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Lena Dunham hosts 'Saturday Night Live' this weekend: Talk about it here!

Girls is smart, well-made, thought-provoking, and very entertaining — provided you’re in the right mindset and/or have a high tolerance for watching selfish people go about their lives. That said, Lena Dunham’s adventure in auteurism isn’t exactly a laugh-out-loud sort of show — and really never has been, barring a few notable exceptions (Shoshanna on crack; Hannah and Elijah on coke; suddenly I’m sensing a pattern). I like to describe Broad City as “Girls, but funny” — which is probably why I like Broad City a whole lot more than I like Girls.

Despite all this, I’ve still got high hopes for Lena Dunham’s first episode as host of Saturday Night Live. Why? Because while Girls isn’t funny, Dunham herself is; I’ve got no doubt that when she decides to make a pure comedy, she’ll end up creating something great. And perhaps more importantly, Dunham is an experienced writer with a fully developed voice, which is just what SNL needs right now.


Lena Dunham's 'SNL' promos: Only one nudity joke! -- VIDEO


I’m going to say yes. First of all, the joke isn’t, “Hey Lena, why do you be so naked?” Secondly, the naked person in question is actually Dunham’s promo partner Kate McKinnon, which means that the Girls creator/producer/writer/star gets to have the upper hand instead of being the punchline. And thirdly, the bit includes a line about how McKinnon should probably take a trip to “the shirt store.”

All in all, jokes like this bode well for Dunham’s debut episode as SNL host — as do a few more amusing bits from the promos, like Dunham and McKinnon doing the “two young feminists” dance and Dunham’s deadpan assessment of McKinnon’s outfit (“She looks like a slut witch”). Grab a cupcake, settle into the bathtub, and check out the clips below:


Lena Dunham writing four-part story for Archie Comics: See the first image

We know that Lena Dunham can make a TV show, but can she write a good comic book arc? Looks like we’re going to find out.

Archie Comics have announced that Dunham will be writing a four-party Archie story to be published in 2015. Dunahm’s story will follow Archie and the gang when they run into a new reality show filming in Riverdale.

“I was an avid Archie collector as a child — conventions, first editions that l kept in plastic sleeves, the whole shebang,” Dunham said in a press release. “It has so much cultural significance but also so much personal significance, and to get to play with these beloved characters is a wild creative opportunity.”


Adam Driver in 'Star Wars': What he'll bring from 'Girls' to a galaxy far, far away

News of Adam Driver joining J.J. Abrams’s 2015 Star Wars sequel sent tremors through the Force earlier this week. Variety hinted that the Girls actor would play a villain, perhaps in the vein of Darth Vader. At 6′ 3″, Driver certainly has the physical presence to play an imposing heavy, and anyone who’s watched Girls, in which he plays Adam Sackler, the often-shirtless woodworker/actor/playwright who dates Lena Dunham’s Hannah, appreciates it’s not just his appearance that makes him an interesting choice — refreshing even, for a franchise that could use a little edge.

Sackler is a fascinating and polarizing character, and even though Driver has appeared in several films, mostly indies like Inside Llewyn Davis, it’s his Girls character that is currently his calling-card. The jump to hyperspace is light years from his cool HBO neighborhood (though perhaps not surprising since Driver had also been rumored for the role of Nightwing in the upcoming Batman Vs. Superman movie.)

Since LucasFilm hasn’t confirmed the casting, and the only hints about his Star Wars character come from casting-call descriptions posted last summer, we’re forced — and delighted — to make assumptions based on his role in Girls. We introduced our office nerfherd of Star Wars experts to our gaggle of Girls fans to make some sense of how Driver might fit into the sci-fi universe. After 20 minutes of sad anti-social behavior never before witnessed outside of an elementary-school gymnasium, and 20 minutes of breaking the ice playing Pass the Orange, the two camps finally put their heads together to come up with the following predictions for Driver’s Star Wars character, henceforth known as Darth Ramslayer: READ FULL STORY

Entertainment Geekly: How to Fix 'Girls'

Entertainment Geekly is a weekly column that examines pop culture through a geek lens and simultaneously examines contemporary geek culture through a pop lens. So many lenses!

