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Jon Hamm and Kim Kardashian have the most attractive disagreement in Hollywood

You’d think that by now Kim Kardashian might be used to this sort of thing. After all, the ubiquitous reality star has earned her fair share of criticism about everything from her 72-day marriage to her offensively exorbitant lifestyle to her family’s general terribleness. Having already been called a ‘f—ing idiot’ by Daniel Craig, Kim should have suspected that other classy, handsome Hollywood gents might feel the same way. In fact, in an interview with Elle UK Jon Hamm found the same words for her. (And Paris Hilton, for that matter. Remember her, you guys? Guys?)

“Whether it’s Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian or whoever, stupidity is certainly celebrated,” the Mad Men star told the magazine, adding, “Being a f—ing idiot is a valuable commodity in this culture because you’re rewarded significantly….It’s celebrated. It doesn’t make sense to me.”

'Mad Men': What's your arm doing there? Oh sorry, I was just 'Draping'

First there was planking. Then owling. Then leisure diving. Then Tebowing. And now? Draping. Yes, with the advent of a new season of Mad Men (finally!) upon us, there’s a new Internet meme to go along with it. Of course. READ FULL STORY

Jon Hamm talks about his 'sweaty,' pre-fame past -- VIDEO

It’s hard to imagine Jon Hamm as anything other than the charming, classy, handsome, and debonair fellow we see on Mad Men (16 more days!) and magazine covers. But once upon a time the Emmy-nominated dreamboat was just another struggling actor in Hollywood who used Los Angeles’ famed (wait, is that the word?) public transportation and/or Rollerblades to get around town.

During a visit to Conan on Thursday night, the Friends With Kids star recalled the time before limos and red carpets, when towed 1986 Toyota Corollas, barely functioning “convertibles,” and sweaty Rollerblading excursions were a large part of his life. (“There is not a worse look in the world than a dude skatin’ down Highland Avenue to an audition to try and sell soap.”) Watch the full clip below in which the ever-so-humble Hamm (who, let’s face it, even at his “worst” still looked this) talked about that universally shared terrible-car ownership experience:

Why Jennifer Westfeldt is more than just 'Jon Hamm's Girlfriend'

Let it be said that there are far worse titles to have than “Jon Hamm’s Girlfriend.” But, for better or worse (definitely better, I mean, jeez, look at the guy) that’s what talented actress/writer/director/producer Jennifer Westfeldt has been labeled by Hollywood, as Hamm’s role on Mad Men has put him on red carpets and magazine covers.

But Westfeldt — who has been in a relationship with Hamm since 1997 — is a star in her own right and impressively holds a quadruple-threat credit on her new comedy Friends With Kids. Not to mention that she broke onto the scene well before her handsome beau was on that show about ad execs.

In 2001, Westfeldt wrote and starred in the indie sleeper Kissing Jessica Stein, a romantic comedy which explored a neurotic, single, straight New Yorker (played by Westfeldt herself) having a meaningful, but complicated romantic relationship with a woman (Heather Juergensen.) Despite being over a decade-old, the infinitely re-watchable film still feels as fresh, honest, and daring as it did when it was released. (Fun fact: Hamm has a small part in the movie as one of Westfeldt’s failed suitors.)

This Week's Cover: Jon Hamm and Co. gear up for the return of 'Mad Men'


Seventeen months is an excruciatingly long time to wait for anything — let alone TV’s best drama — to return, but your patience/frustration is about to be rewarded/end: The fifth season of AMC’s Mad Men finally hits the air on March 25. That’s right, the entrancing and nuanced series about ad execs in the ‘60s — which has claimed the Outstanding Drama Emmy four consecutive years — is ready to restake its claim to your Sunday nights. To mark the occasion, EW has put Jon Hamm on this week’s cover. No one commands a room, or a cigarette, quite like Don Draper. (Kids, it’s a terrible habit. Don’t start. They didn’t know what they were doing back in the ‘60s.) We visited the set and spoke with creator/exec producer Matthew Weiner along with key cast members about the upcoming batch of episodes, why that hiatus turned out to be so darn long, and what to expect from Don, who was last seen throwing us a WTF by proposing to his secretary, Megan (Jessica Pare).

“A lot of the decisions that Don makes may seem strange to the audience, but they’re going to seem strange to the people around him, too,” notes Weiner. “He is coming into middle age, which was closer to old age back then. Existentialism is a young man’s game, and you can say what you want about how death nullifies things. But when you get closer to death, it starts to become more serious, and it’s harder to laugh it off and say, ‘I’m living for the moment.’”

Fans can breathe easier knowing that they will be getting plenty more Mad moments: After some tense, protracted negotiations last spring, the show was renewed through a seventh and final season. Weiner felt that seven was the lucky number for the show to end on, and, well, that suits Hamm just fine. “I love going to work, so in that sense I could play Don for 100 years,” he says. “But I realize we’re not on a treadmill, we’re on a thing that moves forward… And so I think these things should end, and they should end the way the guy that started it wants it to end.”

