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Austin City Limits report: FNL's Scott Porter on N.E.R.D and the Swell Season


Editor’s note: Porter is the second Friday Night Lights cast member to successfully guest blog, and we’re glad he did. Meanwhile, our fingers are still crossed that we’ll get to read Jesse Plemons’ impressions of the Black Keys. No pressure, Jesse.

When Whitney hit me up with the idea of writing a blog about one of the acts at Austin City Limits, she asked me to send her a list of groups I’d be interested in seeing.  I sent her back a list of over twenty.  Everyone from Blues Traveler to Beck to Del tha Funky Homosapien to Flyleaf to local favorite Dan Dyer… it was hard to pick just one.  It’s taken me until Sunday night to write this because I wanted to give you the best bang for your buck here.  I know it’s late, but hopefully it’s worth it…

If any of you have ever lived down south of the Mason-Dixon line, you know that late September still means summer heat.  Any music festival that runs during a weekend with temperatures in the 90’s better have a lineup just as hot.  If you don’t know Austin, their slogan is "Keep Austin Weird."  Austin City Limits’ slogan should be, "Keep ACL Ridiculous!"  Using "ridiculous" in the same way some folks use "sick", "hot", "amazing", or "dope" (if you’re nasty).

I saw a ton of groups this weekend and I have strong thoughts on all of them. However, I doubt you have the time to listen to me whine or ramble about all of them, so I just chose two.  A little double dipper if you will.  Hope you enjoy.

After the jump, Porter breaks down N.E.R.D/Swell Season, and reveals a little more about castmate Aimee Teegarden than she’d probably like him to.

addCredit(“Adrianne Palicki: Michael Muller; N.E.R.D/Glen Hansard: Whitney Pastorek/EW.com”)


Austin City Limits report: FNL's Adrianne Palicki on John Fogerty


Editor’s note: Ms. Palicki is the first and only member of the Friday Night Lights cast to turn in a blog post so far. Because of this, she is now our favorite. Stay tuned tomorrow for what we hope is a flood of brilliant writing from her castmates, all of whom are currently in the doghouse. Talking to you, Porter.

My goal here is not to write a puff piece. That being said, I love John Fogerty and want to have his babies. Seriously though, John Fogerty is not only a rock legend, but also happened to be the leadsinger/guitarist/songwriter for one of the greatest American bands to grace our presence.  Last night at Austin City Limits, I was able to see this musical genius perform with my own two eyes for the firsttime.

Because of my obsessive love for Creedence Clearwater Revival, I had a very valid fear of being disappointed. My preconceived notion was wrong: Fogerty not only had the charisma of a thirty-five year old, but vocally triumphed as well. Looking out into the crowd, I realized I was not alone in this opinion. There was something almost electric about the atmosphere. Every generation filled the dirt- and heat-ridden park. Every generation was singing along to Fogerty’s classic tunes: "Fortunate Son," "Down onThe Corner," and my personal favorite, "Proud Mary."  The excitement was endless.

Fogerty’s band was pretty brilliant as well– they put their mark on each song with subtlety and ease. It was obvious how much they not only enjoyed each other, but also the music they were rocking out to. Though much older than the band, Fogerty held his own as he shuffled around the stage, harmonica in hand. Even at sixty-three, "old fart" did not come to mind. So, in conclusion, it was a good show! Hopefully my disgusting love-fest for Johnny didn’t make you throw up in your mouth (too much, anyway).

addCredit(“Adrianne Palicki: Paul Drinkwater; John Fogerty: Whitney Pastorek/EW.com”)

Austin City Limits, guest-starring 'Friday Night Lights'

Fridaynightlights_lGreetings from Texas, PopWatchers, where I have taken yet another vacation to attend a music festival, because I am a crazy person! Yes, I came home for this year’s Austin City Limits fest, three days that appealed to me for a variety of reasons: 1) I love Austin, 2) I’ve never been to ACL, 3) I haven’t seen Beck or the Foo Fighters yet this summer, 4) third headliner the Mars Volta scares the crap out of me, so I can just take a couple pictures that night and then go see Drive By Truckers at Emo’s…

and 5), and most important, I have devised a genius way to cover the festival without having to lift a pen: I have asked the cast of Friday Night Lights to write about it for me! (That said, I will be attempting to Twitter from on site, but I am betting $5 that my editors tell me to stop doing it by 3pm Saturday. Follow our feed at Twitter.com/EWPopWatch.)

