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PopWatch Planner: 'Smash' premieres, movies to see with your sweetie, and gearing up for Grammys

Today’s PopWatch planner is bookended with major events — the Super Bowl today (obviously!) and next Sunday the week kicks off with the Grammy Awards. But in between, there are some major TV premieres and a special DVD release for all the Twi-hards. Have a great week!

Super Bowl XLVI, 6:30 p.m. ET/ 3:30 p.m. PT, NBC
It’s all football all the time today, especially since you’ve probably already seen most of the commercials! But it’s worth staying tuned for Madonna’s halftime show, and after the game, for the premiere of The Voice and Jimmy Fallon’s last late night special from Indianapolis. If you’re not watching the game, here are a few other optionsREAD FULL STORY

Lady Gaga wears a 'latex condom-inspired outfit' on 'Good Morning America'

On Sunday, Lady Gaga dressed (bizarrely) for the Grammys, but today, she dressed for aisle 9 at Duane Reade.  In this video from today’s edition of Good Morning America, pop’s current First Lady is clad in one of her wackiest ensembles yet: a flesh-colored, “latex condom-inspired outfit,” topped off with a hat that’s a little Three Musketeers, a little Quaker Oats Man, and a lot crazy. (If only Woody Allen from Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex* (*But Were Afraid to Ask) were there to accompany her.)

There is, however, a method to Gaga’s madness, according to the star. READ FULL STORY

What happened to tongue-tied CBS News reporter Serene Branson?

Like most red-blooded Americans, I love videos of newscasters making giant flubs on the air — like this one, this one, and (especially) this one. But the following clip, in which CBS News reporter Serene Branson’s post-Grammys report devolves into gibberish, is actually kind of unsettling. Suspicions that something may have been wrong with Branson were raised further after a (totally unconfirmed) report surfaced earlier today that she was hospitalized shortly after the segment aired. Calls to CBS News were not returned. Here’s hoping everything is okay and it was just a run-of-the-mill goof. UPDATE: CBS Los Angeles reports that Branson was not hospitalized after all. She was examined by paramedics immediately after her broadcast, who found her vital signs to be normal. READ FULL STORY

Lady Gaga's egg coffin, Batman bubble butt: EW.com readers outraged, confused at low shock value

Lady Gaga threw a wrench into the peaceful fabric of Crazy Town, of which she is mayor, by showing up to Sunday’s Grammy Awards encased in a giant egg, then “hatching” in a solid-color latex number with zero — zero! — random patches of material calling attention to her genital area. “This is pretty tame for her; most of her body is covered,” complained dee123 in the comment section of EW’s Grammys Red Carpet photo gallery. Meg Mon agreed. “She did add a few little Klingon bits on her forehead and shoulders. But for someone who is being ‘born’ into a performance, I expect something — bigger.” According to Allison, Gaga failed in more than one arena of fashion: “Not crazy enough to be shocking, not sane enough to be pretty,” she laments. Luckily, Ethan stepped in as the voice of reason. “I can’t believe you’re calling her tame when she came to the effin’ Grammys IN AN EGG. I love what Lady Gaga has done to life.”

Meanwhile, my favorite Gaga-related comment came from loyal reader Madd: “The leather outfit (pictured, bottom) reminded me of the Arrested Development episode where Tobias buys a ‘Leather Daddy’ outfit.” Oh, does it ever. READ FULL STORY

Grammys: Elton John and Lady Gaga's sunglasses, to bling or not to bling?

The Grammys is known to have a more pizazz-filled dress code than most awards shows and last night’s opening act—a magical duet between Lady Gaga and Elton John—was a perfect example of the ceremony’s love for all things crazy. In the Grammys opening number, John and Gaga joined forces at the piano, but not without some lavish costumes. John took the simple route in a Giorgio Armani tuxedo, while Gaga donned a shoulder-heavy green glittery costume custom-made by the designer. But you’d better believe that John, the original master of fantastical stage garb, wasn’t about to let Gaga have all the fun. So he joined the sparkle parade and accessorized with totally nutty, but totally amazing Swarovski-encrusted glasses, also custom-made by Armani, that probably caused some vision discrepancies.

Creating the tricked-out shades must’ve been a cinch for Armani, who seems to count Gaga as a muse of sorts. “We hear Lady Gaga’s music everywhere we go,” he said. “It is like a soundtrack of our times. In addition to her formidable songwriting skills, she is a modern fashion phenomenon.”

Being a friend to all things shiny, I would totally rock these sunglasses, so long as I don’t have to actually see anything. Would you wear them?

Photo: Michael Caulfield/WireImage.com

Like some hemorrhoids, this Situation will simply not go away

I can’t decide which element of this-just-in ridiculata is the worst: 1) Jersey Shore‘s Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino was Access Hollywood‘s red carpet correspondent at last night’s Grammys 2) The Situation’s new fragrance will be called Sitch, or 3) The Situation’s suit in this picture. (Bunching, or just happy to see us? Discuss.) I can never go back to a purer state of not knowing any of these things, and since I’m a miserable excuse for a human being who sometimes refuses to suffer in silence, now neither can you.

