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'Gotham': Why the Joker shouldn't be in the Batman prequel

I’ll never forget the day Heath Ledger was cast as the Joker in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight. Rumors had been swirling for months — Would it be Jude Law? Johnny Depp? Adrien Brody? Who would be brave enough to take on the character that Jack Nicholson had played so perfectly 19 years before? And then, one day after school, I was sitting on my bed when my brother knocked on my door. He opened it and simply said, “Heath Ledger.” I immediately knew what he was referencing, and after a brief pause, the first words out of my mouth were, “That could work.”

It wasn’t surprising that I supported the decision. For one, I was already a huge fan of Ledger’s work, from Monster’s Ball to Brokeback Mountain and every Candy-esque film in between. Plus, I felt that his square jaw would work with the Joker’s look, so it made sense to me. However, that didn’t stop the speculation from running rampant, both on the interwebs and within my own home — Should there even be a Joker if it can’t be Nicholson? Is Ledger going to be able to pull this off? Even I started to doubt it at times. But I remember there being one distinct moment when all the speculation ended and the anticipation began: When they unveiled The Dark Knight‘s first teaser trailer. READ FULL STORY

Whitney Houston in 'Sparkle': How will she rank among these posthumous performers?

Nobody wants to join the list of actors whose last movies were released after they died — but you’ve got to admit that the company is good. And as of today, that unfortunate club has another illustrious member: Whitney Houston, star of the Jordin Sparks vehicle Sparkle. (Not to be confused with Marian Carey’s Glitter, though both are lustrous tales of up-and-coming singers.)

EW’s Owen Gleiberman wasn’t a huge fan of Sparkle; he gave the film a B- in EW this week, calling it “an overheated mediocrity.” He does, however, praise Houston, applauding her “gravelly conviction” in his review. “This could have been the first step not merely in a comeback but in a major re-invention,” he continues. “She had the instincts of a superb character actress.”

So Whitney’s last movie isn’t exactly Oscar material — but could she still enter the pantheon of stars who gave especially memorable posthumous performances? Let’s take a look at some of her competition:


Why so serious? 'The Dark Knight' with a laugh track -- VIDEO

Adding or removing a laugh track is a foolproof way to make a TV show or movie eerie and unsettling. The effect works especially well in The Dark Knight — thanks to lines that sound like they could have been written for the darkest sitcom of all time. Example: “Well, depending on the time, he may be in one spot or several.”

We think the Joker would be pleased with the results (though a YouTube user originally posted the clip in 2009, thanks to Buzzfeed, it’s bubbling up again today).  See this disconcerting clip for yourself below:


Brush up your Shakespeare -- it's the Bard's 448th birthday

For someone who’s been around for nearly half a millennium, William Shakespeare certainly knows how to stay current. In honor of the Bard’s big day, we’ve assembled a few of our favorite more recent classics that have done justice to his work (and, no, Anonymous didn’t make the list). Check out the clips below and share your favorite Shakespearean takes on film in the comments below!


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