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'The Good Wife': Who should be cast as Kalinda's husband?

On last night’s season finale of The Good Wife (read our recap), Kalinda’s past came right to her door — but he didn’t make his entrance, yet. Creators Robert and Michelle King have yet to announce which actor will play her husband, so tell us who’s on your wish list. Some intel to help you: In our post-finale chat with the Kings, Robert said they’ve been wanting to dive into Kalinda’s past since season 2, but hadn’t felt they’d found the right actor. They envision it as a long arc in season 4 — Kalinda’s past life colliding with her newly firmed up friendship with Alicia — and one that shows us a new side of Kalinda’s sexuality. “Her with someone where love and fear are kind of combined,” Robert told EW. “That’s something we haven’t seen from Kalinda before, because even with Blake last year, there wasn’t so much fear as the sense of who was gonna be the top dog in that relationship. Here, I think it’ll be a little more lurid…. It’s not exactly Fifty Shades of Grey, but the spirit of sexual dominance mixed with who’s dominating whom. It just sounds like a fascinating way to see Kalinda.”

My dream casting: Idris Elba. READ FULL STORY

'Hunger Games' poll: Who is your favorite character? -- VOTE

Everybody’s buzzing about The Hunger Games, and how could they not be? The film’s release this weekend hit all sorts of box office milestones, spawned dozens of fantastic fan outfits, and got folks talking about everything and anything related to the smash book series. So what else is there to discuss?

There’s at least one topic that’s inspired some heated post-movie conversations: the characters. Just check any social media outlet for proof that fans are still chatting about which Panem personality made the biggest splash or who made the most graceful jump from the page to the screen. All of the buzz can be summed up in one brief question: Who is your favorite Hunger Games character? Whether he or she was brilliant in the film adaptation or exists strictly in your literary imagination (Madge Undersee!), let us know which figure gets your bread a-baking or your mahogany a-shining, and we’ll let you know who makes it to the Victory Tour!


Poll: Which young celebrity would you like to see on Broadway?

Broadway has never been a stranger to hosting young celebrities, but more often than not, it’s the girls who take the stage — Abigail Breslin, Claire Danes, Diana DeGarmo, Scarlett Johansson. (We really covered the spectrum with that list.) Given all the recent hubbub about How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying (which welcomed Nick Jonas this week), it’s nice to remember that Hollywood’s young leading men are also shipping out and hitting the Great White Way.

For starters, Jonas follows in the footsteps of Daniel Radcliffe and Darren Criss, who both starred in the revival of How to Succeed. Hunter Parrish (Weeds) has been headlining as Jesus in the angsty revival of Godspell. READ FULL STORY

Oscar host vacancy: With Eddie Murphy out, who should step in? Vote!

Just one day after Brett Ratner announced he would be stepping down as Oscars producer, the 84th Academy Awards now finds itself without a host, too, as Eddie Murphy released a statement confirming that he will no longer be emceeing the ceremony. (“I was truly looking forward to being a part of the show that our production team and writers were just starting to develop, but I’m sure that the new production team and host will do an equally great job,” said Murphy, who was recruited to host the event by Ratner, his Tower Heist director.)

So now what, PopWatchers? Or more specifically, who? As in, who should host the 2012 Oscars? READ FULL STORY

Summer TV Hottie Awards: Now accepting nominations!

Award show season starts here, folks! It’s time for the Summer TV Hottie Awards, celebrating the best of the…um…no. Just celebrating attractive people. Very, very attractive people.

Here are your categories. Your picks can be from scripted or reality TV. I encourage show diversity, so think about all the shows on right now (or that just finished a summer run). And, kids, have fun.

Hottest Summer TV vet (male):
[Sandra’s pick: White Collar‘s Matt Bomer, pictured above for your pleasure]  READ FULL STORY

What would YOU title the next 'Planet of the Apes' movie?

Our neighborhood Blockbuster did not exactly have a sparkling selection of cinematic classics. It was rare to find a film made before 1970. The foreign-film section was mostly bad martial-arts non-classics; actually, the store probably had more Shannon Tweed movies than subtitled movies. You could find the 1998 TV-Movie Rear Window, starring Christopher Reeves and Daryl Hannah, but you could not find the somewhat-better-known 1954 film version, starring James Stewart and Daryl Hannah and directed by Alfred Freaking Hitchcock. But I can’t hate on my old Blockbuster too much, because it gave me one cinematic treasure that I still value to this day: The Planet of the Apes series. READ FULL STORY

When 'The Good Girl' goes bad: Will audiences embrace a naughty Jennifer Aniston?

In the raucous new comedy Horrible Bosses (in theaters today) Jennifer Aniston pulls off, in addition to her clothes, some rather impressive comedic feats. Playing against-type as a sexually aggressive dentist, she not only holds her own against a top-notch boys club, but she also silences her skeptics who argue she’s nothing more than a hair-do.

Even though Aniston is one of the most famous faces in the world, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a trace of her sweetness in Horrible Bosses. (And no, not because her hair looks different.) While the 42-year-old has done some fine work in lighter fare like Marley & Me, The Break-Up, and The Switch, it’s sometimes difficult not to see Aniston, or more specifically, traces of her Friends character Rachel Green. Heck, even in the cult classic Office Space, her chain restaurant employee, Joanna, seemed a close cousin to Central Perk-dwelling Rachel. READ FULL STORY

What's your all-time favorite movie trailer?

It’s been said a hundred times before, and it remains true: The best part about going to the movies (well, besides eating $7 candy and actually watching the movie you paid to see) is the trailers. But enjoying trailers has gone well beyond watching roughly 73 of them before your film starts. And if you were a super pop-culture nerd from an early age like me, you enjoyed previews so much you never dared to fast-forward through them on your VHS. (C’mon, you had to watch the FernGully preview before Home Alone started, didn’t you?)

With the winners of the 12th Annual Golden Trailer awards having just been announced (The Social Network, was rightfully rewarded, among other wins, with the Best in Show trophy), and the fact that trailers can be enjoyed online whenever we want, it got me thinking about my all-time favorite trailer. READ FULL STORY

'Survivor's' Jeff Probst to head to daytime, but what kind of host should he be?

Jeff Probst has quickly become the Law & Order of television hosts, in that he’ll now be on television at any given moment. It was announced today that Probst, who has won three Emmys for his work as host on Survivor, will now head to daytime television and put his hosting skills to use for a new talk show in 2012. As EW’s Dalton Ross reported, “The new show will cover everything from newsmakers to ordinary families in extraordinary circumstances.”

So, since it sounds like Probst’s show will be on par with most other daytime talk shows (unless of course, he stars asking people about their colons, like that meddling Dr. Oz) we’re wondering what kind of talk host should he be? Should he impart his own brand of wisdom like Dr. Phil (with the same Southern accent, if possible) or let the guests do most of the talking instead (unlike, say, the ladies of The View)?  READ FULL STORY

Which critically panned movies, like 'Bad Teacher,' did you enjoy despite harsh reviews?

Perhaps it was because I was going in with low expectations (as I happily admitted to you PopWatchers on Friday, I was going for the sole purpose of furthering my crush on Jason Segel). But much to my surprise — despite critics’ displeasure for it, including our own Owen Gleiberman — I didn’t hate Bad Teacher. In fact, it made me laugh-out-loud quite a few times, though reviews had warned me otherwise.

Was it my favorite movie this year? Hardly. Did it do any favors whatsoever for Justin Timberlake’s still-blossoming acting career? Not especially. Did it come across as a secondhand offering of the far superior Bad Santa? Sort of. READ FULL STORY

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