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Eva Longoria to speak at the DNC; which other stars should get political?

Eva Longoria is no longer a desperate housewife — but she is desperate for Barack Obama to win a second term in office. The actress was an extremely vocal Obama supporter in 2008, and she’s been serving as a co-chair for the president’s reelection campaign since this past February. Now Longoria will show her support on an even bigger platform:  She’s giving a speech at this year’s Democratic National Convention in Charlotte.

The Republican party doesn’t have any similar politically-minded stars speaking at its own convention in Tampa Bay, at least as of now. Still, Longoria’s selection means that future quadrennial assemblies — as well as smaller events throughout the year — could include even more boldfaced names someday. Yeah, yeah, these events are about politics, not Hollywood — but wouldn’t a few more speeches from people like Longoria liven up the proceedings just a bit? They’d be worth it for the resulting Daily Show segments alone!


Sofia Vergara is highest-paid TV actress, followed by Kardashians and Desperate Housewives

Forbes’ recently released list of top-paid movie actresses reflected Kristen Stewart’s secure foothold in modern pop culture. Now the business magazine has unveiled the list of TV actresses who earned the most between May 2011 and May 2012, and seems if you follow the money in TV land, it leads straight to funny gals and reality stars, with some housewives peppered in here and there.

Modern Family star Sofia Vergara tops the list with $19 million. Anyone who’s seen the Colombia native’s ubiquitous Kmart or Cover Girl ads knows that she’s also doing pretty well for herself with all those endorsement deals.

All four stars of Desperate Housewives, which concluded its series on ABC this May, made the list: Eva Longoria, followed by Felicity Huffman, Teri Hatcher, and Marcia Cross.

Reality TV has become even more of a major money-maker over the past year. With a wedding special watched by over 10 million people and continuing ratings success for Keeping Up with the Kardashians following the end of her 72-day-long marriage, reality star Kim Kardashian settled in at No. 2 on the list. Not far behind is her sister, Khloe. Last year they didn’t even make the top 10. Also new to the list this year is Bravo favorite and Skinny Girl entrepreneur Bethenny Frankel.

There are some familiar faces among this group, like Marg Helgenberger, whose 12-year-long run on CSI has kept her on the list for many years. Then there are rising stars like Zooey Deschanel, who has become a new comedy force to be reckoned with on Fox’s New Girl.

Last year’s list was topped with a tie between Eva Longoria and Tina Fey. The actresses come in third and fifth, respectively, this year. Check out the entire list below: READ FULL STORY

POLL: Your favorite May finale wedding dress?

Best Wedding Dress wasn’t a category in our annual Season Finale Awards, but it could have been. There were at least eight ceremonies planned for May (some of them, of course, failed to go off without a hitch). Which of the dresses below was your favorite? READ FULL STORY

Season Finale Awards: Vote now!

The polls are officially open in our third annual readers’ choice Season Finale Awards. Now through Monday, vote for your favorites — or least favorites — in 20 categories. We’ll crown the winners Tuesday. READ FULL STORY

'Desperate Housewives' series finale: How it all ended

Spoiler alert! If you haven’t seen the two-hour Desperate Housewives series finale and intend to, stop reading now. If you haven’t seen it but want to know how it ended, continue. We break it down below. READ FULL STORY

'Desperate Housewives' series finale: What conclusion would satisfy you?

Tonight, television doesn’t just lose a legend: it loses four. Despite how your feelings about ABC’s outgoing dramedy may have fluctuated over the years, there’s no denying that the four women at the center of the soapy, frothy Desperate Housewives have given modern hour-long television a new definition, and tonight–after eight seasons–all that ends. But how?!

I’m not out to predict the twists and turns that will no doubt occur on the long-awaited series finale of the Sunday night staple, but rather, I pose a different question: what would have to happen tonight for you to be fully satisfied with the show’s swan song? A major shake-up? flash forward? Or a neat resolution for each resident of Wisteria Lane? READ FULL STORY

PopWatch Planner: Farewell Wisteria Lane, hello Howard Stern

Parting is such sweet sorrow, and this week witnesses so many television season finales — including Desperate Housewives‘ huge series finale — that dedicated fans will be looking for ways to fill the void. (Except hardcore gamers, who can likely ignore every suggestion after Tuesday’s release of Diablo III.) But there’s plenty of entertainment to lift your spirits: Howard Stern is loose on the airwaves again, a horrible dictator is dealt some New York justice, and your favorite sitcom couple will cap the week, hopefully on a high note.

