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The new romantic comedy cliches

It seems the old school, formulaic rom-com, fodder for many a Saturday afternoon watching cable on the couch, is becoming a thing of the past. The latest crop of romantic comedies have more than a meet cute and a big kiss at the end – they’re more honest, more crass, and more serious than ever before. Case in point: Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s porn addiction saga Don Jon, which opens today, and follows a recent trend in the rom-com genre – a protagonist with a very serious problem.

Even fun movies are a little darker lately, and maybe that’s just a sign of the times – and maybe giving up the fluff isn’t such a bad thing. We know which romantic comedy tropes we’re ready to say goodbye to so here are five new ones we can’t wait to see more of.

'Smurfs 2' plus '2 Guns' = Wahlberg Smurf

Two new Hollywood movies are releasing wide in theaters this week. Smurfs 2 is the CGI blue-people sequel that was made because you were the lazy parent who took your kids to see Smurfs 1 instead of reading them a book story or teaching them how to survive in the post-apocalypse. 2 Guns is an adaptation of a comic book which stars Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg as a Denzel-y DEA Agent and a Wahlberg-y Navy SEAL, respectively. What do these two movies have in common? Absolutely nothing! But the number “2” is in both titles, so we had local image guru and reality-smasher Jef Castro cook up a mash-up poster from a terrifying universe where Hollywood just released one movie this week. Gaze into the grinning dead eyes of Wahlberg Smurf, and lose yourself forever! READ FULL STORY

Kirsten Dunst says kissing Brad Pitt was 'disgusting'

Kirsten Dunst was only 11 when she took a role in Interview with the Vampire opposite Tom Cruise (Sexiest Man Alive, ’90) and Brad Pitt (Sexiest Man Alive, ’95). Playing an immortal child-vampire with an eerie maturity, Dunst actually got to kiss Pitt during filming. You would have thought that this would have made her feel like the luckiest little girl in the whole gosh darn world. But in an interview with Bullett magazine, Dunst reveals that kiss was “just a peck,” and it wasn’t even a particularly memorable peck. “Everyone at the time was like, ‘You’re so lucky you kissed Brad Pitt,’ but I thought it was disgusting,” says Dunst, who goes on to reveal that she didn’t kiss anyone else until she was 16 — presumably because she was so traumatized. READ FULL STORY

LOL and OMG: The five funniest quotes from Vanity Fair's YOLO oral history

Surprisingly, Vanity Fair’s terrific Oral History of YOLO, is NOT exclusively a bunch of bros yelling “YOLO” before jumping into a coffee table at a frat party (full disclosure: I’ve never been to a frat party).

Using the Lonely Island’s Digital Short as a jumping-off point, the magazine detailed the rise (and death?) of the phrase (word?) that has populated so many hashtagging sprees and been the cause of so many minor injuries.

The biggest revelations from the piece were 1. basically everyone started saying YOLO accidentally 2. it’s still pretty fun to hear academics try to define the zeitgeist using terrible trends. Here are some of our favorite quotes: READ FULL STORY

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