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Katy Perry was on ESPN College Game Day and it was weird


For those of you who don’t know, ESPN’s College Game Day is a morning show for college football fans to get primed for a full day of games. Since the show is filmed on campus of one of the schools playing that day, College Game Day isn’t just for commentary, but for the unique parade of hype and zeal that arises when you marry sports fandom with school spirit.

How much entertainment you get out of College Game Day is normally proportionate to how much you care about college and game days, but sometimes really strange things happen on the show. Like Katy Perry. READ FULL STORY

'Friday Night Lights' director says his son won't be playing football

Peter Berg, the writer/director/actor/producer behind both the film and television versions of Friday Night Lights, has pulled his own son away from the game that he helped so many fall in love with. And the reason why may resonate with Jason Street fans.

In an essay for Time Magazine, Berg wrote about the dangers with head and neck injuries in football, saying: “Head and neck injuries are what parents thinking about letting their children play tackle football should be thinking about, talking about, and demanding answers about, from any coach presenting himself as a worthy custodian for their child’s introduction to tackle football.”


Jon Stewart offers advice to the NFL on 'The Daily Show'

While television ratings for the NFL have been promising to kick off the season, the league has been under fire for its leniency toward players who have committed acts of violence off the field. Jon Stewart blasted the league on Wednesday night’s The Daily Show.


Zynga's 'NFL Showdown' brings football season to phones year-round

Tonight marks the start of the NFL season, and if you’re a fan, it’s been a long wait. But what if football season never had to end?

Out Thursday for iOS and Android, NFL Showdown is a new mobile game from social gaming company Zynga—a name you might be familiar with if you’ve ever devoted a large chunk of Facebook time to playing Farmville. It’s the studio’s first step in a new sports gaming initiative called Zynga Sports 365, and it doubles as the start of a potential comeback for the beleaguered company.


According to Mike Taramykin, Vice President of Zynga Sports 365, and Jason Shenkman, General Manager of NFL Showdown, the reason professional sports don’t dominate mobile gaming the way they do other forms of media isn’t because people aren’t trying. It’s because for the most part, mobile sports games have functioned as pared-down versions of an experience that’s available elsewhere—on gaming consoles, for example. NFL Showdown, then, is an entirely different approach—one that’s not necessarily predicated on the desire to play a football video game, but rather a general interest in the sport.

“We try to really back up and build something that speaks to NFL fans,” Tarmykin says. “People who follow football and understand it, who would love to play football games but aren’t necessarily gamers. And a lot of that is really related to how well we tie to the teams, the players, the structure of the NFL.”

NFL Showdown doesn’t look much like most sports games, and that’s the point. You don’t control players, make passes, or kick field goals—it’s a management simulator that you play with friends. The game compresses a full NFL season into 21 days—one day for each regular and post season week—with one game each day. Much like in Fantasy Football, you and your friends form a league, draft real players, and manage a roster. The emphasis is on the management: While games will happen and players can jump in and see them unfold live, it’s a pretty simple affair. The actual games are a sort of rock-paper-scissors contest based on the stats and strategy employed in between games, with no real input on the player’s end.


Again, this is by design. Zynga made a very conscious decision to make a game that can be squeezed into a commute or the checkout line at a grocery store: Go in, adjust your lineups, train some players, maybe make a trade, and get out. Users don’t even have to open the app for a while—their teams will be on autopilot, and the season will continue on. Granted, it’s probably wise to check in every now and then, lest the football players get worn out or injured, but the game is designed with casual play in mind.

It’s a very Farmville approach to sports. (Like most social games, it’s free to play, but you can purchase things like energy to speed up the process.) But it’s one that’s likely to work, given that the framework within is informed by the very popular meta-game that is Fantasy Football (something that the game acknowledges, since players get stat bonuses if they score points in Fantasy Football). But unlike Fantasy Football, the season doesn’t ever have to end—once users reach the Super Bowl at the end of the month, they can start another season right away.

NFL Showdown is now available as a free download on the App Store and Google Play.

Watch the tiniest football player ever in this 'Madden' glitch

Madden 15 has only been out for a week, but already it’s produced some of the funniest game glitches players have seen in a while. First, catapulted a Minnesota Viking into the sky, and now it has a NFL player the size of a doll.


This 'Madden' ad with Dave Franco and Kevin Hart is absolutely bananas


With a new season of football on the horizon, a new version of Madden NFL Football comes to video game consoles everywhere—just as it was in the beginning.

To celebrate this week’s release of the 2015 edition, Kevin Hart and Dave “I’m the Better” Franco star in what might possibly be the greatest or worst video game commercial ever made. You kind of have to judge for yourself.


While Mark Cuban blows smoke, we ask: Why can't the NFL play on Saturdays?

The NFL is television’s unchallenged goliath, setting new viewing records last season that helped the league generate approximately $10 billion. But one businessman sees trouble on the horizon. Outspoken billionaire NBA owner Mark Cuban (Shark Tank) predicted an NFL “implosion” in the next decade, pointing to overexposure, as well as the sport’s health and safety concerns, as a recipe for disaster. “They’re trying to take over every night of TV,” Cuban told ESPN, while discussing the league’s recent deal with CBS to air Thursday-night games on free TV. “Initially, it’ll be, ‘Yeah, they’re the biggest-rating thing that there is.’ Okay, Thursday, that’s great… Then if [the NFL] gets Saturday, now you’re impacting colleges. Now it’s on four days a week. It’s all football. At some point, the people get sick of it.”

In a followup Facebook post, Cuban played out the NFL’s hypothetical takeover of prime time and asked, “Will we see a Who Wants to be a Millionaire effect?” referring to that show’s law-of-diminishing-returns demise after it became a daily fixture.


Ohio State's marching band performs awesome tribute to Hollywood blockbusters -- VIDEO

Why can’t every halftime show be performed by the Best Damn Band in the Land?

Earlier this month, The Ohio State University’s resident ambulatory geniuses wowed the world with an intricate tribute to Michael Jackson. Just one week later, they pulled off another stunning feat — a blockbuster-themed show in which band members formed shapes including Superman in flight, dueling pirate ships, a nail-biter of a Quidditch game, and even Jurassic Park‘s resident T-rex devouring a Michigan football player… then spitting out his helmet.

In short: The Super Bowl could stand to learn a thing or two from the NCAA. Are you listening, Bruno Mars?

PopWatch Planner: 'How I Met Your Mother' and more new fall shows, plus the 'Breaking Bad' finale!

We’re looking at a prime time life cycle – one of big returns and one very big Bad finale. How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory  return and the final two episodes of Breaking Bad bookend the week. Better get your DVR revved up.

All times listed are Eastern.

PopWatch Planner: 'Mindy Project' and more new fall shows, plus the Emmy Awards!

Gosh, after such a whirlwind fan-dom week we’ve had with the Breaking Bad spin-off and another J.K. Rowling movie in the works, what could possibly be in store for us the week of Sept. 15 – Sept. 22 that could match or top our excitement? Why, it’s the return of Fall TV and the beginning of TV awards season to cap off the week! You’re gonna want to hold on to your remote.

All times listed are Eastern.

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