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PopWatch Planner: 'The Good Wife' season finale, that superhero movie, and stars in big hats

It’s the season of season finale television, and up next we have The Good Wife‘s spring ender, where we’ll learn if the firm can survive its looming bankruptcy. And by the end of this week, we’ll also have the answer to another very important question — Will The Avengers have the biggest weekend opening ever? (Or at least until July, when The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters.) Plus, stars in funny hats! (Because who doesn’t love a funny hat.) READ FULL STORY

'Grey Anatomy's Sarah Drew weighs in on April and Jackson's smooch and a big reveal

The all-important board exams have been looming over the residents at Seattle Grace for weeks. Tonight, after last week’s high stress round of interviews, we’ll finally find out the results and the anxiety of D-day has one resident feeling a little off-balance: April Kepner (Sarah Drew).

“She’s really emotional throughout the whole episode,” Drew says. “She’s literally jumping out her skin so she punches a guy and then makes out with her best friend.”

Yup, that kiss between close friends, Kepner and Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams) is more than promo trickery. Kepner does lock lips with Avery on tonight’s episode and while Drew was mum about whether the frazzled resident finally does the deed, she did say that things won’t just go back to normal between the two afterwards.


Find the 'Cougar Town' cast... on all your other favorite shows!


No amount of time spent with Big Carl will help me get over the fact that ABC’s Cougar Town won’t premiere until next year. I curse whoever made the decision to keep the Cul-de-sac Crew off the air until that mid-season premiere date (which has yet to be determined).

But it seems that the powers that be read my mind and made the decision to at least get Jules & Co. back on my TV, even though they can’t deliver any new Cougar Town episodes. Earlier this week, the show’s creator Bill Lawrence tweeted that his cast “will be on more shows this fall (this week even) than any cast on tv.” What quickly followed was Lawrence’s announcement of the “Find the Cougar Town Cast” project. READ FULL STORY

'Law & Order: SVU': T. R. Knight's creepy return to television

The last time we saw him on our TV sets, T. R. Knight was playing Grey’s Anatomy‘s beloved Dr. George O’Malley before he met an untimely end in 2009. In his first television role since (he’s been continuing a successful stage career), Knight plays somewhat against type: George O’Malley was the bumbling, baby-faced surgeon with a nervous smile and horrible luck with women; his latest character, Gabriel Thomas from last night’s Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, is an alleged (SPOILER ALERT!) “power-reassurance serial rapist” with a neck tattoo — sure, the tat is of a yin-yang symbol — but still, a neck tattoo pretty much never screams “nice guy.” Gabriel sure looks like George, but that’s where the similarities end. Like George, Gabriel’s into blonds, but only of the submissive variety — that would certainly exclude Izzie Stevens. READ FULL STORY

TV Leaderboard: 'Breaking Bad' passes 'Vampire Diaries' in EW.com reader ratings

The CW’s The Vampire Diaries may have been tops in EW.com reader ratings last week, but that was only based on partial data — we hadn’t yet been able to include Friday and Sunday programming. And now that a full week of new TV is under our belt, a new champion has emerged: AMC’s Breaking Bad, in which a desperate Walt turned to Saul for help after Gus brought the hammer down. Also moving into the top ranks: the season premieres of Friday’s sci-fi freakout Fringe, and Sunday’s lawyer-cum-political-cum-domestic drama The Good Wife. Check out the full standings below:  READ FULL STORY

Eva Longoria, Tina Fey named Top Female TV Earners by 'Forbes'

What’s the opposite of blerg? Tina Fey won’t be dusting off that classic Liz Lemonism for a while because she was just named TV’s highest-paid actress by Forbes. Fey tied with Eva Longoria for the top spot, with each actress raking in $13 million between May 2010 and May 2011. Fey took the lead for her multitasking role as a star, producer, and head writer on 30 Rock, plus the earnings from her book Bossypants, which just sold its millionth copy. Longoria’s success came not only from her role on Desperate Housewives but also from lucrative endorsement deals with L’Oréal and LG.

Longoria was joined by fellow Housewives Marcia Cross (#3), and Teri Hatcher and Felicity Huffman, who tied for sixth place with $9 million apiece. Law & Order: SVU star Mariska Hargitay and soon-to-depart CSI regular Marg Helgenberger earned a healthy $10 million to tie Cross for third place. Rounding out the group, Cougar Town‘s Courteney Cox and Ellen Pompeo of Grey’s Anatomy both earned $7 million, and The Good Wife star Juliana Margulies took home $6 million last year.

Read more:
Tina Fey’s ‘Bossypants’ sells over a million copies, proving she can do no wrong
‘Desperate Housewives': Eva Longoria dances on a stripper pole in next episode — EXCLUSIVE VIDEO
‘CSI’ season premiere: Ted Danson, warm and wily, takes over; Catherine prepares to leave

TV Jukebox: What were your favorite songs in shows this week?

Have you ever been watching the end of a Vampire Diaries and wondered why you were weeping? Or been humming a random Springsteen song all week before you remember it was featured in Glee? Well, friend, you are not alone. We here at EW have been keeping our eyes and ears open in search of the best music appearing on the small screen this fall season. From that tireless search was born the TV Jukebox. Since the premieres began rolling in, we’ve found songs from perennial earworm provider Grey’s Anatomy, some danceable goodness from Glee and How I Met Your Mother, a surprise entry from still wet-behind-the-ears sitcom Free Agents, and more. Check out our picks below!  READ FULL STORY

TV Season Finale Awards: The winners are announced!

The results of our 2nd annual fan-voted TV Season Finale Awards are in! Check out the winners gallery here for the Top 5 finishers in each of our 20 categories. A total of 718,838 votes were cast. SPOILER: Parks and Recreation‘s Li’l Sebastian was named fifth best death.  READ FULL STORY

'Grey's Anatomy': Whose wedding dress was better? (Poll)

Wedding dress madness continues on PopWatch! And while last night’s Grey’s Anatomy wedding was no royal wedding, it was gorgeous. I had only just stopped weeping from Bailey’s speech about God when the Bails (we’re tight that way) stood at the altar and officiated the ceremony between Callie and Arizona, both wearing white bridal gowns by Amsale (ABC confirms) with touches of their personality peppered through the styling. Callie, for example, had a veil custom made for the occasion to look like her mother’s (even though she ended up leaving in a fit before the ceremony… ). Arizona, meanwhile, kept it a little more bohemian with a looped headpiece with flowers on the side and minimalist jewelry. Callie didn’t have jewelry either, but the sleeves on her dress were certainly quite enough.

Speaking of which, unlike the saga we went through to identify Duchess Catherine’s best dress, I think this race has a clear winner. READ FULL STORY

Kevin McKidd says 'Grey's Anatomy' musical will likely garner 'a positive reaction.' Are you ready?

I’ve got a box of Puffs ready to go for tonight’s Grey’s Anatomy: The Musical Event. If you haven’t done the same, it’s safe for me to declare you completely unprepared.

Last week, I admitted to being skeptical about this episode, but the more and more I hear about it, the more confident I am that I’m going to be completely destroyed tonight. That’s a good thing! Kevin McKidd (who plays Owen) thinks we’ll like it, too.

“I think any time — at least in my life — you take a risk and try something new it’s always worked out, Because life would be boring if we just did the same thing every single day,” he says. “It’s a pretty emotional episode. It plays into the strengths the show has always had. My hunch is that it’s going to be a positive reaction.”

He’d know — Owen actually plays a big part in the episode because [MINI SPOILER] READ FULL STORY

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