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TV Recap: 'The Sound of Music,' 'Glee,' and 'Scandal' -- VIDEO

Did you miss Thursday night’s Sound of Music or the new episodes of Glee or Scandal? Catch up with our TV recap below! READ FULL STORY

Remembrance of felt past: Ranking the puppet episodes that paved the way for 'Glee'

On Thanksgiving Day, Glee will join an elite squad of network  TV series: the few, the proud, the ones with puppet episodes. Not episodes that revolve around inevitably creepy marionettes — like Buffy‘s “The Puppet Show” or Criminal Minds“The Lesson” — but ones that instead feature cute, colorful felt facsimiles of one or more main characters. (It’s important to note that these facsimiles are generally not Muppets. To quote an earlier episode of one Puppet Brotherhood member: “Shh! You wanna get sued?”)

Though puppet episodes are a nascent genre, they still generally conform to a certain set of rules. They’ve got the feel of children’s television as made for a decidedly older audience. They include plenty of meta jokes about the characters’ sudden felt status. At some point, someone’s going to act like Kermit when he gets excited. And finally, there’s got to be at least one song — preferably an original, designed to sound like a grown-up Sesame Street outtake.

Glee, most likely, will hit these same notes in “Puppet Master,” its own imaginatively named puppet episode. But how will the show compare to the faux-Muppet stories that have come before? Let’s speculate — after first remembering the four most notable puppet episodes of seasons past.

TV Recap: 'Scandal,' 'Glee,' and 'The Big Bang Theory' -- VIDEO

Did you miss the latest episodes of your favorite shows?

Find out what happened on Thursday night’s Scandal, Glee, and The Big Bang Theory in the newest edition of TV Recap below! READ FULL STORY

Lea Michele opens up about Cory Monteith death to 'Elle'

Following on- and off-screen boyfriend Cory Monteith’s death this summer, Lea Michele got help from an unexpected source: Kate Hudson.

In the days following Monteith’s death, Hudson, who guest-starred on Glee last season as Rachel’s mean dance teacher,  opened her home to Michele, Michele shared in her first U.S. magazine interview since Monteith’s death. Michele covers the December issue of Elle, and in excerpts posted online, discussed how she got through those especially difficult first days.

“I called [Kate Hudson] and said, ‘I don’t know where I’m going to go because my house is swarmed [with reporters].’ ” Michele said. “She was like, ‘Oh, you’re going to stay at my house.’ Like it was nothing. No one knew I was there. I’ll never really be able to thank her, truly, for what she did for me.”   READ FULL STORY

Amber Riley on 'Glee' ending: 'It's been a really good run'

Being on Glee has plenty of perks, but early access to information about the show? Not one of them.

Amber Riley, alongside Dancing With the Stars partner Derek Hough, stopped by Arsenio today, where Arsenio Hall naturally asked the actress about Ryan Murphy’s recent announcement: that Glee would likely conclude after next season.

Riley shared that she first heard the news today. “It’s been a couple of years, and it’s been a really good run,” she said about her time on the program. “Glee‘s been an amazing blessing in my life, and to so many other people…I’m sure everybody can attest to a story, or a character they love, or something that really touched their heart, so I was really blessed to be a part of that for so many years.”


'Glee' says goodbye to Cory Monteith: Here's how other TV shows handled a star's death

After last night’s Glee, an emotional tribute to Finn Hudson (without revealing his cause of death but rather focusing on his life), we decided to look back at how other television shows have handled a death in the family. The scenario can be traced back to Dan Blocker’s unexpected death before filming began on Bonanza‘s final season. As a result, Bonanza was one of the first (if not the first) television show to address an actor’s death, and it did so by killing off Hoss, Blocker’s character. Many shows have followed that same path, while others found ways to shift the show’s focus, replace an actor, or even use old footage to give someone a proper goodbye.

Here’s a look at how other shows have reacted to an unexpected real-life death: READ FULL STORY

Lea Michele speaks out about Cory Monteith's death, upcoming 'Glee' tribute

For the first time since Cory Monteith’s untimely death in July, the fallen actor’s on- and off-screen girlfriend Lea Michele has addressed her loss in an interview with TV Week Australia.

“I feel like, for me personally, I’ve lost two people: Cory and Finn,” Michele told the magazine. But even though Monteith’s death was devastating, Michele added that she never really considered quitting the show: “Everyone is asking, ‘Is it hard to do this? Is it hard to be back at work?’ But the truth is, it’s no harder at work than it is in life — so we might as well all be together as a family supporting each other to get through this together.” READ FULL STORY

Hear all the Cory Monteith tribute songs from 'Glee'; which one is the saddest?

Yesterday, we got a first listen at Naya Rivera’s emotion-drenched rendition of “If I Die Young” — a cover featured in Glee‘s special tribute episode to Cory Monteith, which airs this Thursday on Fox. Now the rest of the tribute’s heart-wrenching tunes have made their way to YouTube as well.

Each of these six tracks may make you misty — but given view counts, it seems the one that’s had  the greatest impact so far is Lea Michele’s cover of “Make You Feel My Love.” (That figures; after all, Michele and Monteith dated both on and offscreen.)

Do you agree that Michele’s song is the most poignant — and saddest — of the whole collection? Give a listen below, then cast your vote.


Naya Rivera sings 'If I Die Young' for Cory Monteith tribute on 'Glee': Listen here

Man, this week’s Glee is going to be tough to watch.

On Thursday, the show will officially say farewell to Finn Hudson — and, by extension, to Cory Monteith, who died after taking a lethal heroin-alcohol mix in July. The song list for this special episode will include “Seasons of Love” from the musical Rent, Adele’s version of Bob Dylan’s “Make You Feel My Love” — sung by Monteith’s on- and off-screen girlfriend Lea Michele — and The Band Perry’s “If I Die Young,” performed by Monteith’s costar Naya Rivera. All proceeds generated by the tribute’s music will go to Project Limelight Society, an arts organization in Monteith’s native Canada.

MTV premiered Rivera’s emotional cover earlier today. Get a first listen of it below — and then get a box of tissues ready.


'Glee': What to expect from tonight's premiere

Little did we know when Glee wrapped its fourth season, the show — and the fans who love it — were in for one heck of a hard summer. A lot has changed since the musical dramedy went off the air in May, and the show now brings with it questions much larger than “Will Rachel land her Broadway dream?” Cory Monteith tragically passed away in July, and the show announced, perhaps inevitably, that the upcoming season will feature the death of his character, Finn, as well.

Before that depressing turn of events, starting tonight, the show will kick off its two-part Beatles tribute episode (“Love, Love, Love” and “Tina in the Sky With Diamonds”). If tribute episodes of the past — such as hours devoted to Madonna or Britney — are anything to go on, tonight will be an upbeat, music-filled hour (eight songs as opposed to the more typical four per hour) with brief storylines focused on the themes of the artist’s oeuvre. Since The Beatles are all about love, it’s likely the show will kick off with a continuation of Blaine’s will he/won’t he proposal to Kurt. The show is going to be dealing with more than its fair share of tragedy this season, and getting Kurt and Blaine back together can provide a happy counterpoint, not to mention a great excuse to break out even more classic love songs.

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