So watch this space starting Saturday morning, because Scott Porter, Adrianne Palicki, EWwy nominee Connie Britton, Jesse Plemons, Aimee Teegarden, and Gaius Charles have all agreed to participate in my little guest-blogging experiment, and are taking at least one band each. Thus far I know Scott’s writing up N.E.R.D., Palicki wants Blues Traveler, and Connie has requested Beck — but I would like to emphasize the experimental nature of this project, and I make no guarantees it’s going to work. (Though how kickass is it gonna be when it does?!?) Meanwhile, I’ll be taking pictures that we’ll maybe slap into a gallery on Monday, and if you happen to be at ACL this weekend and feel like writing up a band or two yourself, go ahead and do it in the comments as we go along. Together, we can prevent Whitney from working on her days off! Do it for the children!

addCredit(“Paul Drinkwater”)

Who got snubbed on Emmy's Supporting Dramatic shortlist?

Cusickdanson_lNow that the Emmy semifinalist lists for Supporting Actors and Actresses in dramas have been leaked, it’s time to vent. First, it’s clear there’s no love lost between Lost and the Emmy voters. Yeah, the cast is huge, but seriously, no room on the shortlist for Terry O’Quinn, who won the statuette last year? None for Henry Ian Cusick (upper left), who had the most emotionally satisfying character arc of season 4? None for Yunjin Kim (lower left), who had the most devastating arc? I’m also bummed that Robert Sean Leonard didn’t get noticed for his heartbreaking turn on House (but then, the Emmys have never given the lead actor prize to Hugh Laurie either, incredibly enough). And like Gold Derby’s Tom O’Neil, I’m irked that Friday Night Lights‘ Connie Britton isn’t there, nor January Jones from Mad Men, though her co-star, hot-to-trot office manager Christina Hendricks (lower right), deservingly made the cut. (As O’Neil bluntly puts it: "In: Floozies. Out: Whiny wives with emotional baggage and babies.")

Actually, what’s in, at least on the actress list, is Emmy royalty, women the Academy seems to recognize reflexively because of their pedigrees, regardless of whether they did extraordinary work this year. I enjoyed Rachel Griffiths on Brothers & Sisters and Jill Clayburgh on Dirty Sexy Money, but I’d toss them both overboard without remorse to get Britton or Kim on this list. There’s some of that on the men’s list, too (Shatner? Again? Really?), but I am happy to see Ted Danson (upper right) here for his chilly turn on Damages; Lost-ies Naveen Andrews and Michael Emerson; John Slattery for his Mad Men boss (and not, thankfully, his Desperate Housewives villain); Blair Underwood for his In Treatment patient (and not, thankfully, for his mysterious mogul on DSM); and Jake Weber for his understanding hubby on Medium. (Did I just see Michael Slezak doing a cartwheel past my office?)

Your turn, TV experts: Who are you pleased to see on these lists? Which of your favorites didn’t make the semifinals? (Hey, where’s cuddly Heroes standout Masi Oka?) And what else of interest do these lists reveal? (I’m glad Burn Notice mom Sharon Gless is in the running, but in the dramatic category? If Monk is a comedy, how is BN a drama?) Have at it, below.

addCredit(“Henry Ian Cusick, Damages: Ted Danson, Lost: Yunjin Kim, Mad Men: Christine Hendricks; Mario Perez, Larry Riley”)

Who got left off Emmy's shortlists for Best Drama and Best Comedy?

Emmynoms_lBrace yourselves, TV addicts: The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences have announced the top 10 finalists for Emmy nominations in the Best Comedy Series and Best Drama Series categories. And before we get into snubs territory, it should be noted that fans of PopWatch favorites such as The Wire (left), Friday Night Lights, Mad Men, Flight of the Conchords, and Pushing Daisies have reason to celebrate. No, none of the shows have landed nominations (yet), but they’re still in the running for their initial Best Series nods.

The shorlists are as follows. Under consideration for Best Drama are: Boston Legal, Damages, Dexter, Friday Night Lights, Grey’s Anatomy, House, Lost, Mad Men, The Tudors, and The Wire. Still in the running for Best Comedy are: Curb Your Enthusiasm, Entourage, Family Guy, Flight of the Conchords, The Office, Pushing Daisies, 30 Rock, Two and a Half Men, Ugly Betty, and Weeds. (Click here to get the specific episodes for which each series is being considered.)

Good news aside, my first response to the lists was this: Where the frak is the nail-bitingly awesome Battlestar Galactica (right)? I call SciFiPhobia! And coming off a particularly strong season, shouldn’t Desperate Housewives have won a spot over Two and a Half Men and Family Guy? (Maybe the Emmy overlords feel the residents of Wisteria Lane aren’t done paying the price for the Applewhite Incident?)

