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Exclusive First Look! Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz team up on 'Bad Teacher'

Timberlake-Diaz-TeacherImage Credit: Gemma La ManaBefore the tabloids get themselves all in a twist, this exclusive photo is of Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake dancing together in a movie — namely, Bad Teacher, which started shooting just nine days ago. (The comedy is due in 2011.) “They obviously know each other really well,” director Jake Kasdan (Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story) says of his stars. “They’re good friends, and they’re both incredibly funny people. I couldn’t be more excited about it.”

According to Kasdan, Diaz is playing no less than the worst 7th grade teacher ever. “She’s usually hungover when she gets to school,” he says. “She’s kind of foul mouthed. And she’s completely fixated on trying to afford breast augmentation surgery, and very open about it. She believes it will help her find the right man who will take care of her for the rest of her life.” Enter Timberlake, as a substitute teacher “who happens to be the heir to a watch-making company,” says Kasdan. “She thinks he seems like a good target.” (Jason Segel rounds out the cast as a gym teacher who pines for Diaz’s character.)

Kasdan says Diaz was the first to come aboard the production, and happily signed off on the idea of playing opposite Timberlake. “They have a shared sense of humor,” he says. “It’s easy for them to be funny together. You know where the jokes are.”

So, PopWatchers, what do you make of Justin and Cameron’s on-screen reunion?

Colin Farrell's gone fishin' in 'Ondine': Exclusive Pics

Colin Farrell will be sporting the long locks and puppy-dog eyes shown in this EW.com exclusive photo in his upcoming movie Ondine (premieres on VOD, Amazon, and XBOX Live May 7 and in theaters June 4), where he plays an Irish fisherman who accidentally nets a woman he believes might be a mermaid. Although, I’m sure in real life the roguish (and brogue-ish) actor doesn’t need to go trawling the ocean for women. Director Neil Jordan’s other take on fairy tales, The Company of Wolves, turned Little Red Riding Hood into a creepy and bloody meditation on sexual politics, so I think we can expect something a tad different from The Little Mermaid or (PLEASE LORD NO!) Lady in the Water. See more exclusive pics after the jump.

Exclusive: Woody Harrelson as 'Defendor'

DEFENDOROscar-nominated Woody Harrelson (The Messenger) moonlights as a clueless crusader in…bum, bum, BUM!…Defendor. This movie has snuck up on me (it’s in theaters Feb. 26), especially with all the buzz surrounding the similarly-themed Kick-Ass. The trailer for the comedy, in which Harrelson plays a deranged wannabe hero armed with a bat, marbles, and lime juice, tickled my funnybone, and these exclusive pictures (one more after the jump) make him look like the insane offspring of Franz Liebkind and a dimwitted droog.

Harrelson seems right at home playing the D-grade pseudohero. The duct-tape clinches it. I’m in for the laughs. You? READ FULL STORY

'General Hospital' sneak peek: Sonny and Dante face off

It’s the confrontation we’ve been waiting months for over on General Hospital: Undercover cop Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna) infiltrated the Corinthos Mob in Port Charles to take down the boss, Sonny (Maurice Benard), but neither one knew that Dante was actually Sonny’s son. Tomorrow the detective and the mobster go toe to toe and all the truths come to light. The clip below shows Sonny after he finds out that Dante is a cop. It’s intercut with scenes from a baptism, playing off the themes of new life and possible death as Sonny shoots Dante. Olivia (Lisa LoCicero), Dante’s mother and Sonny’s old flame, runs in afterward and lets Sonny know that he’s shot his own child. Does this first look make you think you’ll get the payoff you hoped for with this story line?

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First Look: Channing Tatum discusses the movie that scalded his privates

eagle-of-ninthImage Credit: Keith BernsteinBy now you’ve surely heard about Channing Tatum’s scalded penis. In the current issue of Details, Tatum revealed an unfortunate incident that occurred while shooting the upcoming Roman epic movie The Eagle of the Ninth. The actor was filming a scene in the hypothermic waters of Scotland, which were so cold that one of the crew members had to repeatedly pour a mixture of boiling water and river water down Tatum’s suit. Long story short, the assistant forgot to add the cold water one time, thereby drenching Tatum’s nether regions with hot water and sending the actor to the hospital with a “shriveled, burned penis.”

Oh, the things actors will endure for the sake of the film! EW chatted with Tatum last week about the movie in question, The Eagle of the Ninth, which Focus Features will release this fall. “It’s almost like an old western, like The Searchers,” Tatum said, while pointing out that the film’s still very much an epic in the tradition of Gladiator and Braveheart. “Are you going to get big, huge battles and things you’d expect in an epic? Yeah, absolutely. But it’s smarter than just a big epic. It’s more of a personal, relationship story about these two guys that have to go on this journey together.” READ FULL STORY

Eric McCormack wears a thong in his latest 'Christine' adventure -- see it here!

