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Who's voting for Michael Vick as the 'Madden NFL12' coverboy? Can you say jinx?

For this year’s edition of its billion-dollar football video franchise, Electronic Arts teamed up with ESPN to let fans vote on which stud athlete would grace the cover of Madden NFL12. Thirty-two stars were slotted in a tournament bracket, and the contest is now down to two finalists: Peyton Hillis and Michael Vick. Meaning that this year’s coverboy will be either a convicted dog-abuser, or a relatively unsung player you wouldn’t recognize even as he ran you over on his way to the endzone. Though I’m sure the Madden folks believe that their product would sell even with O.J. Simpson on the cover, I’m guessing Vick and Hillis weren’t their top choices to be the face of their game.

It’s tempting to see Vick’s impressive showing as a sign that he’s finally moved past the illegal dog fighting and horrible treatment of animals that landed him in prison for 19 months, but Hillis’ candidacy indicates that the cover vote isn’t exactly a pure popularity contest. (The last two Super Bowl winning quarterbacks, Drew Brees and Aaron Rogers, have been eliminated.) READ FULL STORY

Candy Land adaptation nabs 'Kung Fu Panda' writers. Now, let's cast the movie!

Looks like the Candy Land movie is jumping ahead a few green spaces: Universal confirms with EW that Kung Fu Panda writers Jonathan Aibel and Glenn Berger are set to write the adaptation of the popular board game, while Kevin Lima (Enchanted) is attached to direct the film. It’s tasty news for those of us who are not allergic to the idea of a board game on the big screen — though I understand a Candy Land film mostly gives studios the opportunity to profit off of merchandise in Target’s game aisle or at your local theater’s snack bar, I can’t resist the draw of a project that aims to present all of the game’s sugary, nostalgic images in a fantastical, color-laced feature. It will be just like Katy Perry’s “California Gurls,” except with fewer whipped cream boob guns! But now that we know the project is skipping along, let’s get to the important stuff: Let’s cast Candy Land, The Movie! READ FULL STORY

Got Glue? We do!

As any reader of this site knows, being fluent in pop culture has its own rewards. But those Type A sorts among you will be excited to hear that Entertainment Weekly has partnered with GetGlue to actually reward you for checking out the recommendations in our weekly Must List. READ FULL STORY

'Cougar Town': Happy Big Present Day

cougar-town Our favorite cul-de-sac crew returned last night to embrace their inner child (well, Jules’ inner child) with a game of Sardines in a Can. After the gang’s movie night got canceled, Travis told his wine-loving companions that a great way for adults to reduce stress levels is to embrace activities they loved as children. (If this is true, I demand a Lite-Brite be stationed at my desk from here on out.) And although I’m a little disappointed we didn’t get to see Jules feel smart and depressed about the world instead of dumb and happy like always, their game of hide-and-seek was clearly a better idea than movie night. READ FULL STORY

Angry Birds flying to TV? Really, world?

angrybirdsIf Spider-Man can be a musical, and Ouija boards can be a movie, then can we really be surprised that Angry Birds may turn into a cartoonAngry Birds is one of the most popular apps ever, already franchised with toys and shirts and board games and anything else you can slap one of those bird faces on. (My kingdom for an Angry Birds-branded competitive erector set! One person builds, one person catapults, and we all learn some valuable lessons about ballistics and physics. A girl can dream.) I don’t know that I’d call an animated series “the next logical step” like CNN did, but okay, sure — if gummy bears managed to turn just-okay candy into a long-running cartoon, I suppose anything is possible. READ FULL STORY

