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'American Horror Story' website warns YoureGoingToDieInThere.com. Check it out... at your own risk!

The website for the chilling new series American Horror Story is called YoureGoingToDieInThere.com. Sure, it doesn’t have quite the same easygoing panache as, say Facebook.com, and it sounds like it could also possibly be a thinly veiled threat from Tamar Braxton, but it’s still a pretty cool site.

Upon entering the site, visitors are informed they can “go behind closed doors to discover the secrets of the American Horror Story house” where you’ll find “artifacts of murder, lust, perversion, and betrayal.” (So, sorta just like your Sims house!) After a stop at the mailbox (you can sign up to have trinkets sent to you via email or snail mail to unlock parts of the website), you’ll be greeted by ghost children, Jessica Lange, and a man on fire who crawls up into the fireplace. Hey, you can’t say they didn’t warn you. This website is called YoureGoingToDieInThere.com, after all. READ FULL STORY

'Apollo 18' blasts off into theaters this weekend: What's your favorite scared-in-space movie?


You remember the old tag line, courtesy of the classic 1979 sci-fi thriller Alien, “In space, no one can hear you scream”? While that may be true (I’ve never been to space, but I can say with the utmost certainty, I would freak out to deaf ears the entire time), people can most definitely hear you scream when you’re in a movie theater watching a freaky flick set in the infinite galaxy.

With Apollo 18 arriving this weekend, moviegoers will feel as trapped in their theaters as the unfortunate fellows aboard that secret space mission. READ FULL STORY

'Goosebumps': Which tale still haunts you?


I’ve never met a person without a single pop-culture-caused childhood scar — and I don’t mean horseplay gone wrong because you thought you could fight like the kids on Three Ninjas without it ending in disaster. No, I’m talking about the real childhood scars. The ones that are so embedded in your brain that they still make you shudder just a little, like when you get up from bed to close the closet door before turning out the light (guilty!) or when you realize your toes are hanging over the bed (not that this shrimp knows what that feels like) and quickly curl up to get them back on mattress territory. For me, a lot of my irrational minor fears actually stem from one of my absolute favorite shows: GoosebumpsREAD FULL STORY

Fright Night (1985) vs. Fright Night (2011): Why the update's far more old-fashioned than the classic

Image Credit: Disney/Dreamworks

Real men do not read Twilight.

That’s what high school kid Charley Brewster (Anton Yelchin) tells his nerdy, vampire-obsessed friend Evil Ed (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) in the 2011 update of the campy horror classic Fright Night. What he’s really saying is clear: this is not going to be one of those romantic vampire movies where some pale, skinny guy messes around with a pretty young promise-ring type but refrains from sticking it in her (his tooth, that is).

And Charley’s right. The vampire in this movie (a bloodlicker named Jerry, played by real-life nighthawk Colin Farrell) is not a moral guy. Living on the outskirts of Las Vegas, he’s a stripper-torturing, teenage-girl-perverting, Real Housewives of New Jersey-watching fang-banger who preys on single moms and brags to the cops that he’s making the local women scream every night. (Read EW’s excellent defense of Jerry’s horrible, disgusting mercilessness here.)

So what’s that bad boy doing in such a conservative movie? After the jump, we’ll discuss why this sexier, bloodier update is actually far more old-fashioned than the 1985 original. WARNING: There are tons of major spoilers below. Plus, “Edward Cullen” and “chastity belt” are used very close together. Read at your own risk.


Grow a pair (of fangs): Thank goodness for horrible, disgusting, merciless vampires

Can we please put a stake through the heart of the thoughtful, sensitive vampire?

You know, the kind that just needs the love of a nice girl to keep his deathly cold body warm through night? The poetry-reading kind. The sparkly kind.

This is why I am grateful for the whacked-out, Friday-night-at-the-summertime-drive-in vibe of this weekend’s Fright Night remake, which takes the vampire out of the gothic, mist-shrouded castle and plunks him into the middle of suburban life — but unlike Twilight or The Vampire Diaries, or (most recently, unfortunately) True Blood — Colin Farrell’s bloodsucker isn’t here to be a prom date.

