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Excess Hollywood: John Goodman to get 'Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close'

  • It’s officially becoming a must-see: John Goodman will appear alongside Sandra Bullock and Tom Hanks in the adaptation of Jonathan Safran Foer’s Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, EW has confirmed. (The Hollywood Reporter first had the news.) The actor is set to play a doorman for 10-year-old Oksar, who embarks on a journey around New York City after losing his father (Hanks) in the Sept. 11 attacks.
  • Universal has acquired Laura Hillenbrand’s Unbroken, with Francis Lawrence (Water for Elephants) in negotiations to helm the picture. The non-fiction book follows Olympic hero Louis Zamperini, who eventually becomes a POW in Japan during World War II. Sounds depressing, but I’ve heard he also punches sharks. [THR]
  • Damian Lewis (Band of Brothers) has been tapped for Showtime’s Homeland drama pilot, which also stars Claire Danes. He will play a U.S. Marine who’s recovered after going missing following the U.S.’s invasion of Baghdad. Sounds depressing. I hope he punches some sharks. [TV Guide]
  • Precious star and Academy Award winner Mo’Nique will announce this year’s Oscar nominees on Jan. 25 with AMPAS prez Tom Sherak. I feel I need to point out that you can rearrange his name to almost get “shark.” [The Wrap]
  • Hardcore Pawn will get a third season on TruTV. Nope, sorry, Charlie Sheen; you read that wrong. [Deadline]
  • MGM and Weigel Broadcasting will launch a network — set to compete with TVLand — that will air vintage sitcoms like Cheers, M*A*S*H, The Dick Van Dyke Show, and The Bob Newhart Show. Sigh. I was still expecting you, Mr. Bond. [The Wrap]

Pepsi named official sponsor of 'The X Factor'

cowell-pepsi_320.jpg Image Credit: Solarpix/PR PhotosThe days of seeing Simon Cowell at the American Idol judges table sitting behind a large Coke glass are really gone. Fox has announced Pepsi as the official beverage sponsor of The X Factor. “The comprehensive sponsorship of The X Factor by Pepsi includes an extensive, multi-platform off-air marketing partnership; weekly in-show integrations and placements; and an immersive content experience online. Pepsi will be the exclusive beverage sponsor of The X Factor both on and off-air,” the release says. Why is the partnership perfect, besides sticking it to Idol? Pepsi is quick to remind you of its “historic, unforgettable campaigns with pop icons like Michael Jackson, Madonna, Britney Spears, and more recently, Snoop Dogg.” That’s actually a decent argument. If Pepsi is smart, they’ll ask Cowell to film some videos in which he critiques the performances in those commercials. With some creative editing, that could be fun, right?

Personally, I would hate to be on a show sponsored by Pepsi because I am a Coke girl. Yes, I can tell the difference, and I remember having a strong preference (unlike Cowell, apparently) by the time I was a freshman in college (and arguing about it in COM 101). Today, if I’m someplace that carries Pepsi products, I’ll order a Sierra Mist, not a Pepsi — unless I’m in desperate need of caffeine. (Editor’s note: Mandi, you’re crazy. Pepsi is the choice of a new generation! Again.) It’s smart of the soft drinks to target shows with a young audience, because I imagine most of us have established loyalty by the time we’re adults. Let’s take it to a poll!

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Excess Hollywood: Olivia Wilde greets 'Welcome to People'

  • In extremely good-looking news: Olivia Wilde has been tapped to star alongside Chris Pine in DreamWorks’ Welcome to People, which follows a businessman (Pine) who is reunited with a long-lost alcoholic sister and 12-year-old nephew. Elizabeth Banks is playing the sister; Wilde will play Pine’s girlfriend. [THR]
  • Toni Braxton — the Grammy-winning singer famous for “Un-Break My Heart” — will star with her family in Braxton Family Values, a new reality series for WE. The singer, who is arguably more famous these days for filing for bankruptcy twice than for her music, will appear with her four appropriately alliterative sisters who are also singers: Traci, Towanda, Trina, and Tamar.
  • Nickelodeon has ordered a pilot starring Cymphonique called How to Rock Braces and Glasses. (We know one expert.) The pilot is an adaptation of an Alloy novel that centers on a popular girl who copes with nerdom after she’s forced to get glasses and braces. [Variety]
  • This sounds pret-tay, pret-tay promising: Curb Your Enthusiasm star JB Smoove has teamed up with Shawn Levy and Aaron Shure to develop a comedy for Fox. The project would star Smoove as a divorcĂ© who lives in his ex-wife’s basement due to financial constraints. [Variety]

Pauly D inks series option deal with MTV. Which 'Jersey Shore' cast member would you rather see a show about?

