Plus Eight' sneak peek: Did Kate always yell this much?

TLC has released a promo for Sunday night’s all-new Kate Plus Eight special. Watch it below to hear Kate scream when she gets the kids chickens (yes, chickens) and attempts some home improvement that it looks like she hired men to do for her (but that wasn’t good enough TV). For the record: I have never felt closer to her than when she made that Little House on the Prairie reference. READ FULL STORY

Kate Gosselin and kids plan holiday CD? We've written their debut single!

kate-plus-8Image Credit: TLCFile under “Greetings from the Impending Apocalypse!”: AOL’s PopEater blog is reporting that Kate Gosselin, master babymaker and star of several TLC programs, is hoping to record and release a holiday album with her eight children. Gosselin’s rep declined to comment on the story, but nothing short of a “Hell naw, that isn’t happening!” is going to stop me from rocketing down a slide of shame and into a stinking cauldron of “what ifs?” and “whys?” As such, I have gone as far as writing a potential first single for the Gosselin Child Army Chorus, set to the tune of “Winter Wonderland.” Join me in a sing-along, the better to drown out the unholy howling emanating from your soul area.

Gosselins sing, are you list’ning?
Feel your gut, start a’twisting
A soul-crushing sight, kid labor ain’t right
When your mom’s a famewhore firebrand

Who knew Kate, was a songbird?
How ’bout Jon? That’s just absurd
With his giant back tatt, his Ed Hardy hat READ FULL STORY

Kate Gosselin: Tell me who she is.

Kate-GosselinImage Credit: Adam Larkey/ABCTrue confession time: I have a pop-culture blind spot when it comes to Kate Gosselin. Other than watching her “Paparazzi” routine this past season on Dancing With the Stars — I tuned in just so I’d have a better understanding of my pal Annie Barrett’s episode recaps — I’ve managed to cocoon myself from experiencing this polarizing “celebrity.” Never tuned in to Jon & Kate Plus 8. Never watched her being interviewed by [insert favorite morning show/news magazine here]. Saw her mug expressing a variety of emotions (rage, sadness, ennui) on the covers of so many magazines, but can’t say it gave me any insight into what in the heck she was doing on said covers in the first place. And so, with Kate Plus 8 (AKA Nobody Wants to See That Jon Dood on the TV Anymore) premiering tonight, I’ve got to ask those of you who love her/love to hate her: What is the fascination with Kate Gosselin? Why, of all the women in the world who’ve had lots and lots of babies, is she a household name? And, given the sometimes short shelf-life of pre-fab celebs, how much longer am I going to have to keep ignoring her? I ask this in all seriousness. Let loose in the comments below.

Bonus question: How many of her eight children can you name? Go ahead, send me into the emotional fetal position.

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