For much more on Mad Men —  including teases for season 5 and a look back at the first four seasons and their best episodes — pick up the new issue of Entertainment Weekly on stands Mar. 9. Also, remember to follow @EW on Twitter. 

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PBS Kids gives you a way to introduce your child to Jon Hamm: Watch!

As an aunt who’s had to sit through her fair share of Dora and Diego DVDs (great, now the Rescue Pack theme song is stuck in my head), I’m happy to give parents, aunts, and uncles who are forced to watch PBS Kids’ Martha Speaks a bit of good news: Jon Hamm, Jennifer Westfeldt, and their German shepherd mix, Cora, provide voices in Feb. 20’s two-part season 4 premiere “Cora! Cora! Cora!” (check local listings). No wonder Cora’s always hounded by paparazzi!

Martha Speaks follows the adventures of Martha, a dog whose appetite for alphabet soup gives her the power to talk. (Hey, it’s for ages 4 to 7.) In the episode, Ham Johnson (voiced by Hamm) and Kit Luntanne (voiced by Westfeldt) are actors in a traveling production of Antony and Cleopatra. Kit is upset that she’s had to leave her dog, Cora, at home, so Martha visits her at the theater to cheer her up.

Backstage, Martha meets Ham, an actor who wants to impress Kit. Together, Ham and Martha hatch a plan to reunite Kit with Cora. In part 2, Cora Encore!, confusion ensues as Martha and Ham cross paths with a troupe of circus dogs who all look exactly like Cora. Can Martha and Ham find the real Cora before she’s sent off to perform on the high wire? Or before Kit finds out about the mess they’ve made?” Drama! Watch a few clips below.   READ FULL STORY

'Mad Men' inspires special 1960's 'Newsweek' issue

Seems like everyone, even Newsweek magazine, wants a piece of Jon Hamm.

Newsweek editor Tina Brown announced today that in promotion for Mad Men’s fifth season premiere on March 25 (!), the magazine would be going Mad. (Well, not Mad.) Specifically, the entire publication would revert back to its 1960s design — including the advertisements.

Brown told Ad Age, “Newsweek was very much on the cultural forefront at the time of the show. It covered the events that are so much of the background for the show’s drama — the burgeoning civil rights movement, the women’s rights movement, the Vietnam War. That was Newsweek‘s cutting-edge beat and its flourishing journalistic subject. So it seemed like a wonderful marriage in a sense to take that and apply it to the magazine, to make the magazine an homage to the period.” READ FULL STORY

'Mad Men' is returning: Let the countdown (and inevitable drinking games) begin!

What‘s that noise you hear? Why, only the divine sound of Scotch glasses being clinked together in celebration to the news that Mad Men is finally coming back after what has felt like an endless hiatus. As we reported yesterday, star and all-around handsome man Jon Hamm stated in an interview that the Emmy-winning AMC series is set to return on March 25.

I’ll drink to that! In fact, in addition to the bevy of Mad Men-associated drinking games out there (this one suggests “Take a sip when you pine for the late Miss Blankenship”) there’s plenty of other ways to pass the time over the next 75 days. Here’s some EW suggestions for your Mad Men countdown:

  • If you’re a fan, re-watch all the seasons on DVD, natch. (“The Suitcase” is just as brilliant as you remember it.)
  • If you’re a newbie, watch all the seasons on DVD, natch. (Be sure to study up on Pete Campbell’s Bitchface so that you can point them out to seasoned fans while you watch.) READ FULL STORY

Jon Hamm pretends to be a robot. Can. Not. Compute. Awesomeness. System meltdown. Beep bop boop. -- VIDEO

David Cross’s Todd Margaret may have some Increasingly Poor Decisions, but getting Jon Hamm to act like a robot (or at the very least, a 90’s dial-up modem) on his IFC comedy series is not one of them. In a new spot for the show’s upcoming second season, Hamm is coerced by Blake Harrison into attempting to trick Will Arnett by making “noises like a 70’s computer.” Watch the full clip — in which a nervous Hamm (he’s no Michael Winslow, but we still love him) has a system meltdown and more or less turns into a sexy underwater robot — below. READ FULL STORY

Jon Hamm reveals who almost played Don Draper

After four seasons as Mad Men‘s Don Draper, it’s difficult to imagine anyone but Jon Hamm as the dapper 1960’s ad executive whose seemingly perfect life is slowly being unraveled by a dark secret. Hamm is Draper, even when he plays versions of the chiseled-chin character for laughs on 30 Rock or Saturday Night Live. But it almost never happened. Hamm tells Marc Maron in his WTF Podcast (scroll to 41:00) that Don Draper was nearly Hung. That is to say that AMC originally had its sights set on Hung‘s Thomas Jane for the role. READ FULL STORY

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