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Reactions to the new iPad: Something old, something new


The new iPad, which has been anticlimactically named “the new iPad,” has the tech world buzzing after its unveiling by Apple CEO Tim Cook at San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Center for the Arts today. So what’s in a name? Well, aside from a lukewarm reception to the letdown name itself (as TechCrunch.com marveled, “The new iPad will just be called ‘iPad.’ That’s not confusing at all,”) it’s those noticeable, but not entirely groundbreaking new features like the retina display, a 5-megapixel rear camera, access to 4G LTE networks and A5X GPU chip for sharper graphics. With no major changes to the iPad itself, much of the feeling around the web is:,“The new iPad is a minor update, but you’ll buy it anyway.”

Apple iPad3 to be unveiled today: What to expect when you're expecting

It’s a not-so-secret secret that Apple will introduce the iPad3 today at a company event at San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, but there’s still the mystery of what your new best friend (let’s be honest here) will be bringing to the table. Er, tablet.

The tech world is buzzing with what could be and what they are hoping for with the latest incarnation of the iPad. Or, as The Washington Post points out, will likely be called the “iPad HD.” READ FULL STORY

'Dark Knight Rises' food truck debuts in New York with brand-new image from the film

When Gotham is ashes, you have my permission… to eat!

As a promotion for the New York Toy Fair, a food truck featuring a new image of The Dark Knight Rises has been spotted around New York City, according to ComingSoon. The truck, which is meant to serve breakfast and lunch to Toy Fair attendees, features a glimpse of Batman’s newest vehicular toy, The Bat, and it’s awesome. READ FULL STORY

Did 'Phantom Menace' kill 'The Matrix'?

Nobody saw The Matrix coming. Everyone saw The Phantom Menace coming. In 1999, the Wachowski Brothers appeared out of nowhere — their only previous film was the lesbian noir thriller Bound — and created what seemed at the time like the next great cinematic myth. That same year, George Lucas finally released a movie he had been promising, in one way or another, for almost two decades. By the end of the year, it was generally agreed by film fans that The Matrix had officially stolen Phantom Menace‘s thunder. But with the first episode of the Star Wars franchise being rereleased this weekend, I spent this week’s episode of Entertainment Geekly looking back on the legacy of those two films… and the curious ways in which Hollywood has evolved in their wake. Check out the new episode below: READ FULL STORY

'Star Wars' now officially gay-friendly; Conservatives are surprised, thought C-3PO and R2-D2 were just friends

It shouldn’t be too surprising that Star Wars: The Old Republic will allow players to pursue homosexual relationships. After all, the game was created by BioWare, the company that also developed the Mass Effect trilogy, which allows you to participate in lesbian, interspecies, and transgender relationships. (At one point in Mass Effect you flirt with a blue-skinned semi-immortal hermaphrodite, which is exactly the sort of thing your parents warned you about when you moved to the big city.) However, Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council has a bone to pick with the new homosexual option. In a new mixed-metaphor piece of radio commentary titled “Rebel Fleet Surrenders to Gay Empire,” Perkins said: “In a new Star Wars game, the biggest threat to the empire may be homosexual activists… in a galaxy not so far far away, Star Wars gamers have already gone to the dark side.” READ FULL STORY

New 'Lord of the Rings' LEGO: Which scene would you reenact?

It’s been nine years since the final installment of The Lord of the Rings franchise hit theaters, but I still can’t let go. But soon, however, I won’t be able to let go of my new LEGO blocks. In June, the toy company will release a line of Lord of the Rings LEGO for our geeky amusement, which means I have another way to occupy my time other than repeat viewings of behind-the-scenes featurettes on the Lord of the Rings director’s-cut DVDs. Wait, you mean I could actually spend my days reading new books and learning new things and perhaps even going outside to experience life? Psh. That shall not pass. READ FULL STORY

2012 is the geekiest year for movies ever. Is that a good thing?

There was a time when Hollywood was not solely in the business of making franchise films with a built-in geek fanbase. In the early ’90s, science-fiction films were mostly low-budget B-movies and Star Trek sequels. The success of Tim Burton’s Batman films didn’t immediately kick-start a superhero renaissance, unless you were a big fan of Steel and The Shadow, you weirdo. And there simply weren’t any epic fantasy films, although an imaginative young Tolkien fan could create a reasonable facsimile of a live-action Lord of the Rings by watching Willow on mute with Glenn Yarbrough’s Hobbit song playing on your tape-deck stereo system. READ FULL STORY

George Lucas says he's done with 'Star Wars' movies

Last fall, my esteemed and wordy colleague Darren Franich posted an essay entitled “Stop hating George Lucas, and stop loving Star Wars so much: Why it’s time to grow up.” It was in reaction to the uproar surrounding Lucas’ decision to make Darth Vader say “Nooooo!” at the climax of Return of the Jedi, and it touched a nerve, inspiring mostly spirited and totally geeky online debate over whether Lucas’ many changes and alterations to the Star Wars films over the years had, in fact, ruined our childhoods.

Well, Lucas haters, you’ve gotten your wish: In a story appearing in the upcoming issue of The New York Times Magazine and posted online yesterday, the man who helped invent the modern summer movie blockbuster says he’s retiring from making big-budget feature films, including and especially any more Star Wars movies. “Why would I make any more,” he says in the story, “when everybody yells at you all the time and says what a terrible person you are?” Yes, anonymous fanboy commentors, George Lucas has read your Han-Solo-shot-first! screeds, and he’s taken it kinda personally: “I’m saying: ‘Fine. But my movie, with my name on it, that says I did it, needs to be the way I want it.’”  READ FULL STORY

'Merlin': The wizard changes the rules of the game -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

The most intriguing twist in the TV series Merlin was the portrayal of Camelot as a kingdom in the grip of an anti-magic crusade. That meant that the series protagonist — a young incarnation of the famous titular wizard — was essentially living like an X-Man, forced to keep his sorcery skills hidden even from his closest friends. On this week’s episode of Merlin, the titular young wizard has to make a pivotal decision to save the wizard-hating King Uther using sorcery. In this exclusive clip, Merlin has a heated exchange with his friend and mentor Gaius. Check out the video below, and start getting excited for what promises to be a major turning point in the Merlin mythology. READ FULL STORY

Can 'Alcatraz,' 'The River,' 'Touch,' or 'Awake' make genre television successful on a broadcast network?

Around the midpoint of the last decade, broadcast television was seriously geeking out. The gradual success (and massive DVD sales) of 24 proved that viewers were interested in complicated story lines; the breakout success of Lost proved that viewers were even more interested in complicated story lines with some kind of sci-fi-fantasy twist. Respectable broadcast networks were suddenly greenlighting TV shows that sound like bad Image comic books from the ’90s: Does anyone actually remember Threshold, Surface, or Journeyman? READ FULL STORY

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