Just when you thought it was going to be a boring Monday…the heavens opened up and presented a miracle to EW. Actually, CBS gave us a First Look at this shot of Eric McCormack wearing a thong on Wednesday’s episode of The New Adventures of Old Christine. McCormack has been a delight in the recurring role of therapist Max, and I’m sure Christine will have an appropriately hilarious response to seeing her therapist in a thong-tha-thong-thong-thong. Even Will (and Jack) never went this far!

I hope this image has brought as much joy to you today as it has to me. Thank you, Eric McCormack for baring your assets — although next time go for a string-ier number!

Photo Credit: CBS

First Look: Scarlett Johansson and Liev Schreiber take on Broadway

Scarlett Johansson and Broadway vet Liev Schreiber will take to Broadway’s stage in Arthur Miller’s 1955 play, A View From the Bridge, now playing and opening Jan. 24. In the play, which focuses on a tightly knit Italian-American neighborhood in New York City, Schreiber plays Eddie Carbone, a longshoreman from Red Hook, Brooklyn obsessed with his niece, Catherine, played by Johansson.

“I don’t know that [Eddie] ever acknowledges to himself that he has any inappropriate feelings towards his niece,” Schreiber says. “I think he just doesn’t want to give her up. Part of the struggle is not wanting to let go of her. I think that when he sees her falling in love with someone else, it’s very difficult for him.”

Schreiber, who won a Tony for his performance in 2005’s Glengarry Glen Ross, first thought he was too young to play Eddie when offered the role, but the name “Arthur Miller” was enough to convince him to accept. “[Eddie] is such a brilliant character. Who knows if I’ll ever get asked to do it again so I jumped at it,” Schreiber says. “[Miller] is such a good writer. There’s no fat. Every scene is essential. That, for an actor, is a wonderful thing. It’s also exhausting and kind of brutal. But [A View from the Bridge] is part of that continuum of great American plays. It’s the American equivalent of Shakespeare.”

So how did his costar Johansson do with her Broadway debut? “I’ve just been really impressed with her composure. Broadway is a pressurized situation and we’ve had a really short rehearsal period,” he says. “It’s really amazing watching her handle it so well and so beautifully. She’s really evolved so much especially over the last two to three weeks. I’m blown away by her. I’ve kind of fallen for Scarlett.”

For more on Schreiber and Johansson’s turn on Broadway, check out the new issue of EW on stands this Friday.

Photo Credit: Joan Marcus

Tracy Morgan and Bruce Willis in 'Cop Out': An EW exclusive First Look

After an undercover stolen cell-phone bust goes bad in the cop comedy Cop Out, out Feb. 26, the detectives on the case — Tracy Morgan and Bruce Willis — are hauled in for what director Kevin Smith calls “the classic ‘You guys are f— ups!’ scene.” Clearly, Willis isn’t too happy about it. “Later on, you’ll see three different forms of Bruce Willis action grimace,” says Smith. “But this is the getting-dressed-down-by-a-superior grimace, and that, mercifully, happens very little in the movie, because as we all know, Bruce Willis has no superior.” READ FULL STORY

'Repo Men' trailer: Jude Law goes out for blood (and livers)

Universal has just released a red-band trailer for Repo Men, a sci-fi thriller starring Jude Law and Forest Whitaker slated for an April 2010 release. Despite the similar title, Repo Men is not a remake of the director Alex Cox’s 1984 nihilistic sci-fi punk cult classic Repo Man. Its premise, though — in a dystopian future, a sinister megacorporation dispenses new organs to needy patients at exorbitant prices, then sends out repo men to reclaim them when they default on their payments — does bear a certain resemblance to Repo! The Genetic Opera, the campy, gory 2008 rock-opera musical that earned Paris Hilton a Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Supporting Actress and grossed (in more senses than one) a paltry $188,127. That, in itself, may not bode well. But based on this trailer, Repo Men actually looks like it has potential to be pretty fun, in a gruesome, bloodsoaked way, with a darkly comic, satirical edge that harks back to movies like Robocop and Total Recall.

Take a look and tell us what you think. (Note: For those of you poor stiffs stuck working on Christmas Eve, it’s NSFW.) Does the idea of Jude Law as a badass futuristic repo man slicing out some dude’s pancreas appeal to you, or is his rather more genteel turn as Dr. Watson in Sherlock Holmes more your speed?

'Toy Story 3' clip: Gasp! Buzz and Co. in the trash?!

I don’t know who gasped more during this new clip from Toy Story 3: Woody, Buzz, et. al. as they weather the harrowing ordeal that is Andy’s decision about who goes with him to college and who goes in the Black Plastic Trash Bag of Doom; or me, watching it all unfold. I’m going to go with me, since my multiple gasps were more of the OMIGOD melodramatic variety. No, I am not ashamed.

Me = Officially hooked. My favorite Pixarian detail: The quick glimpse of the faded toy height chart on Andy’s bedroom door frame as Woody freaks out that, “That’s not trash, that’s not trash!” So are you hooked, P’Dubs? Were you shocked that Andy chose Woody over Buzz? Or are you a heartless human lump of coal for whom two Toy Story films was apparently enough?

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