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Entertainment Geekly: A serious attempt to understand why every movie is about Magic Blood now

Entertainment Geekly is a weekly column that examines pop culture through a geek lens and simultaneously examines contemporary geek culture through a pop lens. So many lenses!

This summer, it’s all about the blood. Young Harry Osborn was hankering for some Spidey-plasma in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, because Peter Parker’s very special blood is a cure-all for the Green Death Disease that apparently afflicts all Osborns. Mystique’s blood was the secret sauce that transformed the Sentinels from giant gawky robots to shapeshifting protean-powered T-1000-bots in X-Men: Days of Future Past. (Confused? It’s all here in this pamphlet.)

In the underrated Edge of Tomorrow, Tom Cruise huffs an alien attacker’s hemoglobin and winds up absorbing the alien’s reboot-button superpowers. And in the exactly-rated Trans4mers, evil nerd scientists corpse-mine some dead space robots and come up with a new element that allows anyone to create anything they want. This element is called “Transformium”–which could mean that, in the world of Transformers, human blood is referred to as “Humanium.” READ FULL STORY

Tom Cruise: Where to after 'Edge of Tomorrow' fizzle?

The Tom Cruise movie that immediately came to mind in the opening scenes of Edge of Tomorrow, the entertaining Groundhog Day-meets-Starship Troopers movie that opened Friday, wasn’t one of his previous science-fiction blockbusters. It was A Few Good Men.

In the new film, directed by Doug Liman, Cruise plays Major William Cage, a charming, TV-ready spokesperson for the global military who’s successfully recruited millions of volunteers for the war against invading aliens. But he’s hardly a soldier — he coasted through ROTC and then ran an advertising agency — and the commander in charge (Brendan Gleeson) of the imminent counterattack decides Cage would best help the cause by bringing a camera to the beach with the first wave of grunts. It’s an honor that Cage would prefer to skip, and as the stench of his cowardice grows — and he tries to dance his way out of the assignment — you can practically hear the echoes of Col. Jessup scowling at Danny Kaffee and demanding that he “stand there in that fa—-y white uniform and with your Harvard mouth extend me some f–king courtesy.”

It might bother some of you to be reminded that A Few Good Men came out 22 years ago — before many of the moviegoers who made The Fault in Our Stars the weekend’s smash hit were even born. Cruise was only 30 then, and that hit film represented the beginning of another successful string of old-fashioned movie-star roles — including The Firm and Jerry Maguire — that reinforced his place at the top of the Hollywood heap. Times have changed. Hollywood has changed. And Cruise has changed. READ FULL STORY

PopWatch Planner: 'The Fault in Our Stars' in theaters, 'Enlisted' returns, 'Tony Awards,' and more

The first full week of June has everything you could ask for from summer entertainment: Comedy, action, love, sex, awards, “reality” television, and Tom Cruise. From The Fault in Our Stars finally hitting theaters to the return of fan-favorite comedy Enlisted, here’s what your pop culture calendar looks like this week: READ FULL STORY

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