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'Epic Mickey 2' review: A must-play for the mouse's biggest fans, a maybe for everyone else

2010’s Disney Epic Mickey put players behind the magical paintbrush of the titular mouse and let them loose in Wasteland, a misfit Magic Kingdom of sorts where many of Walt’s forgotten creations went to live out their cartoon existence. While Wasteland and its alt-Disney denizens had faithful Mickey fans singing Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah, core gamers were left wishing upon a star…for a more polished experience. Following in the big yellow shoes of its predecessor, Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two succeeds and suffers in much the same way as the title that spawned it.

Once again Wasteland serves as the ultimate fan-pleasing paradise. Bursting with cool call-outs to characters, attractions, and memorabilia, this twisted take on a traditional Disney theme park provides reason enough for owners of embroidered Mickey ears to grab a gamepad; from alternative versions of classic Disneyland themed areas—the Rainbow Caverns Mine Train-inspired Rainbow Falls and Rainbow Caverns are eye-popping highlights—to a boss baddie based on the Pete’s Dragon Main Street Electrical Parade float, every crack and crevice of Wasteland is dripping with Disney-loving details. Wasteland also receives a pop-off-the-screen visual makeover thanks to the sequel’s support of HD consoles (the original was a lo-def Wii exclusive.)

'Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two': Welcome to Autotopia -- EXCLUSIVE IMAGES

The Epic Mickey games put players behind a magic paint-brush wielded by the iconic mouse himself, but that isn’t the best part… at least not for Disney nerds. No, the series’ most fan-pleasing claim to fame is its inspired world, Wasteland. A twisted take on traditional Disney theme parks, Wasteland is home to forgotten characters, scrapped attractions, and any other ideas that spilled from Walt’s creative mind onto the cutting room floor.

This misfit Magic Kingdom replaces the real-world theme parks’ Main Street with Mean Street and transforms the smiling clock-face adorning Disneyland’s “It’s a Small World” into a Mickey-eating monster. Early looks at Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two, which arrives Nov. 18, hint at equally creepy-cool alt-Disney destinations such as the Frontierland-based Gulch and parade-inspired Floatyard.

The latest piece of re-imagined Wasteland real estate is Autotopia, based on Disneyland’s similarly named Autopia attraction. For an exclusive sneak peek at how Epic Mickey 2‘s twisting and tweaking the popular racetrack ride, spy the screens below.

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