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Entertainment Geekly: 'Grand Theft Auto V' is one of the most depressing videogames ever made


Grand Theft Auto V is what it looks like when a suicidal architect builds a skyscraper. The game is beautiful and it is empty. I don’t mean that as an insult. The game might actually be about emptiness; it regards the human condition with less sentimentality than Werner Herzog. I can’t help but recommend Grand Theft Auto V, because I’ve played it for at least fifty hours. It is probably the best-made Grand Theft Auto game ever, and it is also the most soulless, which probably explains why it is so much fun. If this sounds paradoxical, it’s because of two basic truths that you only really understand after you’ve finished the game’s story, which took me about three weeks of sleepless nights and lost weekends: READ FULL STORY

'Grand Theft Auto V' sales are huge: Over $800 million in one day


Turns out there’s an enormous market for violent wish-fulfillment fantasies stuffed with fast cars, flamethrowers, and tennis. Who knew?

Take-Two Interactive Software announced yesterday that the Grand Theft Auto series’ long-awaited fifth chapter has taken off like a heistmaster in a speedboat. The company estimates that GTA V generated over $800 million in sales worldwide in just one day. (The game retails for $59.99 in the U.S.)


'Grand Theft Auto V' review (Part One): A big huge epic about big hugeness


Grand Theft Auto V is the biggest and messiest game I’ve played in years. It’s a quieter Grand Theft Auto but also a louder Grand Theft Auto, a more mature Grand Theft Auto and a shockingly adolescent Grand Theft Auto. It’s set in a big huge FauxCal where Los Angeles is a 10-minute drive from Lake Tahoe and the policemen actually notice when you break traffic laws. If you can imagine an automobile, you can probably steal it in Grand Theft Auto V. At the turning point of videogame generations, with a whole rush of big-huge open-world games arriving in the next 12 months, this is Rockstar Games’ bold, beautiful, and batcrap-crazy proof that nobody does Big Huge like they do Big Huge. It’s their Watch the Throne, their Olympics Opening Ceremony; it’s The Videogame-as-Mic-Drop.

The game features three protagonists: Retired heistmaster Michael, who’s like an older version of the protagonist Ray Liotta played in Vice City; Rookie criminal Franklin, who’s the most realistic, most admirable, and most boring of the leads; and insane semi-human Trevor, who looks like Jack Nicholson on a decade-long meth bender and talks like Yosemite Sam reciting with a libertarian comment board.

'Grand Theft Auto V' has an official release date, finally


Rockstar Games sent out a press release today officially announcing the release date of Grand Theft Auto V, the studio’s return to the open-world crime franchise. Unfortunately, fans excited to start firing rocket launchers at circling military helicopters will need to wait awhile longer than expected: The game has been moved back from its initial Spring 2013 berth, and will now hit stores on Sept. 17.

V returns the franchise to Los Santos, the bizarro-world Los Angeles that featured prominently in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, a.k.a. “The One With The Jetpack.” READ FULL STORY

'Grand Theft Auto V' trailer: Planes, trains, and exploding automobiles -- VIDEO

One year after the first teaser for Grand Theft Auto V offered an impressionistic, semi-inscrutable look at the game’s faux-SoCal setting, Rockstar Games has released a new trailer for the new entry in its beloved open-world crime series. Set to a pumping electric soundtrack, the trailer introduces you to the game’s three protagonists. Michael, a middle-aged ex-criminal, is living the Ray Winstone Sexy Beast life, sitting by the pool and happily living out his retirement. That won’t last. Then there’s Franklin, a young black man just beginning a life of crime, and also Trevor, who is insane.

As IGN revealed this week, GTAV will let you switch between the three characters  — a radical shift for a series that has always been about single-character epics. If that all sounds too conceptual, the trailer also features a Molotov cocktail, a train crash, and a scene where you drive a car out of a plane mid-flight. READ FULL STORY

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