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'Twilight' is a marathon, not a sprint

When I volunteered to watch a five-movie Twilight Saga marathon, I’ll admit I didn’t fully anticipate the challenges and doubts I’d encounter along the way. As the weeks, then days, then hours ticked down, I realized I’d need to get my head in the game. I trained like any marathoner would, honing skills appropriate to the course — subsisting on a diet of carbohydrates, carbonated drinks, and stale air; sitting on my rear for long periods of time, and abandoning all thoughts of age-appropriate content or cinematic quality. Also like any marathoner, I blacked out for long periods of time between the start and finish lines. But! Here’s what I do remember… READ FULL STORY

Teen Choice Awards: 'Harry Potter' tops 'Twilight' in contest that makes non-teens feel old and cranky

Dracula must be spinning in his grave.

The Teen Choice Awards create a “choice vampire” category, and the winner is Robert Pattinson’s Edward Cullen for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse?  He beat Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder, and Paul Wesley from The Vampire Diaries (which won five other awards), and Twilight co-star Nikki Reed — okay, fine whatever. But, but … he also bested Alexander Skarsgard’s Eric Northman from True Blood?

Nice going, teens.

Okay, deep breath … Maybe the target demographic for the Fox awards show shouldn’t exactly be watching the hyper-sexualized, ultra-violent True Blood, so let’s just chalk this travesty up to inexperience.

Nothing against the girl, but this is the award show where Selena Gomez gets five awards for things like choice female hottie (oh, good Lord). She also won choice TV Comedy Actress, Choice Music Single, Choice … Okay, enough with the “choice already.” She also won best love song and musical group, for her band The Scene.

Rebecca Black, who became famous this year because her song Friday, like the flu, spread quickly around the globe due to how bad it was, won “choice web star.” Obviously, these ain’t the Peabody Awards.

The big showdown was supposed to be between Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows — Parts 1 and 2 and The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, but then it seemed like they were all getting awards, based on genre, or the season their movie came out.


MTV Movie Awards 2011: On the scene for all the wackiness at L.A.'s Gibson Amphitheatre

EW’s Archana Ram already recapped what you saw on television during last night’s Twilight Promotional Show MTV Movie Awards (and asked for your thoughts, too!), but what happened in the house during the always wacky ceremony at L.A.’s Gibson Ampitheatre? Oh, so much, folks — so much! And I’ve got those deets for you, as I was there to experience the madness first hand. There’s lots to talk about: The insane fashions! The beautiful stage! The speech that charmed the crowd! And so much more, but mostly — let’s be honest — it was all just one big plug for Twilight. Read on for a take of what went on behind the scenes, what you didn’t see on your television last night…


Catherine Hardwicke on leaving 'Twilight': 'I do not regret it at all, thank the Lord'

stewart-pattinsonDirector Catherine Hardwicke, who launched the Twilight series into theaters and has the similarly thematic Red Riding Hood coming out March 11, tells Newsweek that she wasn’t fired from the blockbuster series but simply decided against directing subsequent Twilight films. “I couldn’t even be fired, that’s what’s so funny,” she tells the magazine. “In my contract, I had the first right of refusal.” READ FULL STORY

Johnny Depp, 'Inception' top IMDb's year-end polls

wonderlandImage Credit: DisneyIMDb released its users “STARmeter” picks for the year, which are completely based on “search behavior.” And lo, we search for who we love. The top slot this year went to Johnny Depp, which marks his sixth win in the category. Kristen Stewart came in second, followed by Robert Pattinson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Robert Downey Jr., Christian Bale, Gerard Butler, Megan Fox and Zoë Saldana. Interesting!

IMDb users also rated movies all year, and at the top of that heap is Inception. The wisdom of crowds, you guys! Toy Story 3 was second, followed by The Social Network, How to Train Your Dragon, Tangled, Kick-Ass, Shutter Island, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows — Part 1, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, and The Town. This list is actually a bit more surprising — I know people loved Dragon, but I didn’t know it was that popular.

Do either of these lists surprise you, PopWatchers?

'Eclipse' DVD commentary: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart battle it out over Bella, Jacob, and Edward's jealousy

twilight-ecliseImage Credit: Kimberley FrenchThe Twilight Saga: Eclipse hit DVD and Blu-ray over the weekend, and the commentary track provided by Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart is among the highlights. Listening to it, you realize two things: She really hated the wig she had to wear (her hair was still Joan Jett short from filming The Runaways), and this could be the longest you’ve ever heard them talk as themselves. She’s a lot looser than she was on the commentary for the first film, and he’s even more willing to comically question Bella’s and Edward’s motives. They laugh constantly — especially throughout their disagreements below about whether Bella should continue her friendship with Jacob even though she knows it upsets Edward. He may just have been pushing her buttons (had they been in the same city when recording the track, he would have been slapped, playfully, repeatedly), but he might also be on to something: Is there a double standard when it comes to women in relationships being able to have male friends but men in relationships not being able to have female friends? Discuss.