Pauly-DImage Credit: Scott Gries/Picture Group/MTVStart fist-pumping, Jersey Shore fans: MTV announced that it has locked a series option deal with cast member Paul “DJ Pauly D” Delvecchio. According to a release, 495 Productions has already shot a pilot presentation centered on the reality star, known for his immobile hairstyle and impressive creeping skills. “At the heart of Jersey Shore is the unique and genuine cast and Pauly D truly embodies both qualities,” Executive Vice President of Programming and Head of Productions at MTV Chris Linn said in the release. “He’s distinguished himself onscreen as the fun-loving, well-coiffed, and dependable guy you can’t help but want to hang out with. We know viewers are curious about his life away from the shore and we look forward to exploring new possibilities around that.” (By “unique” and “genuine,” I’m sure Linn means “oily” and “wow, that guy’s back tattoo is just too much.”)

I’m not surprised that a Jersey Shore cast member has inked an option deal, but, admittedly, I’m surprised Pauly D was the first. Sure, the DJ is not the most soul-sucking of characters real-life people on the show, but, surely, viewers are more interested in a show focusing on how JWoww’s breasts manage to defy gravity. (MythBusters, get on that!)

PopWatchers, which Jersey Shore character would you like to see a show about? Vote in our poll below. READ FULL STORY

Excess Hollywood: 'Cash Cab' driving to the Windy City

  • The Discovery Channel is launching a spin-off of Cash Cab set in Chicago, with Second City comedienne Beth Melewski playing Ben Bailey’s cabbie role. Can Cash Cab pay me back for the years Giordano’s has taken off my life? [Associated Press]
  • Gayle King and Robin Meade are set to moderate four primetime specials on OWN called Ask Oprah’s All Stars. The talk maven’s group of all-stars: Dr. Phil McGraw, Dr. Mehmet Oz, Suze Orman, and sweeeet potato. [The Wrap]
  • Ed Burns will appear alongside Megan Fox and Jon Hamm in Jennifer Westfeldt’s Friends With Kids. In the film, Burns plays a parent going through a divorce who romances Westfeldt’s character. Don Draper says, “What?” [MTV]
  • Billy Zane, Jack Huston, Jamie Harris, and Richard Portnow have all joined Two Jacks, an indie adaption of Leo Tolstoy’s “Two Hussars” short story. [Variety]
  • Electronic Arts Media is planning a film called Madden Curse, which is based on the jinx that supposedly strikes football players who are chosen for the cover of the Madden video game. Says Michael Vick: “What curse?” [The Wrap]

Excess Hollywood: Starz's 'Camelot' sets April 1 premiere

  • Starz has confirmed to EW that Camelot — starring Joseph Fiennes, Eva Green, and Jamie Campbell Bower as Merlin, Morgan, and Arthur, respectively — will debut on the network on April 1. I await plenty of sword innuendo.
  • ABC has picked up a drama pilot from Shonda Rhimes about the “life and work of a professional fixer and her dysfunctional staff.” The series is inspired by Judy Smith, a crisis management consultant who worked on cases involving Michael Vick and David Paterson and advised Monica Lewinsky. So where was she when this happened? [Variety]
  • Will Smith is developing a crime series set in China with Fox and Overbrook Entertainment. The project centers on a college student in China (where Smith also produced The Karate Kid) who doubles as a crime-fighter. [Variety]
  • Maroon 5 will serve as the house band during Jan. 16’s Critics’ Choice Movie Awards, where hopefully they will be loved. [L.A. Times]

Excess Hollywood: Oxygen orders 'Best Ink'

