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George R. R. Martin writes 'Game of Thrones' books on a DOS word processor -- VIDEO

George R. R. Martin was on Conan last night, which means that we have conclusive proof that he spent last night decisively not writing The Winds of Winter. But give the guy a break: The HBO series inspired by his “A Song of Ice and Fire” saga continues to set new records in its fourth season. And between the Purple Wedding and That Scene With Jaime And Cersei, it’s arguably winning the Monday Morning Internet War with Mad Men. (Serious thought question: Is Mad Men the Starks to Game of Thrones‘ Lannisters? In this metaphor, The Good Wife is the Tyrells, Once Upon a Time is the Martells, and Turn is the Greyjoys, GO HOME GREYJOYS NOBODY LIKES YOU.) READ FULL STORY

'Game of Thrones' gets 'Law & Order' treatment -- VIDEO

Spoiler alert! If you’re not caught up on Game of Thrones‘ fourth season, do not watch the video below. If you are, please enjoy the opening credits and climactic scene of Law & Order: Game of Thrones. There’s more than one exciting cameo as Peter Dinklage makes his Emmy bid.*  READ FULL STORY

Videogame of Thrones: Watch 'Game of Thrones' credits get a 'Super Mario' makeover


All men must die — unless you’re Mario and you get all the way to the castle to save Princess Peach. But the only way to find her is to follow the pixelated map, which has been given a whole new look (and sound) thanks to YouTube user NicksplosionFX’s latest video: A Super Mario makeover of the cartographic Game of Thrones credits.

Complete with an 8-bit version of the GoT theme song, the video painstakingly re-creates the Super Mario map in the vein of the HBO hit. Below, find the video, along with a side-by-side comparison of the original credits and the videogame version: READ FULL STORY

The 'Game of Thrones' TV Book Club: Tyrion's trial and the trouble with Shae (plus: Davos!!!)

Welcome back to the Game of Thrones TV Book Club, a discussion space for Thrones viewers who have also read the five books (so far) of George R. R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire series. This week, Darren Franich and Hillary Busis talk about “The Laws of Gods and Men,” an episode that featured a bit of chesspiece-maneuvering (The Iron Throne!) and a long-awaited showcase moment for Tyrion Lannister. Not to mention a question at the center of season 4’s endgame: How do you solve a problem like Shae? Check out James Hibberd’s full recap of the episode here, then join us as we venture into the narrative borderlands of A Storm of Swords, A Feast for Crows, and A Dance with Dragons! (You know there’ll be spoilers for the books and the show, right?)  READ FULL STORY

The 'Game of Thrones' TV Book Club: On big changes afoot up North and in the Vale

Welcome back to the Game of Thrones TV Book Club, a discussion space for Thrones  viewers who have also read the five books (so far) of George R. R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire series. This week, Hillary Busis and Thrones recapper extraordinaire James Hibberd — filling in for Darren Franich — talk changes at Craster’s Keep, tension between Arya and the Hound, and the Case of the Disappearing Dragons. (You know there’ll be spoilers for all the books and the show, right?) READ FULL STORY

Ser Pounce off 'Game of Thrones' (for now)


The First Cat of Westeros isn’t coming back to HBO’s Game of Thrones anytime soon.

Ser Pounce is off the show for the rest of the fourth season, at least. The king-guarding feline sparked a social media surge after interrupting Margaery Tyrell’s quasi-seduction of teenage King Tommen on Sunday’s episode. HBO told us Ser Pounce does not appear in any of the six episodes that remain this year. (Only Game of Thrones could spark a post-episode frenzy over man raping his sister one week, followed by a cat with a cute name the next week.) That said, Ser Pounce could potentially appear in future seasons, especially since he’s in George R.R. Martin’s later Song of Ice and Fire novels.

Here’s our exchange with Ser Pounce’s very unofficial Twitter feed discussing the subject when we broke this tragic news yesterday: READ FULL STORY

The 'Game of Thrones' TV Book Club: White Walkers? Craster's Keep? Hodor??? Talk the big changes on this week's episode!

Welcome back to the Game of Thrones TV Book Club, a discussion space for Thrones viewers who have also read the five books (so far) of George R. R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire series. And this week, Darren Franich and Hillary Busis have quite a bit of material to cover, since “Oathkeeper” featured a whole assortment of TV inventions that ran the gamut from “extrapolation” to “outright invention.” Join us on our journey into the ever-widening gulf between the Book-Westeros and TV-Westeros! (You know there’ll be spoilers for the books and the show, right?)

HILLARY: Darren. DARREN. I don’t even know where to begin. READ FULL STORY

'Game of Thrones' workout plan will give you Kingslayer abs

Don’t let the completely engrossing saga of Game of Thrones make you a couch potato for the next seven weeks. The folks over at TotalBeauty.com have come up with a great way to stay in shape while you watch Daenerys liberate slaves and Tyrion sit in jail.

From the looks of this workout, there will be plenty of lunges in your future — and thankfully, you didn’t start during last week’s episode or else Jaime and Cersei would have had you lunging double-time.

Check out the fitness routine below: READ FULL STORY

HBO Go ads explain why you don't want to watch HBO with your parents -- VIDEO

Well played, HBO.

HBO has released a series of ads for its streaming service, and the whole set of spots attempt to drive home one message: For a lot of HBO programming, it’s really nice not to have to watch it with your parents. From the sex scenes on True Blood, to the sex scenes on Game of Thrones, to the sex scenes… well, basically, HBO has a lot of steamy programming. And if you want to continue to pretend that your parents aren’t also watching these shows, that’s your right. HBO is looking out for you.

Each of the seven ads — featuring different HBO shows — end the same way after a TMI encounter:  “Might be a good time for HBO Go,” voiceover suggests. “HBO Go. The best of HBO on all your favorite devices. Far, far away from your parents.”

Check out a dad attempting to give some advice to his daughter during a cringe-worthy Adam/Hannah Girls sex scene below — and be thankful that you haven’t been there.(Right?) READ FULL STORY

Check out this interactive 'Game of Thrones' map (with spoiler control!)


Few shows on television cover greater distance than Game of Thrones, which currently spreads its action to the farthest reaches of two different fantasy continents. Of course, Thrones has impressive source material: George R. R. Martin has spent the last couple of decades meticulously exploring the various cities, towns, villages, and various geographical phenomena throughout his invented world. And now, you can explore that world — without fear of spoilers! READ FULL STORY

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