Who else would make your list of snubs? And which finalists have you doing the happy dance? Holla!

addCredit(“Michael Kenneth Williams: Nicole Rivelli; Mary McDonnell: Carole Segal “)

Watch 'Friday Night Lights,' from EW's New Classics Collection

After two years, a lot of viewers still haven’t become season-ticket holders for Friday Night Lights, NBC’s terrific drama about family, community, the transition from adolescence to adulthood, and (oh, yeah) football. Now’s your chance to catch up on the program that we ranked at No. 71 on our list of the Top 100 TV Series of the last 25 years in the new EW 1000 issue. You can start with the show’s pilot episode, embedded below; if you’re already an FNL fan, call this a highlight reel.

This is the sixth installment in EW.com’s selection of 10 great episodes of programs on our top 100 list. We’re streaming an episode from a different show every day, or you can watch the entire slate in one sitting at Hulu. The first half of the list is here; Part 2 is here.

When will your favorite shows return?

Jericho_lWith an end to the WGA strike imminent, TV fans who’ve spent the past few months away from the tube, interacting with friends and family (yeah, right — e-mail/IM at best) are scrambling to find out when their beloved scripted shows will return. But since networks don’t have much time to make decisions on existing shows before the May announcement of the fall lineup, many of the series will only air four to eight new episodes — and most of them not until April or May. Many shows won’t return this spring at all. EW.com is now keeping a regularly updated list. What does it all mean? One thing for sure: Jericho (pictured), which returns tonight with a seven-episode run, has a great shot at catching on this time around. Check out our Jericho sesaon 2 cheat sheet to feel somewhat informed before tuning in.


'Friday Night Lights' recap: Sudden death?

Fnl_lSo the last Friday Night Lights for a while — forever? — sure left us hanging. Is there any way Smash (Gaius Charles) is going to reconcile himself to what he considers a college unworthy of his talents? (Maybe.) Were the writers really planning to follow through on Jason (Scott Porter) becoming a daddy to the baby of that rather-lacking-in-charm one-night-stand waitress? (Maybe — and if those same writers had planned to get Jason off the hook by having her miscarry three episodes later, I would be… troubled, if not downright annoyed.)

But the stuff that was pure gold this week included the characters who’ve been rock-solid all season anyway: Coach Eric and Tami Taylor (Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton, pictured), and the cool-as-a-long-haired-cucumber Tim Riggins (Taylor Kitsch). As much as I’ve hated the introduction of Lyla’s religious love, Chris (really, Matt Czuchry doesn’t act — he just scrunches his eyes and shakes his head to convey any emotion the script dictates), the contrast to Kitsch’s Riggins has been highly satisfying. I loved the way Tim handled his new (yes, yes, highly improbable) gig as host of a sports call-in show on the religious radio network. The line of the night was when that girl called in and, mingling religiosity with lust, compared Tim’s hair to Jesus’, and Tim simply drawled, "You have been cut off, thank you for calling, that was ridiculous."

And the series can’t go wrong by putting Eric and Tami at odds, this time over the return to Dillon, Texas, of Tami’s high-school sweetheart, a very successful lout who irritated Eric to the point of some rather sitcom-y fisticuffs that were, nevertheless, pretty enjoyable.


Characters you love that everyone else hates

Fridaynightlights_lI was talking with a friend about the latest episode of Friday Night Lights,and how a lot of the fan reaction to a certain character was a little lost on us. It seemed that Julie Taylor (Aimee Teegarden, pictured), Mr. and Mrs. Taylor’s snarky teenage daughter, wasn’t particularly liked among fandom: she was toowhiny, she was too bratty, she was too selfish. These complaints completely escaped us. To be honest, it was one of the aspects that we loved about the character, she was acting in a way that made the show so darn effective in the first place: she was acting like a real teenager.

As we discussed this further, me and my friend figured something out. Something terrible.

We were those fans.


Friday Night Huh? Focus on '30 Rock,' says NBC

Fnl_lWatch what you say at parties for Lipstick Jungle held at Saks, NBC entertainment head Ben Silverman! Radar questioned the honcho about the fate of Friday Night Lights, and he managed to center three consecutive responses around 30 Rock. Which is great, but we’re already aware of 30 Rock because we live in the world. Is he implying only one ratings-challenged show can avoid the ax? Needless to say, this does not bode well for FNL. Tim Riggins (Taylor Kitsch, pictured) is certainly not amused.

But hey, who needs more than one quality program to stay on the air when NBC’s offering viewers the awesome chance to win a car every night this week? Ewwwww.com. What is this, Oprah? Hell? A particularly well-off high school’s raffle? It could be any one of those!

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