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'Deadpool' movie will take place in the same universe as 'X-Men'...and 'Fantastic Four'

Ever since Fox fast-tracked the X-Men spinoff movie Deadpool for a February 2016 release–admittedly only after slow-tracking the movie into development hell for half a decade–rumors have run wild about how the film will fit into the studio’s X-Men franchise. A brief and confusing recap: Deadpool is technically an X-Men character. He technically appeared in X-Men Origins: Wolverine played by Ryan Reynolds. However, Deadpool in comic book form is also a fourth-wall-demolishing meta-villain who generally seems to live in a goofier version of the Marvel Universe.

Also however: By our rough calculations, X-Men Origins: Wolverine is a movie whose entire existence was deleted from history after the time-twisting shenanigans of X-Men: Days of Future Past. It’s all here in this pamphlet: READ FULL STORY

The 'Deadpool' movie might be PG-13

Last week, Fox announced it was making a Deadpool movie, news which you either greeted with loud cheers because THEY’RE FINALLY MAKING A DEADPOOL MOVIE!!!!!!! or a confused shrug because WHO THE HELL IS DEADPOOL???? While he has a lower profile in the mainstream, Deadpool is a beloved figure in comic book circles. The best way to understand him is to know that he’s sort of a meta-character: An anti-superhero psychopath who frequently breaks the fourth wall and just-as-frequently kills people/things in the bloodiest way possible. READ FULL STORY

'Deadpool' #1: Exclusive first look at the new Marvel comic!

The cultishly adored Deadpool — a psycho-satirical anti-superhero who speaks in yellow word balloons and has survived decapitation — is getting his own new solo series as part of the Marvel NOW! initiative. The new series starts in November, and marks a collaboration between comedian Brian Posehn (The Sarah Silverman Program), writer Gerry Duggan (Attack of the Show! and the Eisner-nominated Infinite Horizon), and artist Tony Moore (the original illustrator of The Walking Dead.) On the eve of the New York Comic-Con, EW is proud to present the cover and the first four pages from Deadpool #1, which includes a rampaging dinosaur, a guest-starring Avenger, and lots of NSFW viscera. Enjoy! READ FULL STORY

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