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Emmy Awards Parties: What EW saw last night

The California sun is like a mythical creature that sucks the soul out of you. And after three hours on an outdoor red carpet and another three hours sitting through a largely predictable Emmy ceremony, the celebs and all their friends were ready for a little fun last night. EW hit up two of the hottest spots in town: Fox’s post-Emmys soirée and the legendary HBO afterparty.

First stop: Fox post-Emmys bash, held at Soleto

Located just minutes from the site of the Emmys — but a trek still worthy of a car ride, especially in heels — word is that this Fox bash was the first major event to be held at Soleto, a 3,000+ square foot space that opened this summer. By day it’s a pizza bar; by night, it’s a swanky maze of a venue that provided a nice mix of larger open spaces and slightly darkened corners for more intimate socializing. Spotted in a cranny? The pint-sized half of Modern Family‘s cast, who were all generally spotted in pairs. There was no breaking up that Emmy-adorned family. READ FULL STORY

Lady Gaga's perfume ad is just as weird as you'd expect -- VIDEO

Only Lady Gaga could get away with releasing a 30-second “trailer” for an advertisement… followed, one month later, by the full ad, which clocks in at an astonishing five minutes and 30 seconds. That’s 22 seconds longer than her “Bad Romance” video, though not nearly as lengthy as her epic “Telephone” mini-movie.

Anyway: The commercial — er, short film — starts with a title card that simply reads “WARNING” in bright red letters. After that, screaming and Phantom of the Opera-style organ chords lead us into a shot of a giant, golden Gaga statue, which lays in repose before an army of mostly naked dudes.

After that, things sort of go off the rails.

But why read a description of Gaga’s latest foray into video when you could just watch the darn thing yourself? Have at it, little monsters:


Elvis' dirty underwear up for auction

Image credit: Dave Thompson/Landov

I’m not sure if this is what “the King” was referring to when he wrote ”Pieces of My Life,” but you can buy a pair of his stained underwear at an auction in England next month. Well, at least we finally know that he preferred briefs over boxers.

The dirty, dust blue drawers, which Presley wore underneath one of his famous white jumpsuits during a 1977 performance, are expected to fetch up to $15,800, according to the BBC.

The other items on the Elvis pop memorabilia auction block are more sanitary and sentimental: The music legend’s Bible, complete with handwritten notes, and 16mm home movie footage shot by Priscilla Presley. Omega Auctions will stream the auction live on Sept. 8.

Presley died 35 years ago this month, on Aug. 16, 1977.

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'Dancing With the Stars: All-Stars' glamour shots: What's your damage?

The Dancing With the Stars promo pics for season 15 — All-Stars! — are out. This happens twice a year, and I love and hate it. LOVE because I get to create fictions about the couples based on one ridiculous photograph; HATE because 1) they’re a sign I’m about to lose my nighttime freedom in a few weeks and 2) the Planet Mirrorballus visitors are tragically not dahhhhhhncing together already.

Here’s how I ranked the couples on their chances to actually win this thing. But right now — for no reason at all other than “It’s a summer Friday” — let’s go through their press photos and determine where each couple falls on the Damages Scale from 1 (merely annoying) to 10 (bunny-boiling). And if you’re new, please keep in mind….I’m kidding! Always. READ FULL STORY

Lauren Conrad: What is your damage?

Former Hills star and current hair role model Lauren Conrad posted a video tutorial showing viewers how to cut the spines off of books, glue them to a box, and then store non-book items in that box. She used seemingly brand new copies of Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events. (Ooh, foreshadowing!) This turned out to be a FATAL ERROR — a bunch of book purists freaked out, the clip went viral, and LC removed the video all within a few hours Wednesday night. I know I’ll remember where I was when it happened for the rest of my life. Ha, no.

Lemony Snicket himself commented on Lauren’s peculiar failure to Slate: “It has always been my belief that people who spend too much time with my work end up as lost souls, drained of reason, who lead lives of raving emptiness and occasional lunatic violence. What a relief it is to see this documented.”