For too long, we’ve had to deal with the cuddly kind. I’m making the case for the bad guys … READ FULL STORY

Do you trust Betty White? Survey says you do!

I have trouble believing that people “trust” celebrities. That’s probably because I have trouble trusting anyone. (My sister: “Try this mascara!” Me: “What’s your motive?”) At any rate, a survey of humans claims Betty White is the most popular and “most trusted” celebrity.

Meanwhile, you wouldn’t let Paris Hilton or Charlie Sheen babysit your hamster, much less consider them worthy of your “trust.” Lauds to you, America, for your excellent judge of character. (But jeers for making Paris Hilton a celebrity in the first place. Thankfully, you’re over that.)

More fun facts from said poll, conducted by Reuters/Ipsos to determine the celebrity most likely to drive up the business of a brand they endorse: You also trust the likes of America’s male sweetheart Tom Hanks; America’s actual sweetheart Sandra Bullock; the man who narrated a movie about little adorable penguins, Morgan Freeman; and Kate Middleton, who reuses her clothes, officially giving us all no reason not to trust her. Joining Hilton and Sheen at the bottom (of humanity), is Britney Spears, Kanye West, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tiger Woods, Kim Kardashian, Mel Gibson, Donald Trump and LeBron James.

What do you think of that list, PopWatchers? Who would you add/subtract?

Hide yo' kids, hide yo' wife: 'Hostel' hits the theme park

Because when I think “torture porn,” I immediately think “good-time family fun.” Don’t you?! Horror auteur Eli Roth is teaming up with Universal Studios to create a theme-park riff on his 2005 genre-reviving film, Hostel. “Eli Roth’s Hostel: Hunting Season,” takes its bloody bow at Universal Studios’ Hollywood’s Halloween Horror Nights on Sept. 23 and will run through Halloween. READ FULL STORY

'The Walking Dead': Will you still watch now that Frank Darabont has walked away?

Has The Walking Dead gone brain dead? Fans and critics are sweating the possibility now that Frank Darabont will no longer serve as showrunner of AMC’s hit adaptation of the Robert Kirkman zombie comic. Veteran TV scribe Glen Mazarra (Crash) will succeed Darabont as the drama’s major domo. Theories abound for Darabont’s abrupt departure, from frustration with the exhausting grind of making TV to budget concerns. Regardless, the news has made Walking Dead fandom rather uneasy. One entertainment blogger and fan — in an addendum to a recently posted essay ruminating on the drama’s long-term viability — said: “I think this adds some murkiness to the future and the direction of the show.” Wrote critic Alan Sepinwall of HitFix.com: “I’m a big believer in creative continuity on shows — though at least Robert Kirkman, who writes The Walking Dead comic, is still on staff — and at first glance this certainly doesn’t seem like great news for season 2. But there are too many unknown variables here to say for sure.”  READ FULL STORY

Freddy Krueger joins 'Mortal Kombat'

Say what you will about the seemingly odd pairing of Freddy Krueger with Mortal Kombat, but the addition of the razor-gloved psychopath is certainly going to shake things up. Warner Bros. Games and NetherRealm Studios released a promo yesterday welcoming the horror icon to their franchise. Decked out with not one but two razor gloves for extra carnage, Freddy maintains his spooky sense of humor, issuing his opponents a casual wave goodbye and a menacing laugh after he slices and dices them. This addition brings new meaning to the idea of “dream warriors” from the third Nightmare on Elm Street film. Freddy joins the Kombat universe on Aug. 9. See the full promo after the jump. READ FULL STORY

Watch Sean Bean die...21 times!!! (Warning: Contains 21 spoilers.)

Some actors are great at singing. Some are just super at dancing. But Sean Bean is awesome at dying.

As the Sean Bean Death Reel YouTube clip below demonstrates, there’s always a good chance the Brit actor is going to buy the farm. So sit back and “enjoy” the sight of the Beanster getting smothered, shot, impaled, blown up, torn apart by horses, beheaded, hung, bayoneted, and, most ignominiously, pushed off a cliff by cows.

Oh, the humanity!!!

What’s your favorite Bean demise? Or film in which he actually survives until the end credits (I’m assuming there must be some).

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