On one hand, I’m not sure Girls needs fixing — which seems like an appropriately ambivalent way to start an essay about fixing Girls, since Girls is a thing about which few opinions are uncomplicated. When it debuted in 2012, the HBO twentysomething drama was variously hailed as “revolutionary” and “not as good as you think,” the standard point-counterpoint reaction to Important TV Shows.

The best things you could say about it were very good indeed — it was a new kind of television, produced with a new kind of voice, telling stories rarely told in the dude-heavy Golden Age of Television. (The worst thing you could say about it was that it was a much better version of How To Make It In America.) And everyone agreed that it was Saying Something Important — about women, about twentysomethings, about how the internet has ruined us all, about New York, or at least our cultural-consensus understanding about what New York means. READ FULL STORY

Andrew Rannells returns to 'Girls,' reveals what show is really about (and his first celeb crush) -- VIDEO


Elijah is back on Girls starting Sunday, and Andrew Rannells, who’ll appear in the remainder of season 3 and be a regular in season 4, couldn’t be happier about it. Elijah runs into Hannah (Lena Dunham) on the street in the Hamptons — or Hamptons adjacent — and after they make nice, she invites him and his friends (including Elijah’s new boyfriend played by Danny Strong) over to the house, where she and the girls fail to table their issues.

There may be some tense scenes in the episode, but when Rannells stopped by EW to chat, he was all laughs. Watch him share a story about a passerby telling him what Girls is really about below. Then, because we can’t get enough of him, watch the Tony nominee — who’ll play Carnegie Hall with Stephanie J. Block and the New York Pops on March 21 —  confess his first celeb crush and go-to karaoke song in the EW Pop Culture Personality Test.

And bonus! Because it’s hilarious, listen to him visit EW Radio (SiriusXM 105) and chat with Entertainment Weekly‘s Marc Snetiker about the Glee-related tweet that sent him into a rage and how he used to torture Josh Gad during The Book of Mormon. (NSFW language alert!) READ FULL STORY

TV Recap: 'Girls,' 'The Walking Dead,' and 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' -- VIDEO

Did you miss the Feb. 9 episodes of Girls, The Real Housewives of Atlanta or The Walking Dead? Catch up with our recap videos below! READ FULL STORY

TV Recap: 'Girls,' 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta,' and the Grammys -- VIDEO

Did you miss Sunday’s Girls, Real Housewives of Atlanta, or the Grammys? Catch up with our recap videos below! READ FULL STORY

Let's all just stop talking about the nudity on 'Girls'

We are not capable of talking about nudity in pop culture. We’re terrible at it. Look at this Girls thing. A journalist asked a poorly-phrased question, which the Girls producers interpreted in the least accurate manner possible. Everybody was their worst self. Then the journalist tried to clarify his question in a post on TheWrap. It’s a well-written post in which everyone comes off terribly: The journalist, the producers, men, women. READ FULL STORY

This Week's Cover: 'Downton Abbey' keeps our Winter TV Preview classy

It’s the biggest PBS phenomenon since Sesame Street, and might very well be the classiest thing you do every Sunday night. Yes, Downton Abbey is returning on Jan. 5, and Entertainment Weekly was on the set for season four of the British TV phenomenon. Creator Julian Fellowes’ wildly popular period drama about life on a decadent English countryside estate shocked viewers last season with two major character deaths (we’ll never forget you, Matthew and Sybil!), and the show’s anticipated fourth season promises to be nothing short of shocking, exciting, and traumatic — which is just what we’ve come to expect of the Grantham and Crawley clan. Even guest star Shirley MacLaine was floored by the show’s drama: “When Matthew died I nearly threw a chair at the television. I thought, what is Julian Fellowes doing? It took me a few days to get over it.” READ FULL STORY

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