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Happy Pi Day! Who's your favorite TV math nerd? -- VOTE

Greetings, fellow nerds. Today is our most important holiday: Pi Day. (Also, who’s getting ready for two years from now when stuff is about to get really crazy?)

Here at EW we pay a lot of attention to the geeks, but on this oh-so-nerdy-day, we thought we should honor those with advanced degrees in mathematics. (Really get the party started, you know.)  To some, nerd may be a derogatory term, but think again. Nerds are the characters who get stuff done and solve problems. While everyone is flailing about, nerds are hacking computers, reasoning logically, and inventing awesome gadgets. So take pride in being called a nerd, you will one day rule the world.

To celebrate the nerdiest of holidays, let’s honor our favorite TV nerds. Since it’s a math holiday, we tried to stick to the nerds who would have won Math Olympiads, but if anyone wants to make a case for Abed in the comments (I mean, he did have a pretty logical and reasoned argument in his Who’s The Boss? debate), have at it. We included Sherlock, Bones, and Topher because we’re pretty sure they know their way around a geometry proof. Chuck and Huck can hack a computer with the best of them. Super agent Sydney Bristow had to bring Marshall along with her on a mission because she couldn’t do calculus in her head, so he definitely made our list.

Quit trying to convince your high school calculus teacher (or current boss) to buy you pie, and vote! READ FULL STORY

'Dollhouse' canceled: Are we peeved or pleased by this development?

dollhouse_lIt seems that, sometimes, no matter how smart, how full of ideas, how fun a thing may be, it will still outlive it’s usefulness to the people who run the show. Heck, if beer can have an expiration date, so can everything else. And so the day that all Joss Whedon fans knew would come has arrived: Dollhouse has been canceled by Fox. Apparently, they’ll air the balance of the 13-episode order and, most likely, shuttle it to DVD as quick as possible.

It’s not a surprise, really, given how anemic the ratings have been — the real surprise was that the Eliza Dushku mind-wiping show got a second season in the first place. And it’s not a surprise to anyone who knows Whedon’s history with Fox, the same network that gunned down Firefly after airing as many episodes as you can count on two hands. The writing has been on the wall for almost as long as there’s been a wall.

From where I sit, there are two ways to feel about this: READ FULL STORY

'Dollhouse': Where did it go wrong?

dollhouse-bts_lIn case you haven’t noticed, Dollhouse is tanking. It’s second season premiere didn’t perform well in the ratings, and last Friday’s episode did even worse — Stargate Universe kicked it in the cortex. Dollhouse is in very real danger of being canceled. Why isn’t it doing better? Where did Joss Whedon and company go wrong?

Perhaps that isn’t fair — the blame can’t be put on Whedon’s shoulders alone. There is Fox’s decision to leave Dollhouse on Friday nights, bereft of any real advertising support — a programming block of one. If Fox really wanted to give Dollhouse a chance, they’d have paired it with Bones or Fringe, and not after a pair of sitcoms (one of which stars Michael Strahan) that no one is watching. Stargate Universe did well because Syfy Channel has been pushing it relentlessly, hammering it into their audience that something new is coming down the pike. READ FULL STORY

'Dollhouse' recap: Momma's got a brand new bag of crazy

Hysterical is a funny word, in that it doesn’t mean “funny” at all. If you look it up in the dictionary, it means “deriving from or affected by extreme uncontrolled emotion.” Stranger still, the root of hysterical is the same as the root of hysterectomy: huster, from the Greek, for womb. In other words, that which makes you lose control is the very thing that makes you a woman.

Dollhouse has always trucked in uncomfortable ideas. It’s about prostitution, and brainwashing, and identity — Dollhouse is about the sublimation of humanity for money. And it’s walked a fine line between exploitation and empowerment — sometimes nimbly, other times like a clumsy drunk — but always with a healthy respect for the feminine. Until this episode, “Instinct,” in which Echo literally went crazy because of her girl parts. READ FULL STORY

Fox launches 'Dollhouse' desktop app

Want to see Eliza Dushku virtually shoot you through your computer screen? If the answer is “yes,” then you might be a hardcore enough Dollhouse fan to download the new desktop app Fox released last night. Called “Virtual Echo”, the app activates nine different Echo personae—like “assassin” or “dream date”—that traipse across your desktop. (Presumably the “assassin” is the one that pulls the gun, but who’s to say?) Also included is the Augmented Reality Echo—a card icon you print out and hold in front of your webcam for hours of hologramy fun.

Who out there has downloaded the app already? What did you think? And on a related matter—what’s up with Dollhouse‘s faltering ratings?