  • Oxygen Media has inked (heh) a deal, ordering a new reality show centered on tattoo artists, Best Ink. [THR]
  • Warner Bros. has optioned David Liss’ A Conspiracy of Paper, a novel set in 18th century London. Ridley and Tony Scott are set to produce. [Variety]
  • Discovery has greenlighted Desert Car Kings — centered on a family that restores classic cars — and Treasure Nation, which follows an archaeologist and anthropologist who search for artifacts. [THR]

Excess Hollywood: 'Clash of the Titans 2' gets spring 2012 release date

  • Clash of the Titans 2, which will likely be called Wrath of the Titans, is set for a March 30, 2012 release (the Kraken!) date. [Coming Soon]
  • Bill Pullman will be a regular on the fourth season of Torchwood, leading everyone to wonder how Bill Paxton manages to split his time between Torchwood and Big Love. [Deadline]
  • For your future consideration, Oscar: Larry McMurtry and Diana Ossana, Brokeback Mountain‘s Oscar-winning writers, will team up once again for two Westerns: Ridley Scott’s The Color of Lightning and Warner Bros.’s Empire of the Summer Moon. [Deadline]
  • A&E has ordered pilots for Longmire — about a Wyoming sheriff — and Big Mike, Happy Madison’s project about a plus-sized detective. Give him this kid for a son and I’d choo-choo-choose to watch this show. [Variety]
  • John Roberts is parting ways with CNN’s American Morning. A selection of rotating anchors are set to audition for a permanent spot in his chair. News team, assemble! [THR]
  • Cagney & Lacey fans take note: In a press release, the producers of Master Class announced Tyne Daly will star in the Terrence McNally show on Broadway. Previews begin May 24; opening night is scheduled for June 21.

Syfy launches Syfy Films, but won't catapult 'Mega Shark' to the big screen. Aw, why not?

As an unyielding fan of all Syfy films, no matter how insufferable they may be (Megaquake, Ice Twisters, the list goes on… ), I became inappropriately excited when I read this morning that the network would be teaming with Universal to create Syfy Films. The new company, according to Variety, would “develop Syfy-branded content for the big screen.”

Great! thought optimistic me. There are too few films in the multiplex like Piranha 3D, so it would be beyond fun to watch a film like Mega Piranha battle the Alexandre Aja flick for bad-movie supremacy in the theaters. But it seems it was too much to ask for what could be, oh, the greatest scene in all TV movies to jump onto big screens. Because, apparently, Syfy films will support a higher breed of sci-fi, fantasy, and horror films. “The budget for these films would be higher than our TV movies, so [they will ] not [be] of the same ilk,” a rep from the network told EW.

According to a Wall Street Journal article about the new production company, the budget on any given SyFy Film flick could reach as high as $25 million (or as low as $5 million). And we can indeed expect something more highbrow than Sharktopus: Syfy President Dave Howe told the WSJ that the production arm intends to produce films akin to the low-budget-yet-highly-successful District 9. After all, the network is home to plenty of quality programming that doesn’t involve monstrous, blood-thirsty creatures whose only weakness appears to be bad CGI. (See: Battlestar Galactica, Doctor Who, Caprica… )

Okay, I could settle for a District 9-esque feature. But can it involve at least one prehistoric lizard brought to life? Please?!

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Excess Hollywood: Carrie-Anne Moss heads to Lifetime

  • Matrix star Carrie-Anne Moss will headline a Lifetime pilot about a celebrity psychologist who becomes the chief of staff at a teaching hospital’s psych ward. ‘Cuz if you’re going to trust anyone to make you sane, it’s the woman who swears she fought evil while living in an alternate reality inside a computer. [Deadline]
  • There’s a star… in Twylight Zones‘… wing: Bella Heathcote, who appears in Andrew Niccol’s upcoming Now, will star in David Chase’s feature directorial debut, Twylight Zones. The film centers on three friends who form a band in the 1960s. [Deadline]
  • Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen has been promoted to executive vice president of original programming and development at Bravo. Obviously, compensation for sitting through this. And this. (In that logic, all of us deserve life promotions.) [Variety]
  • BBC America has raised its head to Showtime’s The Tudors, acquiring rights to all four seasons of the sexy/naked/angry series about Henry VIII. [Deadline]
  • Current TV has announced via press release that it has required rights to This American Life and Kill It, Cook It, Eat It. No, that’s not the follow-up to Sarah Palin’s Alaska.

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