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'Sweet Valley High' returns: Or, why nostalgia trumps taste


Sweet Valley High has returned to bookstores today with a where-are-they-now sequel, Sweet Valley Confidential. And because of this, I am having a lot of feelings. Like, dear-diary, dot-your-I’s-with-hearts feelings. Here is what happens the minute I hear the words Sweet Valley and conjure images of its endless series of ’80s paperbacks about gorgeous California-blond twins Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield: In my mind, I am suddenly lounging on the floor of the Oak Forest Public Library in the Young Adult aisle in the back left corner on the second floor, leaning against the several shelves containing the battered SVH selection in its entirety. I am tearing through Dear Sister, in which good-girl Elizabeth awakes from a coma acting like popular-girl Jessica (lining her eyes with kohl pencil and everything!), in one sitting so that I can then take the next two, Heartbreaker and Racing Hearts, with me. I smell of Love’s Baby Soft perfume because while I’m engrossed in the Wakefields’ lives, I’m also hoping for my own storyline to happen here; I’m hoping the love of my seventh-grade life, Greg Blakely, will happen to show up here at the library to study. He’s smart. He lives nearby. Some days this happens, and he even says dreamy things to me like, “I saw your school picture. It’s really good this year. Much better than last year’s.”

Most days, however, Greg’s a no-show. But I can get through it because I’m spending most of my afternoons in Sweet Valley anyway. READ FULL STORY

Rebecca Black's 'Friday' is bringing in the dough


Are you sitting down? Good, because I’ve got some shocking news. According to Forbes, “Friday” — the insipid but catchy tune created by Ark Music Factory and performed by shiny-haired 13-year-old Rebecca Black — is pulling in some serious bank.

As of a few seconds ago, Black’s video has some 33.5 million views on YouTube. READ FULL STORY

'RuPaul's Drag Race': Preview tonight's patriotic PSAs from the queens -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO


On tonight’s episode of reality delight RuPaul’s Drag Race, the queens will be supporting the troops during the main challenge by each filming a PSA. EW has obtained an exclusive video previewing the PSAs, which as you might guess are rather hilarious. “This is the only land,” screeches Alexis Mateo, “where you can grow up and become whatever you want to be!” Raja adds: “America: Where the son of immigrants can wear her freedom…proudly.” And the always-nutty Yara Sofia weighs in at one point with a twist on RuPaul’s classic episode-ending line: “If you don’t love America, how the hell you gonna love yourself?” Halle-lou!

And speaking of halle-lou, to explain what’s going on with this PSA video and challenge, we rung up front-running queen Shangela to give us the behind-the-scenes dish. Here’s what the mouthy queen had to say: READ FULL STORY

'The Real World' premiere: Is this show too tame for a 'Jersey Shore' world?

The 25th season of MTV’s stalwart reality series The Real World premiered last night, and while viewing, the only thing I could think was: Wow, this is so, so tame. I think that reaction stems mostly from the fact that other reality shows — namely things like network sibling Jersey Shore (which is basically a themed riff on The Real World) or even Bravo’s Real Housewives franchise — garner so much more buzz. Out of fairness to The Real World, I have to note that it was only just the first episode. The sometimes-tired introductions and casting bits must happen. (Although they were basically the same introductions we’ve seen before: The sheltered boy Adam, the hardened city girl Naomi, etc.)

There’s no doubt in my mind that things will certainly heat up as the season marches on — they always do — but you have to wonder whether a show like The Real World will ever recapture the kind of buzzy ridiculousness that its network sibling Jersey Shore has. There was a point in time where the antics of a group of strangers “picked to live in a house” garnered the kind of attention that other reality shows do now. But are three-way kisses, clubbing, and revelations about being a former porn star in Las Vegas (!) really that original anymore? READ FULL STORY

Jerry O'Connell talks working with Mariah Carey and a giant, talking kangaroo: Who was more difficult?

Jerry O’Connell, currently starring on CBS’ The Defenders, recently spoke to EW about some of his greatest roles, including Stand By Me, which celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. But what two co-stars did EW really want O’Connell to discuss? His “Heartbreaker” video co-star Mariah Carey and … the titular character from his 2003 movie, Kangaroo Jack. That’s right, PopWatchers: We get the goods. Read below for O’Connell’s thoughts on his two very different co-stars and to see which one was hardest to handle.

