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Will 'Grey's Anatomy' kill Cristina Yang? -- POLL


Grey’s Anatomy fans have known for a while now that season 10 would be Sandra Oh’s last, but it wasn’t until last week’s episode that we realized how she was going to leave. Or at least, we thought we realized how she was going to leave.

After last night’s tear-filled interaction with Owen, I find myself doubting if she can really leave him. But more than anything, the promo for the finale terrifies me. The promo teases: “The goodbye you never expected,” which is either just talking generally about Cristina Yang leaving the show, or perhaps Cristina’s exit isn’t going to be what we expected.

Watch the promo below: READ FULL STORY

From 'Grey's Anatomy' to 'Scandal,' we rank ShondaLand's 20 most romantic speeches

Shonda Rhimes is known for a lot of things. She’s the woman behind some of television’s most shocking twists. She’s an expert at season finales. And perhaps more than anything, she — and her writers — knows what it takes to make a speech go from good to great. Specifically, nobody knows how to say “I love you” like she does. This is the woman who invented McDreamy, after all.

And with last week’s Cristina-Burke reunion on Grey’s Anatomy, we were reminded of just how great those love confessions could be. So in honor of that moment and all the ones we’ve yet to experience, we’ve ranked ShondaLand’s 20 most romantic speeches from Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal. (Sorry, Private Practice fans. This list is current shows only.) Enjoy: READ FULL STORY

In defense of Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl is coming back to our TV screens — which really means that tweets and articles complaining about Katherine Heigl are coming back to our computer screens.

On Tuesday, NBC announced that it had ordered the political drama State of Affairs — starring Heigl as a top CIA analyst. This marks Heigl’s first return to TV after leaving Grey’s Anatomy in 2010. That era cemented Heigl’s bad reputation — one that isn’t totally merited.


This 'Grey's Anatomy' tribute to Cristina and Meredith will make you cry -- VIDEO

If you have A Person, once had A Person, or ever lost A Person, the following video might make you weep for your BFF.

Frankly, Meredith and Cristina are one of the best friendships on TV. (I’m happy to debate that, if you disagree. Also, you’re nuts!) And as Sandra Oh prepares to bid farewell to the series, fans of the pleasantly sardonic pair will likely enjoy this walk down memory lane — even if you’re not a happy, glowy person. READ FULL STORY

'Grey's Anatomy': Cristina and Burke's 11 best moments

Grey’s Anatomy‘s ultimate power couple was and always will be Cristina Yang and Preston Burke. Their relationship was complicated and messy and ultimately heartbreaking, but it was also captivating, romantic, and incredibly sincere. He was the brilliant heart surgeon, and she was the brilliant, overly competitive intern. She was his student, and he was the man she loved. They were both stubborn, cocky, and at times, infuriating. But that’s also what made them so interesting to watch.

And tonight, seven years after Burke left Cristina at the alter, he’s returning to her life. For scoop on that, check out our chat with Shonda Rhimes and Sandra Oh, and then grab your lucky scrub cap, your cup of coffee, and join us in reliving Cristina and Burke’s best moments from seasons 1 through 3:


'Grey's Anatomy': First pic of Isaiah Washington on set!

Last night’s Grey’s Anatomy was all about Cristina’s future, and more specifically, her future (or lack thereof) with Owen Hunt. Could they end up married with kids? Could they forever find themselves stuck in an unhappy back-and-forth that results in Owen turning into a drunk? I really hope not.

Regardless, Cristina’s time on the show is winding down, and fans have been very vocal about the return of Isaiah Washington’s Dr. Preston Burke, whether they like the news or not. And now, Ellen Pompeo has posted the first picture of Washington back on the set where he once stole Cristina’s heart while simultaneously repairing the hearts of many others. READ FULL STORY

'Good Wife,' 'Grey's Anatomy' exits: Dear TV, it's not you, it's them

It feels like every day brings news of another major character leaving one of our beloved shows. The recent influx started with Sandra Oh announcing that after 10 seasons, she was ready to say goodbye to Grey’s Anatomy. From there, we’ve had Paul Guilfoyle leaving CSI, Dan Bucatinsky leaving Scandal, Daniel Sharman leaving Teen Wolf, Claire Holt leaving The Originals, Josh Charles leaving The Good Wife, and really recently, even more Grey’s exits, to name a few.

But if television is at its best right now, with actors like Kevin Spacey and Matthew McConaughey joining the ranks of the small screen, then what is up with all the farewells? Was it something TV said?

I highly doubt it, but there’s a little something I’d like to say to TV. READ FULL STORY

Throwback Thursday: What's your favorite TV or movie proposal? -- VIDEO

Today is a very busy day. For starters, it’s Throwback Thursday. But it’s also the first day of spring and, wait for it, National Proposal Day! So, it only seemed fitting that I kill two birds with one stone — I refuse to celebrate spring until it’s warm outside — and throw it on back to my favorite movie/TV proposal of all time.

If asked, most women can tell you at least a little something about their dream proposal. Maybe there’s a path of rose petals involved, or perhaps they’re a fan of the sporting event jumbotron. Then there’s the secret photographers, and the flashmobs, and the rings being hidden in desserts. But for me, I can trace my perfect proposal back to 2007, when the movie Stepmom made me cry like a baby.

Before the tears started, there was a great proposal scene between Ed Harris and Julia Roberts. In it, Harris woke Roberts up with a kiss, and as they both sat in bed in their pajamas, he gave her a spool of thread. After tying it around her finger during a speech about marriage being a tough commitment, he put a ring on the other end of the thread and slid it down onto her finger.

Watch it below:


Dr. Burke returns to 'Grey's Anatomy': What will happen?

Isaiah Washington may have left Grey’s Anatomy on a bad note, but that’s not stopping fans of the show from celebrating his just-announced return as Dr. Burke.

In season 3, Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) and Burke were engaged. They were working together. They were in love. Then Burke left Yang at the altar, and that was the last we saw of him. Now that Oh is leaving the show, creator Shonda Rhimes said she felt his return was an integral part of providing closure to Cristina Yang. But what will happen between the two? We’ve got some ideas: READ FULL STORY

Second time around: TV stars who reprised iconic roles

You can’t go home again — unless you’re a television star.

ABC announced a big shocker Thursday: Isaiah Washington, who played heart surgeon Dr. Preston Burke on three seasons of Grey’s Anatomy, will soon reprise the role he left in 2007. Washington exited the show after his contract was not renewed, following accusations that he had used a homophobic slur in reference to his then co-star T.R. Knight. He is set to return in a May episode, which will coincide with Sandra Oh’s departure from the medical drama. (Washington played Oh’s love interest on the show; their story ended with Burke leaving Oh’s Cristina Yang on their wedding day.)

Washington is just one of several actors who have reprised a well-known role. Here’s a roundup of some of TV’s most notable returns:


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