Check out our list of other fun stuff happening this month on our December events calendar.


'Eclipse' costume trivia: Deleted scene, karate pants, and more!

eclipse-fashionImage Credit: Summit EntertainmentYou can learn a lot about a character — and an actor — talking to a film’s costume designer. Here, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse‘s Tish Monaghan reveals a few secrets from the wardrobe closets:

• Robert Pattinson wanted to wear karate pants for the training sequence. “So we got him some karate pants, and it’s like the crotch hangs down to the knees, and I just thought, Ugh. Who’s gonna go for this? Because everything has to be approved by Summit,” Monaghan says. “We took them in a little bit, and they loved the karate pants. Who knew? I was so surprised.”

• Even at the film’s premiere, people squealed when Taylor Lautner turned around in that black T-shirt. “It was almost embarrassing. I felt so bad for him,” Monaghan says, with a laugh. “They were screaming and going ‘Wooooo!'” As she’d done on New Moon, her M.O. was to put him in smaller size Gap or Banana Republic T-shirts to emphasize his biceps, tightening the tees around the arm holes and taking them in down the side. (Pattinson wore Gap T-shirts, exclusively, she adds. “They were what fit him best. They had the best colors. So that’s what he ended up wearing, even when Edward takes Bella up to the tent. It may strike people as odd, but he doesn’t feel temperature, so that’s why we only put him in a shirt, and Bella’s all bundled up, and Jacob, of course, is running around shirtless.” READ FULL STORY

'Vampires Suck' trailer: The folks behind 'Disaster Movie' take aim at 'Twilight,' 'Jersey Shore,' and Lady Gaga

vampires-suckI’ve spent a lot more time zoning out on my couch to the spoof films Epic Movie, Date Movie, Meet the Spartans, and Disaster Movie than I would care to admit. They do tend to feature an awful lot of jokes — even if said gags are of a decidedly uneven quality — and at least one of those movies always seems to be, well, on. And, hey, they’re better than the Twilight films, right? (Note: the opinion of this writer does not necessarily reflect that of Entertainment Weekly as a whole, but can be further investigated in his Eclipse: A Hater’s Guide post.)

Ooh, I feel a nice segue coming on!

That’s right, the guys behind those movies — writer-directors Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer — have turned their attention towards Bella, Edward, and Jacob for the pair’s latest spoof-o-rama, Vampires Suck, which, judging by the new trailer, also takes aim at Jersey Shore and Lady Gaga.

You can see the clip after the break. Take a look and tell us what you think!


'Eclipse': Behind the new and improved wolves

eclipse-wolf-pack-cullensImage Credit: Tippett StudioIf you’ve seen The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, odds are you left raving about the wolves — particularly the scene in which Jacob, in wolf form, saddles up to Bella during the training sequence. It’s one of the moments Phil Tippett — a two-time Oscar winner for Jurassic Park and Return of the Jedi whose visual effects house, Tippett Studio, handled the wolves for both Eclipse and New Moon — is most proud of. “That was an unusual thing for us in that most of the time, we are doing these ‘god awful animals start tearing each other apart,'” Tippett told us recently, phoning from England where he’d just celebrated Ray Harryhausen’s 90th birthday. “So it was great to have a quiet moment. A tender scene that telegraphs a budding and suppressed relationship was tricky. In fact, the entire training sequence was difficult in that the wolves do nothing. A bunch of wolves standing around watching vampires train and trying to portend some kind of anxiety was tricky. It’s tricky for any actor when you have to carry a certain part of the scene where you do nothing, because you have to figure out a way of filling up the nothing with something.”

It was important to Eclipse director David Slade that Taylor Lautner actually film that scene with Kristen Stewart so she was able to establish eye contact with him instead of with a golf ball that could’ve been used as an eyeline and painted out later. The wardrobe department dressed Lautner in a neutral grey leotard and hoodie — primarily so his skin tone wouldn’t bounce back onto Stewart and create lighting issues when Wolf Jacob was added, Tippett says. We, however, like to believe someone was already thinking about the DVD extras. That will be great, won’t it? READ FULL STORY

Poll: Now that you've seen 'Eclipse,' which 'Twilight' movie do you think is the best?

jacob-edwardImage Credit: Kimberley FrenchLet’s cut to the chase: Of the three Twilight movies that have now been released, Eclipse is the best. The best storytelling, the best pacing, the best acting, the best mix of action and romance. This is, of course, just one woman’s (and magazine‘s) opinion, but I’d be glad to debate it with any Twi-Hard worth their, um, fangs? Now that many of you out there have seen Eclipse, tell me: Am I wrong? Vote below!

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