Desperate Housewives series finale, ABC, 9 p.m.

After eight seasons of soapy plotlines that took great joy in killing off characters in the most unusual ways, it’s safe to expect that the last tour of Wisteria Lane will find someone cold. But this final season has been anything but, as the show has been rejuvenated after several seasons of melodramatic hokum. As the Queen song goes, “Another One Bites the Dust,” but Housewives is saying its farewell in style. READ FULL STORY

'Desperate Housewives': Watch (almost all of) Wisteria Lane's grisly deaths -- VIDEO

Death has always been big on Wisteria Lane.

That became extremely apparent back in March, when former Desperate Housewives star Nicollette Sheridan took ABC Studios to court over the on-screen death of her character Edie Britt, who she said was killed off the show in retaliation for an incident the actress had with series creator Marc Cherry. One of the central questions during those proceedings was: Does Desperate Housewives actually kill off big characters like Edie? A chunk of ABC’s defense was spent trying to prove that, partly by including a video montage of all the characters that had been killed. Said video was a doozy, featuring dozens of deaths on the show. Up until that point, Sheridan’s character was arguably the biggest character to bite the dust, although Susan Delfino’s husband Mike (James Denton) would soon meet his maker. (Hatcher was none too happy about that, although she didn’t take ABC to court over it.)

The short answer to the Desperate Housewives death question, though, is: Yes, they do kill of characters. So, in anticipation of the show’s series finale on Sunday, May 13 — which may include a death or two? — ABC has released a funny video montage of all the grim reaping that Wisteria Lane has witnessed over its eight seasons. Although it’s clearly not the same montage that was used in court, it’s a pretty fun romp and a reminder of all those great moments. Not to mention it’s cheekily set to “Another One Bites the Dust.”

Interestingly enough, the demise of Sheridan’s vampy Edie is nowhere to be found, but the shooting of James Denton’s plumber Mike is featured prominently right in the middle of the montage, which also includes the ends of fave characters like Martha Huber (Christine Estabrook), Frank Kaminsky (Larry Hagman), Nora Huntington (Kiersten Warren), and Victor Lang (John Slattery). Prepare for Sunday evening by enjoying the video here:


'GCB' gets reality knock-off, now let's turn the tables: Which reality show should go scripted?

Word came down the pipe today (via TMZ) that the producers behind the Gremlin-like Real Housewives franchise are seeking out good Christian… uh… ladies for a reality series based on ABC’s GCB. In the era of reality proliferation, it’s become a go-to to rip off the hard work of TV writers and reproduce their ideas cheaply by training the lens on a coterie of overindulged, under-restrained aspiring singers and actresses. Indeed, it’s exactly how Real Housewives was born: the small-screen version of Athena springing from the head of Zeus, only replace the goddess of wisdom with Vicki Gunvalson and Zeus with Teri Hatcher naked in a bush. But what about turning the tables? Wouldn’t it be exciting to see a reality show milked for all its dramatic potential in the scripted world? Below, I offer up a few suggestions, then you can chip in your own in the comments. READ FULL STORY

William H. Macy and Felicity Huffman to receive rare double star on the Walk of Fame

UPDATE: If you find yourself walking on the Hollywood Walk of Fame today, be sure to stop and look down: Today is the day William H. Macy and Felicity Huffman are awarded their double star, with David Mamet and Aaron Sorkin serving as guest speakers at the ceremony. Let’s all be immediately jealous that we’re not as cool or adorable as these two.

EARLIER: Adorable, functional Hollywood couple news? You betcha! William H. Macy and Felicity Huffman are getting the rare double star (all the way!) on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce announced that the famous pair will join a distinguished few who get to take part in a double ceremony. Macy and Huffman, who have been married since 1997 and have two children, will become the second married couple to be honored with their stars on the same day. (The last time was in 2008 for film producers Lauren Shuler Donner and Richard Donner.)

Macy, who currently appears on Shameless, and Huffman, who is wrapping up the final season of Desperate Housewives, have two Oscar nominations, two Emmy wins, and seven Globe nominations between them. The adorable duo, who worked together on the beloved Sports Night, all but stole the Golden Globes earlier this year with their charming little ditty.

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