'Inception,' 'The Walking Dead,' 'Scott Pilgrim' and more: Doc Jensen's Best Geek-Outs of 2010

lost-finaleImage Credit: Mario Perez/ABC‘Tis the season for picking favorites — for taking stock of the year that was and expressing ourselves with lists. Like every pop culture junkie, I have a list for everything — movies, TV, books, music, comics, videogames. But I’m also a big geek, with a fancy for what the industry and more sophisticated nerds call “genre entertainment” — superhero, sci-fi, horror, and fantasy stuff, worlds of wild and weird wonder marked by extraordinary creativity and mind-stretching ideas that can inspire intense engagement, deep discussion with friends, and in some instances, multiple 6,000 word essays each week exploring every nook and cranny, real and imagined, of an entertainment experience — especially ones that involve smoke monsters. Here were my favorite Geek-Outs of 2010, and beginning with (no surprise)…

1. Lost
Some people will love me for putting this Number 1; others will hate me. I love that Lost was capable of producing such polarizing responses. Everyone had his or her own intense, personal relationship to the show. I am not here to validate or critique your perspective, whatever end of the spectrum you occupy. That was your experience. This was mine: The most stimulating pop culture experience of my adult life came to a conclusion this past year with a season to savor for years to come. Yes, I do mean savor: The more I think about the Sideways world, the Man In Black, and the center of The Island, the more richness I find — to the point that I’ve recently been re-thinking many of my initial interpretations. (As much as I enjoyed producing those 6,000 word recaps, I really wish I had more time to process and crunch each episode before committing my thoughts to digital paper.) For example, in my write-ups on “The End,” I called the Sideways world “Purgatory” and deemed it a wholly spiritual construct. I am no longer convinced. I find myself tilting toward an idea, suggested by other critics and bloggers, that the Sideways realm should be thought of as a psychological construct; I think you can accept that without negating the spiritual message of the show. That said, in recent months, I’ve been reassessing “The End” through a more agnostic filter, and as I do, provocative and challenging new meanings emerge — about the Man In Black, about what it means to be The Island’s guardian, about the season’s strangest character. What do I mean by all this? And who was the season’s strangest character? I’ll tell you in my long-promised, long-delayed last Lost column, which will post before the end of the year. Oh, and one more thing? Still cry when I watch this. One of the most beautifully heartbreaking things I’ve ever seen on TV. READ FULL STORY

'TRON: Legacy': Hints of '2001' and Ziggy Stardust. What was your favorite homage?

Tron-Michael-SheenImage Credit: DisneyAs a sequel to a 28-year-old cult movie, it’s to be expected that TRON: Legacy would have a nod or two to that other film, and sure enough, a movie poster for the original shows up pretty much in the first scene. But there were a few other surprise tilts of the cap to pop culture phenomena that popped up as the film progressed. First, Flynn’s not-so-humble abode, with its floor of light panels and its future-baroque furnishings (did he hire an interior design program?), was a clear wink at the Jupiter room from 2001: A Space Odyssey. Then, Michael Sheen’s batty performance as the albino backstabber Zuse channeled none other than Ziggy Stardust-era David Bowie, even so far as having that weird circle-y thing on his forehead. But easily my favorite homage of the movie, whether intentional or not, was Jeff Bridges’ occasional Dude-isms, like “You’re messing with my Zen thing,” or the ten or so zonked-sounding lines that ended with “man.” What about you guys? Any other little tributes you caught that you liked? Did the arrows that made the light-bikes speed up remind anyone else of the boost pads from Super Mario Kart?

TRON: Legacy opened on Dec. 17. For more December releases, check out our events calendar here.

EW's Big Shill qualifying round: Which McDonaldland character will devour the competition?

McDonaldlandImage Credit: McDonald's CorporationAs you now know, this January, EW will bring you Big Shill, our exciting bracket game that pits America’s favorite advertising icons against each other in an epic battle for marketing supremacy. And, so far, we hope (ba da ba da da) you’re lovin’ it, because we’re about to throw yet another qualifying round your way. For, you see, in attempting to choose the most well-loved and fiercest competitor from McDonaldland, we’ve hit an impasse.