In other horrifying-but-hypnotic news, the entire Jersey Shore cast appeared on the Today Show this morning to talk about moving somewhere warm for season 2 and thoroughly confuse Meredith Viera about what the hell is going on in pop culture — even after a lengthy video recap during which the voiceover said, incredulously, “that’s Nicole Polizzi, nicknamed Snooki. She was even punched in the face this season!”

Certainly vote below. I’m interested in The Situation’s staying power. And I hate myself for typing this, but my relationship with the name “Sitch” for a fragrance is so love/hate that it may as well be love.

Annie on Twitter: @EWAnnieBarrett

Image credit: Albert L. Ortega/PR Photos

Grammys: Was Stephen Colbert out of his element?

Well, yes, Walter. Of course he was. You need only watch Jay-Z’s Bish Please face at 0:38 during Colbert’s “Welcome, folks!” speech (embedded below) to figure that out. Colbert’s good-natured quips like “The Pink-Eyed Green Peas” fell flat with the cool kids, even though that one would have gone over great as a word puzzle with special musical guests on Sesame Street. Tough crowd for Colbert. It’s okay, though. No one really needs to “fit in” at the Grammys. And Colbert certainly doesn’t care. He is a GRAMMY WINNER; plus, his adorable teenage daughter finally thinks he’s cool. And anyone who’s prepared Lady Gaga zingers to fire off backstage is a Grammys winner in my children’s picture book. (For the alien visitor’s next outfit, Colbert predicted, “They’re just going to spray her down with glue and run her through a Build-a-Bear workshop.”)

A bit more jarring for me was the trotting out of random CBS TV stars to present awards to people in the music industry. I have nothing against Kaley Cuoco or Chris O’Donnell in theory, and Simon Baker’s glasses deserved Accessory of the Year, but I couldn’t help but roll my eyes when they came out. Like, ugh, I get it, CBS, TV on the Grammys, lame! Still, I’d rather hear Chris O’Donnell present an award 30 times than Quentin Tarantino pretend he’s a rapper and plug his own movie once. What about you?

War of the Wet: Whose performance was more fluid?

Hmmm. Choosing a side in this arbitrary pitting of singer vs. actor is going to be tough. Pink showered the Grammys swaybots (and hopefully Lady Gaga, who was dressed to complement rain in the audience) with water as she executed a mid-level Cirque du Soleil routine the Québécois are calling “tres mignon.” But in Jon Hamm‘s digital short on Saturday Night Live, the actor and reborn sax maniac emerged from the womb of Kristen Wiig and wailed on that instrument full force, because that’s what Sergio was put on this planet by homeless Fred Armisen to do.

Neither was quite naked — Pink seems to be revealing more skin, but there’s actually a lot of fabric involved there. Jon Hamm is wearing pants, but the sheer surface area of his glistening upper body and the ridiculous element of suspenders somehow makes him equivalent to three completely naked regular people. Does Sergio, who neither sang nor spun, ultimately get the edge for experimenting with different fluids? You decide.

Oh, and if you thought Pink’s performance deserved more than a C+, sound off in our Grammys Performances: We Grade ‘Em! photo gallery.

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Annie on Twitter: @EWAnnieBarrett

Grammy Awards: Who was that kid with Jay-Z last night?

Whoa, does Jay-Z have a kid? Well, if he does, it wasn’t the little rugrat he was sitting with at the Grammys last night. The boy Jay and Rihanna referred to as “Julez” while accepting the Best Rap/Sung Collaboration Grammy (see clip below) is Daniel Julez Smith, Beyonce‘s sister Solange Knowles’ 5-year-old son. So the kid in the “super fresh” tuxedo and Nike Dunks is Jay’s nephew, not his son. Jay and B are private, but that would’ve been a fairly massive secret for them to have kept so long . (Because they’re so private, wasn’t it kinda cool to hear Beyonce tell her husband “I love you” in her acceptance speech for Best Female Vocal Performance? Also cool: Replaying it on my DVR and pretending she was talking to me.) My wife thought little Julez looked a lot like Mos Def, probably influenced a bit by the fact that he was just on-screen presenting the award.

“No THANKS.” Wow, cute and polite. Nice work, Solange.

So honestly, who wondered if that was Jay-Z’s kid last night?

Be sure to head over to EW’s Music Mix blog for full coverage of the 2010 Grammy Awards.

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The Grammys' bizarre calendar change-up

Mia_lNot that I expect anything less from an organization as perennially out of touch as the Recording Academy — I’m looking at you, Herbie — but the new eligibility calendar they just announced for the Grammys is a puzzler. Next year’s ceremony will take place in January, a bit earlier than usual, and only music released between Oct. 1, 2008 and Aug. 31, 2009 will be counted for awards. Who cares about those dates? Well, as others have noticed, the new cut-off will basically eliminate the whole fourth quarter of 2009 from consideration. Considering how labels traditionally stack the fall and winter with high-profile releases to maximize holiday sales, it’s hard to see how this makes sense. Worst of all, that’s one less month that M.I.A. has to get pregnant in time to steal the show again. Not considerate, Grammys.

But hey, maybe this will lead to a 2010 Grammys broadcast that’s packed with wonderful (months-old) summer jams, and we’ll all agree that this was a good idea after all. Do you care about this change in the rules?

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