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Disney to shut down game maker LucasArts

Bad news for Star Wars game fans: Disney, which purchased the LucasFilm empire late last year for a cool $4.05 billion, has announced that it is closing its LucasArts game-making subsidiary.

The Mouse House will no longer develop LucasArts games internally and will instead license its brands, including Star Wars and Indiana Jones, to external developers.

'Girl Meets World' pilot update: Mr. Feeny is on set! -- PHOTO


Ben Savage Instagram

Here’s your daily update on The Most Important Pilot for Millennials of Our Time.

Ben Savage just Instagrammed the above photo along with the caption, “My First Class.” You guys! Cory Matthews is all grown up and teaching junior high! Nostalgia alert!

This is on the heels of a picture tweeted out by Rowan Blanchard yesterday that showed all-grown-up Eric and Shawn visiting the set of the pilot for Girl Meets World. While that photo was certainly a fun “Look At Them Now” pic, this picture reminds us of the one of the key details we actually know about the potential Disney Channel show: Cory’s job as a teacher at his daughter’s school. Will Cory be like Mr. Turner or Mr. Feeny? Twist: What if he takes after Eli Williams?

Below, the nostalgia picture to end all nostalgia pictures, courtesy of Maitland Ward‘s Instagram (Ward played Rachel in the later seasons of Boy Meets World): MR. FEENY (William Daniels) himself! READ FULL STORY

Viral video song 'After Ever After' tells us what happens next for Disney princesses -- VIDEO

What happens after happily ever after?

It’s a topic that’s been explored many times, but never before in four-part harmony. Jon Cozart — who knows his way around YouTube, having made several super-popular videos before — has another hit on his hands with “After Ever After,” which tells the tales of Disney princesses Ariel, Jasmine, Belle, and Pocahontas after the credits roll. It’s not a pretty picture: Ariel is concerned about the BP oil spill, Jasmine’s boyfriend is a maybe-terrorist, Belle is accused of bestiality, and Pocahontas is now more than a little bloodthirsty for every Englishman.

Currently #2 on the iTunes Comedy Song chart, the tune has garnered nearly 200,000 YouTube views in just two days. Check it out below: READ FULL STORY

The Northeast finds Nemo -- in the form of a giant winter storm

An historic storm’s a-brewin’ over New England and the northeast Mid-Atlantic — though once you hear what the Weather Channel is calling it, you might want to give it a hug rather than flee from it.

Yes, the catastrophic blizzard expected to drop up to three feet of snow on some northeastern areas has been dubbed Nemo. And while the name has a lot of connotations, chances are that hearing it makes you think of an adorable cartoon fish rather than a mysterious sea captain or a sleepy little boy.

It’s not exactly the most intimidating moniker for such a gigantic storm — though that isn’t really The Weather Channel’s fault.  READ FULL STORY

Six lessons 'Boy Meets World' taught us -- and we hope 'Girl Meets World' teaches the next generation of viewers

It was the show that taught ’90s babies right from wrong while simultaneously making all of us jealous that our teachers weren’t anything like Mr. Feeny. From Cory and Topanga’s lifelong love story to Shawn’s difficult childhood, Boy Meets World was packed full of sweet moments, quirky jokes and life lessons. And now, another generation could be defined by what the kid next door says, does and learns with the creation of Disney Channel’s Girl Meets World.

A mere 20 years after we first met Cory and Topanga, we’re introduced to their daughter, who is about to set out on her own journey. But before we get a glimpse into her life, we’re revisiting Cory’s journey, what it taught us in the 90′s and what we hope Girl Meets World will teach a new audience. READ FULL STORY

'Girl Meets World': Cory and Topanga's daughter sings! Is that a good thing?

Still reeling from the news that Disney has chosen 11-year-old Rowan Blanchard to play Riley Matthews on their upcoming Boy Meets World spin-off? Well, prepare for your mind to be blown a second time — because we just found out that little Rowan likes to sing. And she’s good.

The budding actress already has her very own YouTube channel, where she’s posted a handful of covers over the past year and a half or so. (She’s also got a Facebook fan page and a Twitter account that’s racked up nearly 4,000 tweets. The early bird catches the followers, right?) Rowan favors big, showy tunes that have been covered on Glee, including “Don’t Rain on My Parade”, the show’s “Anything Goes”/”Anything You Can Do” mashup, and Adele’s “Someone Like You,” her take on which I’ve embedded below. It’s a pretty impressive showing, though she doesn’t really reach for the rafters on “don’t forget me!” (To be fair, not even Adele always hits those notes live. Also, ROWAN IS A TINY CHILD.)


New Disney Park wristband could mean the end of lines

It’s more magical than a flying carpet!

Well, not really, but big tech changes are coming to Disney Parks. A new wristband, called the MagicBand, will replace paper tickets and is set to be rolled out over the next several months. The band is part of a new system called MyMagic+, which will include a web site and app, allowing guests to reserve time at a ride in advance, according to a press release. The project could completely revolutionize how we think about amusement parks… and the long, sometimes discouraging lines. The MagicBand would essentially act as a credit card, allowing everything from ride entry to food payment to be taken care of with a simple swipe. READ FULL STORY

Disney's 'Aladdin' to seek a whole new world on Broadway


Have you been yearning to see a full-blown stage production of Disney’s Aladdin on the Great White Way? If so, your wish may soon be granted: A source close to the production has confirmed to EW that a live-action version of the studio’s 1992 animated hit is taking a magic carpet ride straight to Broadway. The New York Times first reported the news.

Aladdin will take residence in the Disney-owned New Amsterdam Theater after Mary Poppins closes this March. It probably won’t begin performances until the spring of 2014.


New opera portrays Walt Disney as 'racist, misogynist'

The newest Disney musical probably isn’t for children.

The Perfect American, a new opera by Philip Glass premiering in Spain this month, tells the story of Walt Disney — but without the help of his most famous fictional creations. According to the U.K. Guardian, the show “concentrates on the last years of Disney’s life, when he lay dying of lung cancer while planning to have his body frozen. It portrays Disney as a megalomaniac with McCarthyite, racist, and misogynist tendencies, so it is clear why the global entertainment corporation has denied rights [to the Disney characters].” (A rep for The Walt Disney Company did not respond to EW’s request for comment.) READ FULL STORY

The year in nostalgia: Reboots, sequels, comebacks, and callbacks to a simpler time

There’s nothing new under the sun — which is just the way Millennials like it.

We’re a generation obsessed with our own recent past, as befits the children of Boomers. Our influence on the entertainment industry is also increasing as we grow older. That’s probably why 2012 was the year that a collective nostalgia for pop culture from the ’90s and even the early ’00s hit in full force. Sure, the year also featured its share of projects inspired by/cribbing from the ’80s or even earlier — we learned it by watching you, Generation X! — but generally speaking, a yearning for the days of Boy Meets World, Titanic, and the Spice Girls has supplanted a yearning for the days of Growing Pains, Journey, and The Breakfast Club.

Here’s a month-by-month rundown of 2012′s most nostalgia-driven moments, from announcements of sequels and reboots to random late night comedy bits. (Tom Hanks recited a slam poem about what?) Though it’s pretty ’90s heavy, even non-Millennials should find something here they get a kick out of — or something that makes them righteously furious. (For many nostalgia hounds, the two go hand in hand.)


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