'Dollhouse' premiere: Lies within lies and hot geek-chic sex

dollhouse-wedding_lThat sound you hear outside is a geek nation’s head exploding. Why? Because Apollo and Faith just totally had the sex! Well, okay, not really. But the Dollhouse season premiere did have Battlestar Galactica alum Jamie Bamber playing a super-smooth arms merchant who gets married to Eliza Dushku’s Echo, so there was some inter-nerdverse smooching going on. As for the premiere itself, I’m kinda of two minds about it. READ FULL STORY

Joss Whedon: Master of cult TV

ewu_logoFor the second class in our EW University course on TV Auteurs, Prof. Adam B. Vary offers this overview of the TV career of Joss Whedon, from Buffy the Vampire Slayer to Dollhouse. Also, check out this photo gallery of our favorite shows by four legendary showrunners.

buffy_lWhat Stephen Bochco (Hill Street Blues, L.A. Law, NYPD Blue), Norman Lear (All in the Family, The Jeffersons), and Rod Serling (The Twilight Zone) were in the 20th century television, Joss Whedon has become today: Nothing less than a television brand. His name alongside the “Created by” credit during the opening titles guarantees you are about to watch a show that swings for the fences; a show as keenly attuned to its female characters as its male ones; a show that tackles Big Ideas and Big Themes without skimping on Great Entertainment; a show that is unafraid to Go There, from allowing the lead heroine or hero to make some profoundly unlikable choices to killing off a beloved character; a show that is steeped in genre tropes yet also lovingly tweaks them; and a show that has a tone, style, and voice so singular that it’s earned its own adjective: Whedonesque. READ FULL STORY

'Dollhouse': TV show, or repository for geek-hall-of-fame actors?

glau-whedon_lWith the news today that Summer Glau — of the late Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles — will be joining Dollhouse for a few episodes, and once more going to work for Joss Whedon (who first cast her in an episode of Angel before making her the damaged heart of Firefly), something has become clear: Dollhouse is a nerd-actor oasis.

Glau will be joining Battlestar Galactica veterans Jamie Bamber and Michael Hogan, as well as Buffy/Angel alum Alexis Denisof and Dexter‘s Keith Carradine — all of whom have signed on for the second season of Dollhouse. Which begs a question: Who else should book an appointment in the Dollhouse? I mean, if we’re gonna go this route, and stud the show with all these recognizable sci-fi faces, who would you like to see? (I’ve got my fingers crossed for Buck Rogers’ Erin Gray.)

PHOTO CREDIT: Albert L. Ortega/ PR Photos (2)

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Alexis Denisof starts shooting 'Dollhouse': Please play a suit-wearing badass

Wesley-alexis-denisof_lSometimes you say you’d follow an actor anywhere, but then said actor ends up guesting on Private Practice and well… Luckily, Alexis Denisof’s new giga recurring role on Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse, which he started shooting today according to wife Alyson Hannigan’s Twitter feed — is far more appealing. I just read a rumor that Denisof is playing a senator on the show. (UPDATE: Fox tells me the character’s name  is Sen. Daniel Perrin, and that he will be a thorn in the side of the Dollhouse — and Rossum Corp — through the season.) I’m torn: The man does know how to wear a suit, which he proved as Wesley on Buffy the Vampire Slayer*; but he also looked good as the casual-attired badass who, late in Angel‘s run, wasn’t afraid to pull double guns on The Beast or have hot sex with Lilah.

So, to recap: I’m okay with him playing a suit, as long as it gets dirty.

How are you hoping to see Denisof used on Dollhouse? How much have you missed him?

And here.

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Comic-Con '09: Three great celeb encounters

nathan-fillion_lFor me, every San Diego Comic-Con I attend brings with it a different agenda — be it covering panels and events for Entertainment Weekly, flacking my second career as a comic book writer, or generally serving as an EW ambassador to all things geek — but they all involve meeting people. And that’s my favorite part of Comic-Con; not the first looks at the coming hotness, or the free booze, it’s the people. So, without further ado, here are the three people I was most giddy about having run into this year.

1. Nathan Fillion. This wasn’t the first time I’d met Captain Tightpants — he showed me how to drink virtual beer from his iPhone at last year’s EW/Syfy party — but I like to rekindle our bond of manliness when I can. So, at this year’s party, I rolled up on the Castle star, standing there looking all rugged, and reintroduced myself. He said, “Yeah, man. I remember you. We met here last year.” I nodded. Then he pointed to a spot under a gazebo, saying “But over there.” I nodded again. “And you’ve got some more grey in your hair.” I told him that my children are sapping my color. “You got pictures? Lemme see ‘em.” Nathan Fillion wanted to see pictures of my kids. That dude gets an EW nutguard for life.

PHOTO CREDIT: Robert Benson/WireImage


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