Exactly. So why’d she have to take it down?


After PETA flap, Gaga asks fans to accept her in fur


Avert your eyes, vegan Little Monsters: Your mother has spoken, and she’s unapologetic about her taste for Cruella costumes.

Background — PETA slammed Gaga this week for being photographed in fluffy animal pelts, apparently defying a statement she made in 2009 (“I hate fur and I don’t wear fur”). The pop star fired back with a laconic, airy statement: “For those press and such who are writing about whether or not my fur is actually real, please don’t forget to credit the designer HERMES. Thank You! LOVE, gaga.”

Animal-loving fans were disappointed by what they perceived as a brush-off. So Gaga turned to her website again yesterday, posting a longer, more serious response to what she’s calling “Furgate.” Here it is in full:


Yes, Robert Pattinson's fly is open

Robert Pattinson has been fairly tight-lipped about his relationship with Kristen Stewart throughout his Cosmopolis press tour — but this photo, taken at last night’s TimesTalk with RPattz and David Cronenberg, indicates that the Twilight star might be entering a new era of openness. The pic shows Pattinson at the event, sporting a backwards cap, a neutral expression — and a fly that’s unmistakably unzipped. That’s got to be an “OMG!” on the Blush-O-Meter. Let’s take a closer look:


Furry Vengeance: PETA calls Lady Gaga a 'turncoat'

PETA vice president Dan Mathews thinks Lady Gaga is a monster — and not the good, Gaga-approved kind.

For years, the animal rights watchdog group has been firmly in Gaga’s corner. It applauded the pop star in 2009 for wearing a coat made out of Kermit the Frog carcasses rather than real animals, proudly citing her rationale for the outfit: “I really loved this one in particular because I thought it was commentary on not wearing fur, ’cause I hate fur and I don’t wear fur,” she said.

But lately, Gaga’s been photographed wearing apparel that looks suspiciously like dead animals — both on the street and in a poster for Robert Rodriguez’s upcoming Machete Kills. And naturally, her old boosters aren’t too stoked about this development. As Mathews writes, in typically understated PETA fashion:

What happened? Are your stylists telling you that it’s fake, or are you a turncoat?  READ FULL STORY

What is your damage, London Olympics? (Vol. 4)

Welcome to ‘What Is Your Damage,’ Annie Barrett’s summer shop of all the melodrama and self-absorption she misses from springtime reality TV. Every Tuesday and Friday, she’ll rant about a current offense to her humanity, then assess readers’ damages via video replies. Don’t be shy about admitting what annoys or intrigues you. We’re all in this pop cult together!

What’s your damage, Olympics? (After the exhaustive picture roundups of Volume 1, Volume 2, and Volume 3, I ask you for the last time.) Why must you end in two days and RUIN MY LIFE?

I’m particularly mad at you, Bob Costas, for wearing those random yet intriguing glasses that kept disappearing and reappearing during last night’s primetime telecast. Why’d you wait ’til Day 13 to transform into Harry Potter’s wet hot American uncle? Those hipster specs of yours were just like the Olympics: As soon as you get invested — poof! They’re gone. Brutal.


Synchronized swimming fashion: Gold for Spain!

While we await the sequin overload of the team synchronized swimming competition on Thursday and Friday, we’ve got the duet medals to look forward to on Tuesday (watch at 4 p.m. ET on MSNBC). Russia’s Natalia Ishchenko and Svetlana Romashina have led since they sported suits with Michael Jackson on them for their technical routine on Sunday. You have to watch their MJ-inspired deck dance below from a competition earlier this year. Amazing. I, however, am rooting for Spain’s Ona Carbonell Ballestero and Andrea Fuentes Fache (pictured above). They sit in third after today’s free routine but are undeniably first in fashion in my eyes. READ FULL STORY

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