“Heartbreaker” (1999) O’Connell played Carey’s cheating boyfriend in this elaborate video, directed by Brett Ratner (Rush Hour). The actor only has great memories of Carey. “She was a trip. I don’t know anything about the music industry and I still don’t. Champagne was flowing. She had a huge trailer. There was security everywhere. That was a world I just didn’t know about. She was the best! She’s a real Long Island girl. I found her to be really sweet and funny.” READ FULL STORY

'After Lately' premiere: Chelsea, don't try so hard

after-latelyImage Credit: Brandon Hickman/E!Part of late night show Chelsea Lately’s appeal is the seeming lack of effort involved by the people producing it: Chelsea Handler has a hard time reading the prompter and knows it, Chuy the Nugget recites poorly written jokes but makes them funny by mangling them, and the roundtable comedians acknowledge that they’re part of something delightfully slapdash. To me, the show is best when I put as little effort in watching it–it works well as background noise while I’m cleaning, reading a magazine, or playing Angry Birds. After Lately, the new behind-the-scenes pseudo-reality series that follows what happens before and after filming Chelsea Lately, doesn’t seem like it takes too much time out of the staff’s workday, but I was almost hoping for even less effort. READ FULL STORY

Project Top Chef Model: Santa WAS listening

Sometimes, I drift off while watching yet another installment of Real Housewives (of Beverly Hills, of course, I would never fall asleep during Atlanta, let’s get real) and then, pachoo! All the sudden I look up and colorful shapes are flying at my face! Someone is laughing wildly and flicking mashed potatoes off a spoon into the camera! Buttons! Padma Lakshmi/Tom Coliccio/Bethenny Frankel/Tabatha Coffey/Andy Cohen pops up and stares me down! Always the same hands-on-hips pose. Always the dead eyes that say “Fall asleep, I dare you.” Rarely does a 30-second interval pass without a commercial for another Housewives franchise or reality competition show. It’s maddening, yet oddly comforting.  READ FULL STORY

PopWatch Confessional: 'Cars 2' toys are revving their engines, and I will hip-check you and your kid for first dibs

CARS-2Image Credit: DisneyDo you remember the thrill of anticipation when you raced through the aisles of a toy store to see if that one splendid piece of plastic you’d been obsessing over for weeks was waiting for you on a shelf? I certainly do, because I still feel it just about every time I’m in a toy store, a Target, or even the local food store. For I am, and have always been a collector — of Matchbox cars, of baseball cards, of music CDs, and now, as the father of a 5-year-old boy, of die-cast cars from the the Pixar film, Cars. I’m not certain how many little $3.99 vehicles we have in our home, but I can confirm that we have at least six different versions of Lightning McQueen. READ FULL STORY

'RuPaul's Drag Race': Does Raja have this season locked up already?

Raja-Drag-RaceSo, Raja might not have won last night’s newscasting challenge on RuPaul’s Drag Race — that honor went to the pineapple-perfect and politically incorrect Manila Luzon — but the episode, which saw the statuesque queen don three amazing looks, certainly raised this question: Does Raja already have the title of America’s Next Drag Superstar on lock for this season? The realness of this quandary lingered in my mind as I watched last night’s episode — I literally couldn’t stop thinking that thought, which is why I’m blogging about it in the wee hours of the morning and bringing the question to you, my dear EW.com readers. The evidence as to why I think Raja is the most fierce competition this season is clear as day when you look at the three-peat of insane looks above. Don’t you agree? In these three instances, Raja is serving all kind of different things — a bloody nasty red-carpet heathen; a dorky-cool newscaster; and Marie Antoinette. What can’t she do?


Valentine's Day Surprise! Barbie and Ken are officially back together

One of America’s most epic romances is back on: Mattel is announcing today that, after shocking the world with their break-up in 2004 and rekindling their love on the set of last year’s blockbuster Toy Story 3, Barbie and Ken have decided to give love another chance after seven years apart. The pair’s plastic love is red-hot once again, just in time for the most romantic of holidays, Valentine’s Day. Yesterday, Barbie hinted that something might be in the works on her Facebook page with the status update: “Who knows…maybe I’ll have a Valentine this year.” Early this morning, Barbie changed her status on Facebook to “In a Relationship.”

EW called up Mattel to get a little context on the news. “They were reunited as costars, as you know, on the set of Toy Story 3,” explains Lisa McKnight, vice president of marketing at Mattel. “As we like to put it, they found they were kind of missing each other. They had a lot of fun together. Now a little time has passed since the shoot and all the premiere noise around the movie and all that good stuff, and I think they both realized that they’re made for each other.”


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