Sure, it’s easy to assume Ronald McDonald would take the McGriddle cake when it comes to our game, but America’s history with clowns has been complicated. And while the Hamburglar is a front-runner — thanks to his highly coveted, recession-proof career choice of hamburger-stealing — it’s tough to imagine he’d top Mayor McCheese, who clearly has picked up the popular vote for decades now. (How ’bout those term limits, Michael Bloomberg?) Birdie the Early Bird is the first choice amongst progressive thinkers — she was McDonaldland’s first female creature — but the Fry Kids are the first choice amongst cuddly things that are about 25 percent eyes, like Zooey Deschanel. Then there’s also Filet-o-Fish thief Captain Crook, keeper-of-all-hamburger-peace Officer Big Mac, the Professor (who’s still trying to figure out what chemical substance oozes out of the McGriddle), the Hamburger Patch, and BFFs the McNugget Buddies. And who, of course, can forget about Grimace, the amorphous blob who was an evil shake-stealer before he saw Dr. Drew and reformed himself into… whatever the hell he is? (Seriously, what is Grimace?)

So it’s time to make yourself heard, PopWatchers. Which McDonaldland character should compete in our Big Shill bracket game? READ FULL STORY

EW's Big Shill bracket game qualifying round: Frogs, dalmatians, or Wassssup!

Spuds-McKenzieIt’s a sad fact that Joe Camel has frequently polled higher with American five-year-olds than Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny. Sad, yes, but can I say that it’s also kind of awesome, without endorsing cigarette smoking? Awesome in its power, awesome in the subliminal influence that a glasses-wearing, phallic-nosed camel can persuade a kid to pick up a cancer stick that will immediately make him or her cough like an 86-year-old asthmatic. Advertising is a science, and great advertising always works with a smile. Or a laugh. Or perhaps some skin. So Joe shouldn’t take all the blame; he was only doing his job. Looking cool. Confident. Classy. He was selling. Just like Ronald McDonald and Mr. Clean and those adorable Coca-Cola polar bears. They’ve bored a tunnel into our brains, where they pop up from time to time with a jingle or a quip, especially when we’re pushing that shopping cart down Aisle 6.

Many of these marketing icons are beloved characters, and at EW, we’ve decided to celebrate the best of the best with our first Big Shill bracket game. Starting in January, 64 of your favorite corporate mascots, characters, and whatchamacallits will compete head-to-head in a tournament to see who (or what) we adore the most, no matter what they’re selling. (Please keep your five-year-old off the computer so Joe Camel doesn’t win. That would be a PR fiasco.)

The competition to make the field of 64 is intense, and rather than give an entire branch of our bracket to the multitude of memorable Budweiser and Bud Lite sales mascots over the years, we need a qualifying round to see who will represent all of Anheuser-Busch in this spirited contest. Do you miss Louis the Lizard, the surly swamp thing who despised those mouth-breathing frogs? Or do you feel nostalgic for Spuds MacKenzie, that ridiculously cool dog who, rumor has it, was fired after one too many forced skateboard rides drove him to a habit of overindulging in the product he endorsed. Actually, all these commercial figures have a fascinating backstory, and in January, when the Big Shill game officially begins, we’ll examine them all closely. Until then, I ask that you Real Men of Genius nominate your favorite best Bud. And drink responsibly.


It's man vs. machine in new 'Jeopardy!' battle!

Ken-JenningsImage Credit: Jeopardy/Getty ImagesWhat is totally awesome, Alex? The headline wouldn’t lie, PopWatchers. Jeopardy! will take two of its most popular former contestants — Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter — and pit them against Watson, a computer program developed by IBM’s artificial intelligence team.

Watson, named after IBM founder Thomas J. Watson and not this guy, has already been tested in about 50 matches against former Jeopardy! contestants. Unfortunately, no one’s sharing the results. How rude! Jennings and Rutter will play two games against Watson with a $1 million prize at stake. (IBM says they’ll donate the prize money to charity, and Jennings and Rutter plan to give away half of the winnings.) The matches will air Feb. 14-16.

What do you think, PopWatchers? Will you tune in to see another man versus IBM machine competition? Who do you think will walk away with the million dollar prize? And should they battle to the death next? Let me know in the comments below.

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